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11/4/16UN Secretary-General Report on Piracy and Robbery in SomaliaReport of the Secretary-General on the situation with respect to piracy and armed robbery at sea off the coast of Somalia In October 2016, the UN Secretary-General released a report detailing developments related to piracy and armed robbery in the Western Indian Ocean off the coast of Somalia.  While the report praises the progress against piracy in the region, it also notes the fragile and reversible nature of these successes. As the report explains, the root causes initially responsible for piracy, to include the presence of illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, as well as the lack of economic opportunities in Somalia, remain in place. View Report UN Security CouncilPaper
11/30/16UN Security Council Resolution 2316 (2016)Recalling its previous resolutions concerning the situation in Somalia, especially resolutions 1814 (2008), 1816 (2008), 1838 (2008), 1844 (2008), 1846 (2008), 1851 (2008), 1897 (2009), 1918 (2010), 1950 (2010), 1976 (2011), 2015 (2011), 2020 (2011), 2077 (2012) 2125 (2013), 2184 (2014), and 2246 (2015) as well as the Statement of its President (S/PRST/2010/16) of 25 August 2010 and (S/PRST/2012/24) of 19 November 2012. UN Security CouncilUN Security Council Resolution
12/9/16Regional Capacity Building Working Group Terms of ReferenceThe Indian Ocean Regional Capacity Building Working Group Terms of Reference were created when the CGPCS Working Group 1 transitioned into two separate entities to promote regional ownership of counter-piracy efforts and to coordinate capacity-building in the region. This document outlines the responsibilities and roles for the Capacity Building Working Group. CGPCSGuidelines
12/9/16Indian Ocean Regional Capacity Building Working GroupThe Indian Ocean Regional Capacity Building Working Group convened in Dar es Salaam on 16 November 2016. At the meeting, with representatives from regional governments and organizations, as well as international organizations and donors in attendance, the Working Group reiterated the importance of a regionally owned and led capacity-building process in order to combat piracy and armed robbery at sea in the Indian Ocean, in addition to updating its Terms of Reference and reaffirming its commitment to the facilitation of cooperative maritime security capacity building efforts. The next Indian Ocean Regional Capacity Building Working Group meeting will take place in the margins of the next CGPCS Plenary meeting in 2017. Communique