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7/1/11Somali Futures: An ExplorationThis report is based on a pilot survey carried out by King’s College, London’s Humanitarian Futures Programme to explore how Somalis see their future and that of future generations. Supported by the United Nations Development Programme ‐ Somali office, the overarching purpose of this initiative is to determine if there are any consistent themes that emerge from extensive engagement with a sample of Somali respondents that might prompt different forms of support to the Somali people.  To view full report please click here.  Humanitarian Future’s ProgrammeReport
6/1/14Maritime Security: Ongoing U.S. Counterpiracy Efforts Would Benefit From Agency AssessmentsThis report: (1) assesses how piracy off the Horn of Africa has changed since GAO's 2010 review, and describes U.S. efforts to assess its counterpiracy actions, given any changing conditions; and (2) identifies trends in piracy and maritime crime in the Gulf of Guinea and U.S. efforts to address them, and evaluates the extent to which the United States has assessed its counterpiracy efforts in the Gulf of Guinea. View publication Government Accountability OfficeReport
1/1/12Treasure Mapped: Using Satellite Imagery to Track the Developmental Effects of Somali PiracyThis Chatham House report analyzes the on-land impacts of Somali piracy and introduces a number of alternative indicators for economic activity in Somalia. The report concludes that piracy appears to lead to widespread economic development and therefore has a large interest group behind its continuation, which must be considered when developing land-based strategies to address this problem. View publication Anja ShortlandReport
1/1/12House of Commons: Piracy off SomaliaA report by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the UK House of Commons, focusing on the work of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the UK Government’s contribution to international counter-piracy efforts. The report contains extensive oral and written evidence. View publication House of CommonsReport
11/1/11Hostages to Conflict: Prospects for Building Regional Economic Cooperation in the Horn of AfricaThis Chatham House report examines the economic dimensions of regional conflict and cooperation in the Horn of Africa. It asks whether, over the long term, economic drivers have the potential to transform endemic conflict among states or whether political stability is a precondition for enhancing economic cooperation.  View publication Sally HealyReport
1/1/14Maritime Piracy - Part I: An Overview of Trends, Costs, and Trade-Related ImplicationsPart I of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development's Maritime Piracy report covers overall trends in maritime piracy and related crimes. This section details the trends of maritime piracy and crime reaching as far back as 2003, and gives an overview of first and second order costs related to maritime crime  including trade-related implications. The data extends December of 2013. View publication UN Conference on Trade and DevelopmentReport
4/1/13The Pirates of Somalia: Ending the Threat, Rebuilding a NationThis World Bank report shows that Somalia-based piracy has not only imposed a hidden tax on world trade generally, it has severely affected the economic activities of neighboring countries. It also evaluates the nexus between pirates and terrorist organizations and shows that it is in the international community's common interest to find a resolution to Somali piracy, and more generally to help the government of Somalia to rebuild the country. To view full report please click here.  World BankReport
11/1/15Report of the Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea pursuant to Security Council Resolution 2182 (2014): SomaliaA report of the Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea delivered to the UN Security Council in October 2015 pursuant to Security Council resolution 2182 (2014). Monitoring Group on Somalia and EritreaReport
1/1/14Maritime Piracy - Part II: An Overview of the International Legal Framework and of Multilateral Cooperationto Combat PiracyPart II of UNCTAD's report Maritime Piracy is an overview of the international legal framework and of multilateral cooperation to combat piracy. It details the development of international law provisions on piracy, discusses the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, other relevant conventions as well as resolutions of the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly. The report also maps international cooperation and multilateral action to combat piracy. View publication UN Conference on Trade and DevelopmentReport
1/1/14Reconstruction of Domestic Fisheries Catches in Somalia 1950-2010This study reconstructs domestic fisheries catch data in Somalia between 1950 and 2010, including the industrial, artisanal, subsistence and recreational sectors. The authors found that the Somali reconstructed total catch was nearly two times the landings reported by the FAO on behalf of Somalia for the time period, most of which is attributed to the reconstructed small-scale sector. To view full report please click here. Lo Persson, Alasdair Lindop, Sarah Harper, Kyrstn Zylich and Dirk ZellerReport