Authors & Contributors


Maisie Pigeon, Dirk Siebels, Emina Sadic, John Hoopes, Kelsey Soeth, Sean Duncan


Jon Huggins, Jérôme Michelet , Greg Clough, Ben Lawellin, Michaela Monahan, Simon Williams, John Steed, Admiral Sir James Burnell-Nugent 

Acknowledgments: With special thanks to Peter Kerins, Matthew Walje, Chirag Bahri of ISWAN/MPHRP, Glen Forbes of Oceanus and many others who provided us with valuable information, but wish to remain unnamed.

Graphics, Web, and Video Production:

Timothy Schommer, Andrea Kuenker, Michael Stadulis, Jean-Pierre Larroque

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Maisie Pigeon
Researcher, Oceans Beyond Piracy Program
One Earth Future


Released: Wednesday, 3 May 2017 - London

Citation: Oceans Beyond Piracy, The State of Maritime Piracy 2016 (Denver, CO: One Earth Future Foundation, 2017)



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