Human Cost of Maritime Piracy 2012

Human Cost of Maritime Piracy 2012

Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP), a project of the One Earth Future Foundation; the International Maritime Bureau (IMB); and the Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme (MPHRP) are pleased to present the Human Cost of Maritime Piracy, 2012. This is the third assessment of the impact of piracy on seafarers and their families. While previous reports focused exclusively on Somali piracy, this report includes an analysis of the Gulf of Guinea region. Overall, the report incorporates several new approaches to its analysis including firsthand accounts from seafarers based on interviews conducted for this report and seafarer perceptions of the piracy threat based on online surveys conducted by the IMB.

The report found:

  • More seafarers were subjected to attacks and boardings by West African piracy than by Somalia-based piracy
  • All hostages still held in Somalia are considered High Risk
  • Piracy is of equal concern for seafarers in both East and West Africa
  • Long-term effects of piracy on seafarers and their families can be significant
  • Despite gains made, not all seafarers have benefited from seafarer welfare initiatives
  • Lack of information has prevented a comprehensive picture of the Human Cost of Piracy

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Type of Document:
State of Maritime Piracy
Human Cost, Piracy
Somalia, West Africa
Kaija Hurlburt
Project Team:
Cyrus Mody, International Maritime Bureau
Roy Paul, Maritime Piracy Humanitarian Response Programme
Jon Bellish, Oceans Beyond Piracy
Bridget Jankovsky, Oceans Beyond Piracy
Jim Gray, Liza Kane-Hartnett, Andrew Higdon, Jon Huggins, Ben Lawellin, Jens Vestergaard Madsen, Maisie Pigeon, Timothy Schommer, Matt Walje