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5/1/11UN General Assembly Resolution 65/37 This resolution contains updates and requests related to the first meeting of the Ad Hoc Working Group of the Whole on the Regular Process for Global Reporting and Assessment of the State of the Marine Environment, including Socio-economic Aspects (“the Regular Process”). UN General AssemblyResolution
4/1/14Communiqué of the Somali MRSS Fisheries Working GroupCommuniqué from the MRSS Fisheries Working Group Meeting in the Seychelles 2-6 April 2014.   Multiple AuthorsCommunique
4/1/14Maritime Governance Workshop 3 May CommuniqueCommunique detailing the establishment of a Somali Federal Fisheries Administration and the provision of selling fishing licenses.   Multiple AuthorsCommunique
12/9/16Indian Ocean Regional Capacity Building Working GroupThe Indian Ocean Regional Capacity Building Working Group convened in Dar es Salaam on 16 November 2016. At the meeting, with representatives from regional governments and organizations, as well as international organizations and donors in attendance, the Working Group reiterated the importance of a regionally owned and led capacity-building process in order to combat piracy and armed robbery at sea in the Indian Ocean, in addition to updating its Terms of Reference and reaffirming its commitment to the facilitation of cooperative maritime security capacity building efforts. The next Indian Ocean Regional Capacity Building Working Group meeting will take place in the margins of the next CGPCS Plenary meeting in 2017. Communique
4/1/14Communiqué - Somali Maritime Governance WorkshopCommuniqué from meeting in Addis Ababa dealing with the development of a Somali National Maritime Administration. Multiple AuthorsCommunique
3/1/14Legal Working Group 29 March CommuniquéOutcomes of meeting with Somali delegates on the work towards the declaration of the Somali Exclusive Economic Zone. Multiple AuthorsCommunique
1/1/11Conference on Global Challenge, Regional Responses: Forging a Common Approach to Maritime PiracySelected Briefing Papers from the April 2011 Counter-Piracy Conference in Dubai, including contributions by Roger Middleton, Rommel C. Banlaoi, J. Peter Pham, Rashid Abdi, Martin N. Murphy, Rudolph Atallah, Joseph Saba, Eric Frecon, Khaled Abdullah Al Bu-Ainnain, Giles Noakes, Pottengal Mukundun, Philip Holihead, Claude G. Berube, Carolin Liss, David Cockroft, Douglas Guilfoyle, and Eugene Kontorovich. Multiple Authors, Dubai School of GovernmentBriefing Paper
1/1/14The Not-So-Jolly Roger: Dealing with Piracy off the Coast of Somalia and in the Gulf of GuineaThis Brookings Institution piece analyzes piracy trends and causes in both the Horn of Africa and Gulf of Guinea regions. The author concludes the essay by offering policy recommendations for combatting piracy in 2014.  View publication Vanda Felbab-Brown, the Brookings InstitutionBriefing Paper
7/1/13International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) Lessons Identified from Somali PiracyThis paper draws upon the international shipping industry's experience of Somali-based piracy during the period 2007 to 2013, with the intention of identifying lessons from the experience in order to shape future responses, wherever in the world they might be required.  View publication International Chamber of Shipping (ICS)Briefing Paper
12/1/13The EU Fight Against Piracy in the Horn of Africa Fact SheetThis fact-sheet outlines EU efforts to combat piracy in the region as per 23 December 2013. View publication European External Action ServiceBriefing Paper