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2/1/12UN Security Council Resolution 2036Noting the presence of Al-Shabab, which has joined Al Qaeda, requests the African Union to increase AMISOM’s force strength to the maximum of 17,731 uniformed personnel. It also requests that AMISOM continues to provide capacity-building to Somali security forces and urges states to coordinate with AMISOM.   UN Security CouncilUN General Assembly Resolution
1/1/12Treasure Mapped: Using Satellite Imagery to Track the Developmental Effects of Somali PiracyThis Chatham House report analyzes the on-land impacts of Somali piracy and introduces a number of alternative indicators for economic activity in Somalia. The report concludes that piracy appears to lead to widespread economic development and therefore has a large interest group behind its continuation, which must be considered when developing land-based strategies to address this problem. View publication Anja ShortlandReport
1/1/122050 Africa's Integrated Maritime Strategy (2050 AIM Strategy)The African Union’s 2050 Africa’s Integrated Maritime (AIM) Strategy provides a broad framework for the protection and sustainable exploitation of the African Maritime Domain for wealth creation. The Strategy integrates an annexed Plan of Action for its operationalization and is a frequently referenced capstone document for national and regional African maritime resource and security strategies. To view full strategy, please click here.  African UnionStrategy
1/1/12House of Commons: Piracy off SomaliaA report by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the UK House of Commons, focusing on the work of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the UK Government’s contribution to international counter-piracy efforts. The report contains extensive oral and written evidence. View publication House of CommonsReport
1/1/12S/2012/50 - Report of the Secretary-General on specialized anti-piracy courts in Somalia and other States in the region This report is submitted pursuant to Security Council resolution 2015 (2011) outlines the kind of international assistance that would be required to help make specialized regional anti-piracy courts operational; the procedural arrangements required for transfer of apprehended pirates and related evidence; the projected case capacity of such courts; and the projected timeline and costs for such courts. UN Secretary GeneralUN Secretary-General Report
11/1/11Hostages to Conflict: Prospects for Building Regional Economic Cooperation in the Horn of AfricaThis Chatham House report examines the economic dimensions of regional conflict and cooperation in the Horn of Africa. It asks whether, over the long term, economic drivers have the potential to transform endemic conflict among states or whether political stability is a precondition for enhancing economic cooperation.  View publication Sally HealyReport
11/1/11UN Security Council Resolution 2020This resolution follows previous resolutions concerning the situation in Somalia, especially resolutions 1814 (2008), 1816 (2008), 1838 (2008), 1844 (2008), 1846 (2008), 1851 (2008), 1897 (2009), 1918 (2010), 1950 (2010), 1976 (2011), and 2015 (2011), as well as the Statement of its President (S/PRST/2010/16) of 25 August 2010. It renews for another 12 months the Chapter 7 authorization, allowing states to use all appropriate force to fight against piracy and armed robbery off the coast of Somalia, including in Somali waters. UN Security CouncilUN Security Council Resolution
11/1/11UN Security Council Resolution 1950This resolution follows on from previous resolutions concerning the situation in Somalia, especially resolutions 1814 (2008), 1816 (2008), 1838 (2008), 1844 (2008), 1846 (2008), 1851 (2008), 1897 (2009), and 1918 (2010), as well as the Statement of its President (S/PRST/2010/16) of 25 August 2010.  UN Security CouncilUN Security Council Resolution
10/1/11S/2011/662 - Report of the secretary-general pursuant to Security Council resolution 1950This report was submitted pursuant to paragraph 22 of Security Council resolution 1950 (2010) of 23 November 2010, in which the Security Council requested the Secretary-General to report on the implementation of that resolution and on the situation with respect to piracy and armed robbery at sea off the coast of Somalia. The report updates the assessment contained in the report of 27 October 2010 (S/2010/556).  UN Secretary GeneralUN Document
10/1/11UN Security Council Resolution 2018This resolution calls upon States of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), of the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) and of the Gulf of Guinea Commission, in conjunction of flag States and States of victims of, or perpetrators of, acts of piracy or armed robbery at sea, to cooperate in the prosecution of alleged perpetrators, including facilitators and financiers of such acts. To view full resolution, please click here.  UN Security CouncilUN Security Council Resolution