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11/1/12UN Security Council Resolution 2073Authorizes member states of the African Union to maintain AMISOM deployment until 7 March 2013.  UN Security CouncilUN Security Council Resolution
10/1/12Report of the Secretary-General pursuant to the Security Council resolution 2020 (2011)This report was submitted pursuant to Security Council resolution 2020 (2011). It provides an update on major developments regarding the implementation of that resolution and on the situation with respect to piracy and armed robbery at sea off the coast of Somalia since the previous report of 25 October 2011 (S/2011/662). The assessment and observations in the report are based on information provided by Member States and regional organizations.  UN Secretary GeneralUN Secretary-General Report
10/1/12UN Security Council Resolution 2072Authorizes member states of the African Union to maintain AMISOM deployment until 7 November 2012. UN Security CouncilUN Security Council Resolution
9/1/12UN Security Council Resolution 2067Welcomes the political progress that has been made in Somalia; the selection of the new Federal Parliament, Speaker, and President, and urges the international community to continue to support the new institutions and cooperate with the new Somali government.   UN Security CouncilUN Security Council Resolution
8/1/12Without a Trace II: An Updated Summary of Traceability Efforts in the Seafood IndustryThis FishWise white paper aims to: 1) serve as a guide for seafood businesses seeking to improve the traceability of their supply chain and 2) improve the knowledge base and coordination of NGOs and other groups working on seafood traceability. It provides an overview of traceability in general, and includes more than seventy traceability case studies. View publication Mariah BoylePaper
8/1/12S/2012/643 - Report of the Secretary-General on SomaliaThis report provides an update on major developments that occurred in Somalia on the three major tracks of the UN approach — (a) political; (b) security; and (c) humanitarian, recovery and development, and human rights — between 1 May 2012 and 15 August 2012. The report also assesses the progress made in the implementation of the road map for ending the transition. UN Secretary GeneralUN Secretary-General Report
4/1/12UN General Assembly Resolution 66/231 - Oceans and the law of the sea This resolution follows previous annual resolutions on the law of the sea and on oceans and the law of the sea, including resolutions 65/37 A of 2010 and 65/37 B of 2011. It addresses issues related to the Law of the Sea.  UN General AssemblyUN General Assembly Resolution
2/1/12UN Security Council Resolution 2036Noting the presence of Al-Shabab, which has joined Al Qaeda, requests the African Union to increase AMISOM’s force strength to the maximum of 17,731 uniformed personnel. It also requests that AMISOM continues to provide capacity-building to Somali security forces and urges states to coordinate with AMISOM.   UN Security CouncilUN General Assembly Resolution
2/1/12UN Security Council Meeting S/PV.6723 - Peace consolidation in West AfricaThis meeting transcript of the United Nations Security Council discusses the peace consolidation process in West Africa with particular regards to piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. The discussions include a call for a comprehensive regional strategy to combat piracy as well as a harmonized legal framework for maritime security with the support of the international community. UN Security CouncilUN Security Council Document
2/1/12The EU and Somalia: Counter-Piracy and the Question of a Comprehensive ApproachSince 2005, violent attacks on maritime traffic off the Somali coast have been steadily increasing. Somali pirates have managed to establish a unique business model: vessels of all kinds are being hijacked with their crews on board for the sole purpose of gaining ransom. During the last few years, they have been improving their capabilities and skills to such a degree that Jack Lang, the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Adviser on Legal Issues related to Piracy off the Coast of Somalia, has confirmed an industrialization of the phenomenon. Taking into account the plight of the Somali people after more than two decades of internal conflict, the implications of prolonged insecurity and instability for the country and the region, as well as the impact of terrorist activities and organized piracy for its citizens and the European Union’s strategic and economic interests, the EU has tried to tackle the crisis from various angles by instigating what has been labeled a “comprehensive approach”. In this, political dialogue as well as humanitarian and development aid have been complemented not only by efforts to prop up the Somali security sector but also by the first naval operation ever established within the framework of the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP: EU Naval Force (EUNAVFOR) Atalanta. To view full report please click here.  Hans-Georg Ehrhart, Kerstin PetrettoWorking Paper