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8 Crew Members of the MT ARIS 13

Time in Captivity

On March 13th, 2017, the MT ARIS 13 was hijacked 18km off the coast of Ras Asir, the North Eastern tip of Somalia. This marks the first large merchant vessel hijacked since 2012. The vessel has 8 Sri Lankan crew members.

26 Crew Members of the FV Naham 3


Released after 4.5 years due to the efforts of the Hostage Support Partnership.

Please read the press release on the release of the crew.

8 Crew Members of the FV Siraj


On March 26th 2015 two Iranian fishing dhows, the Siraj and the Jaber were hijacked off the coast of Hobyo, Somalia. A total of 39 crew members were captured between the two vessels. On August 27, 2015, the Jaber and its crew escaped from pirate captivity. The 19 crewmembers of the Siraj for a time were being held at sea, anchored near the village of Ceel Huur in Somalia’s Galmudug region. The crew has been moved on shore and split up into smaller groups. On November 5, 2015 four of the crew members were rescued by the Somali government, while two of the kidnappers were arrested.

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1 Kenyan (land-based kidnapping) 


On November 24th 2014, two Kenyans were taken hostage in the Mudug region of central Somalia while conducting an herbal medicine mission.  While their kidnapping was not maritime related, it has been confirmed that they are currently being held by a pirate group.

On, 22 February, 2016 James Gachamba Kuria, one of the captured hostages was returned home to his family in Nairobi after being rescued in a raid by Galmudug State forces. His partner Lois Njoki Weru is still in captivity.

On, 30 October, 2016 Lois Njoki Weru was rescued in a raid by Galmudug state forces.

For more information on the remaining forgotten victims of Somali piracy see the following video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=1&v=VxEOU_eAkdU