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10/1/15S/2013/623 - Report of the Secretary-General on the situation with respect to piracy and armed robbery at sea off the coast of SomaliaThis report was submitted pursuant to Security Council resolution 2077 (2012), and provides an update on major developments on possible ways to advance international efforts to combat the problem of piracy and armed robbery at sea and associated hostage-taking off the coast of Somalia since 22 October 2012. The assessment and observations in the report are based on information provided by Member States and regional organizations. UN Secretary GeneralUN Secretary-General Report
9/1/15SeafarerHelp: The lifeline for seafarers -- Annual Review 2014The 2014 annual report of SeafarerHelp, a free 24 hour multi-lingual helpline for seafarers run by the International Seafarers' Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN). View publication International Seafarers' Welfare and Assistance NetworkReport
11/1/14Seminar Report: Maritime Crime and the Effects on Growth and Development in the African RegionThis report summarizes the discussions during a maritime secuirty seminar held in Copenhagen in October 2014.  Oceans Beyond Piracy, Danish Shipowners' Association, Risk IntelligenceReport
11/1/14UN Security Council Resolution 2184This resolution follows previous resolutions concerning the situation in Somalia, especially resolutions 1814 (2008), 1816 (2008), 1838 (2008), 1844 (2008), 1846 (2008), 1851 (2008), 1897 (2009), 1918 (2010), 1950 (2010), 1976 (2011), 2015 (2011), 2020 (2011), 2077 (2012) and 2125 (2013), as well as the Statement of its President (S/PRST/2010/16) of 25 August 2010 and (S/PRST/2012/24) of 19 November 2012. UN Security CouncilUN Security Council Resolution
10/1/14Fighting piracy off the coast of Somalia: Lessons learned from the Contact GroupThis compendium is one of the core products of the CGPCS Lessons Learned Project. The EUISS brought together a number of authors who have been involved in the ­CGPCS from the outset to document the genesis and evolution of the Contact Group since its inception in 2009. These contributions offer an overview of the work of the Contact Group and illustrate the road the CGPCS stakeholders have travelled together as well as the manner in which the international counter-piracy strategy has evolved. View publication Multiple AuthorsBriefing Paper
8/1/14S/PRST/2013/13 - Statement by the President of the Security CouncilThis statement is in connection with the Council's consideration of "Peace consolidation in West Africa", reaffirming its opposition to piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and acknowledging the need for further coordination and support. The document welcomes contributions by member states and international organizations to support counter-piracy efforts in the Gulf of Guinea coastal areas. UN Security CouncilUN Security Council Document
7/1/14Deposit by the Federal Republic of Somalia of a list of geographical coordinates of points, pursuant to article 16, paragraph 2 and article 75, paragraph 2 of the ConventionThis Circular from the UN Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea, Office of Legal Affairs, recognizes Somalia's declaration of its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) as of 3 July 2014.  United NationsUN DOALOS Circular
6/1/14Maritime Security: Ongoing U.S. Counterpiracy Efforts Would Benefit From Agency AssessmentsThis report: (1) assesses how piracy off the Horn of Africa has changed since GAO's 2010 review, and describes U.S. efforts to assess its counterpiracy actions, given any changing conditions; and (2) identifies trends in piracy and maritime crime in the Gulf of Guinea and U.S. efforts to address them, and evaluates the extent to which the United States has assessed its counterpiracy efforts in the Gulf of Guinea. View publication Government Accountability OfficeReport
6/1/14United States Counter Piracy and Maritime Security Action PlanThis document affirms the US national interest in maritime security and lays out Government policy on countering maritime crime. It also provides guidance to enhance maritime security around the world. The strategy supersedes the Countering Piracy off the Horn of Africa: Partnership and Action Plan, and follows Presidential Policy Directive 18 (PPD-18), which established Maritime Framework on piracy off the Horn of Africa. View publication United States GovernmentStrategy
5/1/14IOTC CIRCULAR 2014– 59This IOTC Circular documents the Federal Government of Somalia accepting the "Agreement for the Establishment of the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission," thereby becoming an IOTC member as of 22 May 2014. This document is in both English and French. Indian Ocean Tuna CommissionInternational Agreement