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10/1/15Danish Maritime Days 2015 Presentation: Lessons Learned from East AfricaA presentation by OBP's Jens V Madsen on lessons learned from counter-piracy cooperation off the coast of Somalia given at a conference in Copenhagen in October 2015. Oceans Beyond PiracyPresentation
10/1/15Danish Maritime Days 2015 Presentation: Regional Maritime Security Challenges and Opportunities for Governments and IndustryA presentation by Eric Frécon (Ecole Navale – Asia Centre) on the Maritime Security situation in Southeast Asia, given at a conference in Copenhagen in October 2015 Eric FréconPresentation
9/1/13Somali Maritime Resource and Security StrategyThe Somali Maritime Resource and Security Strategy was created with the endorsement of the Somali Federal Government, Somaliland and the Somali regions, The SMRSS serves as a chapeau document that directs the future development of the Somali maritime sector. Six thematic annexes were created to act as a roadmap for the implementation of the Somali Resource and Security Strategy. Each area has corresponding implementation agencies acting in support of Somali authorities. Each annex identifies projects with priorities and funding requirements.  Multiple AuthorsStrategy
3/1/14EU Strategy on the Gulf of GuineaThis EU Strategy reviews the overall scale of the threat and the risks posed to the coastal states and the EU by criminal and terrorist activity. It defines potential actions that the EU, through a comprehensive approach in support of the action of the region itself and in coordination with international partners, can take to help those states and regional organisations tackle the problem.  View publication Council of the European UnionStrategy
1/1/14Implementing Sustainable Maritime Security Measures in West and Central AfricaThis document outlines IMO’s strategy for enhancing maritime security in West and Central Africa in order to counter piracy, armed robbery against ships and other illicit activities and to support the development of a vibrant, sustainable maritime sector. View publication International Maritime OrganizationStrategy
1/1/122050 Africa's Integrated Maritime Strategy (2050 AIM Strategy)The African Union’s 2050 Africa’s Integrated Maritime (AIM) Strategy provides a broad framework for the protection and sustainable exploitation of the African Maritime Domain for wealth creation. The Strategy integrates an annexed Plan of Action for its operationalization and is a frequently referenced capstone document for national and regional African maritime resource and security strategies. To view full strategy, please click here.  African UnionStrategy
6/1/14United States Counter Piracy and Maritime Security Action PlanThis document affirms the US national interest in maritime security and lays out Government policy on countering maritime crime. It also provides guidance to enhance maritime security around the world. The strategy supersedes the Countering Piracy off the Horn of Africa: Partnership and Action Plan, and follows Presidential Policy Directive 18 (PPD-18), which established Maritime Framework on piracy off the Horn of Africa. View publication United States GovernmentStrategy
1/1/14United States Senate Resolution 288Supporting enhanced maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea and encouraging increased cooperation between the United States and West and Central African countries to fight armed robbery at sea, piracy, and other maritime threats.  View publication United States SenateU.S. Senate Resolution
7/1/14Deposit by the Federal Republic of Somalia of a list of geographical coordinates of points, pursuant to article 16, paragraph 2 and article 75, paragraph 2 of the ConventionThis Circular from the UN Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea, Office of Legal Affairs, recognizes Somalia's declaration of its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) as of 3 July 2014.  United NationsUN DOALOS Circular
4/1/12UN General Assembly Resolution 66/231 - Oceans and the law of the sea This resolution follows previous annual resolutions on the law of the sea and on oceans and the law of the sea, including resolutions 65/37 A of 2010 and 65/37 B of 2011. It addresses issues related to the Law of the Sea.  UN General AssemblyUN General Assembly Resolution