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Somalia: A series of attacks in 2015 may serve as an indication that the stage is being set for piracy’s return off the coast of Somalia.

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West Africa: In the Gulf of Guinea no pirates have been successfully prosecuted allowing them to operate in the region with impunity.

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SE Asia: Regional cooperation has successfully combated maritime piracy trends in South East Asia.

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Robert Dussey

Lomé Summit to Address African Maritime Insecurity with Signing of Charter

HEM Robert Dussey, Togolese Minister for Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and African Integration


"The adverse consequences of maritime piracy on the safety of places and people, the marine environment and the development of African States are enormous."
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Singapore Shipping Association

SE Asian Piracy and Armed Robbery in 2015: Highs and Lows

Singapore Shipping Association


"The experience and cooperation of the littoral states in the SOMS (Straits of Malacca and Singapore) will be valuable lessons for the authorities in the Sulu Sea area."
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Giles Noakes

A View on Piracy and Armed Robbery in 2016

Giles Noakes, Chief Security Officer, BIMCO


"Shipping is a global industry and requires a global response to its problems. Good order at sea must be sustained by interests expressed through political decisions backed by naval force.”
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