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1/1/14Insecurity in the Gulf of Guinea: Assessing the Threats, Preparing the ResponseThis meeting note addresses current and emerging threats in the Gulf of Guinea, including piracy, and the conditions that contribute to their rise, such as economic inequality and poor governance. The report summarizes key themes from a roundtable discussion held at IPI last June on the security challenges in the region. The meeting was a component of the African Union (AU)-IPI partnership agreement for the period 2012–2014, which focuses on security threats and policy responses in the Sahel-Sahara region and the Gulf of Guinea, among other areas. To view full document, please click here.  International Peace InstituteBriefing Paper
5/1/13Fighting Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea: Offshore and OnshoreA brief issue paper focusing on the characteristics of maritime piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, how it impacts European interests, and providing suggestions to how this security challenge can be addressed. View publication Cristina Barrios, European Union Institute for Security StudiesBriefing Paper
10/1/14Fighting piracy off the coast of Somalia: Lessons learned from the Contact GroupThis compendium is one of the core products of the CGPCS Lessons Learned Project. The EUISS brought together a number of authors who have been involved in the ­CGPCS from the outset to document the genesis and evolution of the Contact Group since its inception in 2009. These contributions offer an overview of the work of the Contact Group and illustrate the road the CGPCS stakeholders have travelled together as well as the manner in which the international counter-piracy strategy has evolved. View publication Multiple AuthorsBriefing Paper
2/1/11The Piracy-Illegal Fishing Nexus in the Western Indian OceanThis paper by Jasmine Hughes explores the linkages between the rise of Somalia-based maritime piracy, and the overfishing of Somali waters by European and Asian fishing vessels and the alleged dumping of hazardous waste by Swiss and Italian firms following the collapse of the Somali state in 1991.  To view full report please click here.  Jasmine HughesBriefing Paper
6/1/16Anatomy of West African Maritime KidnappingA guide for seafarers produced jointly by the Hellenic War Risk Club, the UK War Risks Club, the UK P&I Club and Terra Firma Risk Management, which explains why kidnapping for ransom has increased recently in the Gulf of Guinea, and assesses whether this increase will continue. It describes what happens during a kidnap, and provides some insight into the training available for shipping companies and crews. Download Full Report Terra Firma, Hellenic War Risks Club, UK War Risks Club, and UK P&I ClubGuidelines
9/29/16Use of Force Handbook for Private Security CompaniesThe Handbook on the Use of Force for Private Security Companies was written by Phillip Drew and Rob McLaughlin and was based on a multi-stakeholder drafting process that took place over three years.  The handbook was developed through cooperation with experts from governments, international organizations, NGOs, the PSC industry and academia.  It is a comprehensive guide which offers explanations and examples and provides flexibility and options for security providers as jurisdictions or situations change and evolve.  The Handbook can be used in any environment across the spectrum of Private Security Company operations and  has straight-forward rules for interpretation that make it easy to use and to train to. The Handbook for the Use of Force for Private Security Companies is modelled on the SanRemo Handbook on Rules of Engagement, of which the principal authors are also co-authors. Phillip Drew and Rob McLaughlinGuidelines
12/9/16Regional Capacity Building Working Group Terms of ReferenceThe Indian Ocean Regional Capacity Building Working Group Terms of Reference were created when the CGPCS Working Group 1 transitioned into two separate entities to promote regional ownership of counter-piracy efforts and to coordinate capacity-building in the region. This document outlines the responsibilities and roles for the Capacity Building Working Group. CGPCSGuidelines
6/1/16Guidelines for Owners, Operators and Masters for protection against piracy in the Gulf of Guinea region (Version 2, June 2016) An updated version of ‘Guidelines for Owners, Operators and Masters for Protection Against Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea Region’ released by BIMCO, ICS, INTERTANKO and INTERCARGO. This document supersedes the previous guidance for the region and should be read in conjunction with the 4th edition of the Best Management Practices for Protection against Somalia Based Piracy as amended (BMP4). To view full guidelines, please click here.  Multiple AuthorsGuidelines
5/1/13Interim Guidance to UK Flagged Shipping on the Use of Armed Guards to Defend Against the Threat of Piracy in Exceptional Circumstances (Version 1.2)This guidance sets out, inter alia, the UK Government’s policy on the use of armed guards onboard UK ships; its view on the ISO PAS 28007; the importance of conducting a full risk assessment before taking a decision to use armed guards, and the factors that should be included in such a risk assessment; and an overview of the ECO (BIS) trade and export control requirements as per May 2013. UK Department of TransportGuidelines
8/1/11Best Management Practices for Protection against Somalia Based Piracy - Version 4 (BMP4) The fourth revision of the Best Management Practices for Protection against Somalia Based Piracy document, released in August 2011. It contains specific recommendations concerning how to protect vessels and crews from maritime piracy attacks through proper risk assessment and planning, reporting, vessel hardening measures, and what to do in case of a successful pirate attack. Multiple AuthorsGuidelines