US Naval War College 5th Annual WPS Conference

US Naval War College 5th Annual WPS Conference

Oceans Beyond Piracy participated in the U.S. Naval War College’s fifth-annual Women, Peace, and Security Conference. This conference was attended by 70 leaders from academia, the military and several non-governmental organizations, including Our Secure Future, a fellow program of One Earth Future. The main topic discussed at this conference was empowering women in conflict prevention and peace. In addition to sitting on the panel talking about international operational and tactical perspectives, OBP also presented an issue paper titled Don’t Marry a Pirate: Women’s Groups Deterrence of Pirate Action Groups in Somalia. The paper argues that an effective course of action in preventing maritime piracy could be engaging women and families in piracy-prone coastal communities. OBP’s claims are based on a 2015 report  conducted in partnership with the UN Office of Drug and Crime of prisoners convicted of piracy in the Horn of Africa and the Seychelles. The results of this survey highlighted the importance of families in regards to deterring piracy at the grassroots level.

Stay tuned for more OBP projects taking a gendered perspective in 2018!


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Newport, RI