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OBP strives to produce objective, well-researched studies on a number of topics related to piracy and maritime security. Below you will find our body of work.

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OBP Launches Redesigned Website

We are excited to announce that Oceans Beyond Piracy has launched a new website. We have revamped our site to better illustrate the progress being made against piracy and hope that it will continue to serve as a leading resource for the counter-piracy community as well...

Featured StoryLiza Kane-Hartnett
Illegal, Unreported & Unregulated Fishing in Somalia

Illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing is a global problem that occurs both on the high seas and within the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of coastal states. IUU fishing is an economic and environmental problem that costs the global economy...

Featured StorySecure Fisheries
Seafarers - forgotten victims of maritime piracy

Above, representatives from flag States and seafarer Nations of Panama, the Marshall Islands, St. Kitts and Nevis and the Philippines, demonstrate their support for increased reporting of incidents occurring off the coast of West Africa. (Not pictured, but also...

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OBP Director, Jon Huggins, Discusses "Sustaining the Progress," at CGPCS Counter-Piracy Week Djibouti

Today marks the end of the CGPCS Counter-Piracy Week Djibouti.  The weeklong event, which commenced on 10 November included meetings of all five working groups, and concluded with a plenary session this afternoon. While the CGPCS had previously held smaller-scale...

Featured StoryLiza Kane-Hartnett
Featured Story: Piracy in West Africa

This week OBP would like to shift your attention to the west coast of Africa and discuss piracy in the Gulf of Guinea region. Recently receiving more international attention due to the high level of attacks, the waters off the coast of West Africa are some of the most...

Featured StoryLiza Kane-Hartnett
Shipping Industry, Hit by Somali Pirates, Meets in London to Boost Jobs in Somalia


LONDON, UK: 21st January, 2014:  Per Gullestrup, whose Danish-operated ship was hijacked by Somali pirates for several weeks, is to be joined this Thursday 23rd January at a meeting in London, by other shippers and...

Featured StoryAnna Bowden
OBP West Africa: About Us

Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP) launched its West African Piracy project in 2012 to help address the continuing piracy challenge centered on the Gulf of Guinea.  The OBP staff has utilized  lessons learned from OBP’s engagement on Somali piracy to better comprehend the unique...

Featured StoryGregory Clough and Timothy Schommer
Information Sharing in East and West Africa

In response to the continued challenges of piracy and maritime crime occuring off both East and West Africa, a number of initiatives have been developed both regionally and internationally. Among the most prominent initiatives are the International Information Sharing...

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Featured Story: United Nations Security Council Passes New Resolution on Somali Piracy

This Monday, the United Nations Security Council reiterated its position on Somali piracy and urged the international community not to abandon its counter-piracy efforts in the wake of a decrease in successful pirate attacks on vessels in the Indian Ocean....

Featured StoryMaisie Pigeon
Featured Story: Pirate Trails - A Report on Financial Flows from the World Bank, UNODC, and INTERPOL

This week OBP seeks to highlight “Pirate Trails: Tracking the Illicit Financial Flows from Pirate Activities off the Horn of...

Featured StoryLiza Kane-Hartnett