Auditor's Statement

The OBP annual report on the state of maritime piracy is always eagerly anticipated, even though the statistics often contain the worrying real truths behind global piracy. The economical cost may be relatively straightforward to analyse but the human factor on seafarers affected by piracy is a more difficult consideration. This factor is always borne in mind when OBP correlates all its facts ensuring to include both the economic and human costs when collating piracy statistics.

BIMCO was once again invited to audit the annual report prior to publication, and to ensure the figures reflected in the report are truly accurate and not based on speculation. The methodical approach by OBP has been evident throughout the audit process and it is commended on its accuracy and wide-reaching analysis.

The facts are laid out for all to see – piracy has not gone away and the challenges for governments, industry and military partners continue.  Utilising the information in this annual report backs up the need for the wider implementation of security measures, better maritime situational awareness and the importance of constant communication with our military forces at sea.

The problem of piracy is a global issue which requires collaborative efforts to reduce the impact this crime has on our industry. The 2017 annual report does not provide the necessary answers to solve piracy in itself, but it does graphically lay out the figures for all to see.

Thank you once again OBP for your continued efforts - it is now the turn of all the readers to act.


Angus Frew

Angus Frew

Secretary General & CEO, BIMCO