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How To Find Cheap Flights To Anywhere – 2024 Tips & Guides

23 Tips for answering the question of How to find cheap flights

So, you have been looking around for how to book cheap flights tickets to save as much money as possible, and you have stumbled on our page, Right?

For most trips, the flight ticket is the most expensive part of the trip. Although the price of flights has dropped in recent years, it can still make up a significant portion of the cost. 

We have all experienced at one point tiresome, repeated searching when trying to book the cheapest flights to our destination.

Whether you are a solo traveler on a budget or a family looking for a vacation abroad, finding a cheap flight deal can be what makes or takes away your trip.

So yes, flight tickets are usually the most significant expense when planning your trip, but they don’t always have to be that way.

By using the right tools and search engines and employing money-saving tips, you can cut the cost of your flights in half, and sometimes even more.

Airlines have thousands of great deals every day, from mistakenly published fares to slashing prices to compete with another airline to special promotions.

Cheap flight tickets that will make your dream trip a reality are out there, and we are here to help you find them.

Here are some of our favorite tips to think outside the box and save tiresome time, and most importantly, hundreds on flights to anywhere in the world.

Start Your Search with Google Flights

Dozens of websites promise to help you find the cheapest flights, but we advise you to start every search with Google Flights.

Google Flights is hands-down the best flight search engine out there: it’s one of the main tools people worldwide use to find flight deals every day.

You should start your search for cheap airfare with Google Flights.

It’s full of powerful features that other flight search engines don’t have.

One of the reasons we love Google Flights is because it makes it really easy to check tons of options.

You can input up to seven airports or destinations in the departure and arrival fields, so if you have multiple airports near your departure point and can fly to any airport near your destination, voila, just put in the corresponding airport names, and you can see the route that will be cheapest.

If you are new to using Google Flights, don’t worry.

Google Flights is one of the most straightforward flight search engines to use.

The website also features many unique features like Flight Alert that will track the price of a flight based on your destination, origin, and travel dates.

Whenever the price changes, Google Flight will notify you through an alert. 

Signing up for flight alerts is a must-have tool to get flights at the best price for frequent travelers.

Use the Best Flight Search Engines

Most search engines usually inflate flight costs as part of taking a cut from the airlines. Some search engines (e.g. Expedia Travel) are well-known for consistently increasing the prices much higher than others (listed below). 

One of our top choices for flight search engines is MyFlightSearch, which offers you affordable prices and an effortless booking experience.

MFS is dedicated to making the flight and hotel booking experience effortless for you.

MyFlightSearch is an all-in-one travel booking provider for destinations across the world. From the best accommodation deals to reliable flight reservations, MFS assures its customers to extend immaculate service. 

The range of cheap flights and airline tickets offered by MyFlightSearch covers domestic as well as international destinations.

Also, you may be able to find amazing deals on last minute flights, one-way flights, and round-trip flights, both domestic and international. 

MFS teams of travel experts are dedicated to working round the clock with their partners to find the lowest travel fares available online to destinations across the world. 

They are also partnered with many local, international, and independent hotel chains across the globe.

Whether you are looking for a hotel, an all-inclusive resort, a cozy B&B, or a budget motel, you can find whatever you are looking for on their website, knowing that you will get the lowest hotel deals.

They also have a dedicated section for the best car rentals deals around the world.

Some of our favorite flight search engines

  1. Google Flights 

A great tool to quickly compare flight dates.

2. MyFlightSearch

3. Skyscanner

One of the most popular flight booking sites.

It helps you to find and compare flights, destinations, and dates.

It is effortless to use, which allows you to browse cheap flights anywhere.

Try their Search Everywhere tool to explore the best price available anywhere in the world.


5. Cheap Student Flights

6. Scott’s Cheap Flights  

Experts at finding sale and error fares.

7. Momondo 

A broad search engine that sometimes shows cheaper fares than Skyscanner.

8. Kiwi

Combines all airlines to create routes that are cheaper than booking with only one airline. 


As of 2020, most budget airlines (mentioned below) will now appear in the broad search engines we are recommending.

You can also always do an additional search for regional budget airlines (we have listed as many as we know of further below).


Finally, no single search engine is steadily perfect (though you will typically find the lowest price on MyFlightSearch or Skyscanner).

Therefore, you may sometimes need to try a combination of search engines to ensure that you are not missing any results.

Ignore the Myths

The first thing you need to know about finding cheap flight tickets is that there is no magic trick to doing so. There are a lot of myths online about how to find cheap flights.

In fact, you have probably come across multiple of them on your search to find the best flight deal!

“Do flight prices go up the more I search? Are airlines tracking my searches?”

The old “flights are cheapest on Tuesdays!” trope is just the tip of the iceberg of myths surrounding “How to find cheap flights” that you need to remove from your memory.

The most common Cheap Flight Myths that are 100% not true

  • It is NOT cheaper to buy flight tickets on a Tuesday or any specific day for that matter.
  • There is NO evidence that searching incognito provides cheaper deals.

Do cookies increase flight prices? No, so stop clearing your cookies! Airline websites are not tracking your searches and increasing the price on you.

As long as you are searching with Google Flights or directly with the airline, you are safe.

You don’t have to use an incognito browser either, for the same reasons above. 

There is NO specific time or exact date on which to book your flight.

Identify the Cheapest Day to Fly Out

While many theories and myths exist around booking flights on a Tuesday to save money, the reality is there is no general rule as to which days are the cheapest to fly. 

It is usually cheaper to fly on a weekday, though this is not always the case. 


In just about everything you do in life, being flexible will save you money.

If you are flexible with your travel dates, you can often save big bucks on flights by just slightly changing your travel dates.

Your best approach is to check the prices for the whole month to see what days are the cheapest for your specific route.


The old myth about cheaper flights on Tuesdays is outdated since you can find great flight deals any day of the week. Also, significant days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Travel Tuesday are usually more about marketing than real money-saving.


While it’s convenient to think you will catch a deal for a cheap flight by searching on a particular day, it is not just not the case.

Airlines never advertise their best fares.

So if you are on the hunt for a deeply discounted flight ticket to Europe or the Maldives, you probably won’t get it on a Black Friday sale or by entering an airline promo code.

Identify the Cheapest Place to Fly

Whether you know your destination or just want to find the cheapest country to fly into, Kiwi is a great tool that gets your travel bug going and saves some big bucks. 


Hop on their website and enter your origin city, then select a date range to fly. After you approximate the cost based on your budget, hundreds of countries around the globe will appear from your departure point.

The list of destinations is sorted by price, which allows you to see the most budget-friendly place you can fly to.


KAYAK also has a user-friendly interface to help us finding the answer of how to find cheap flights according to your needs. Their Explore function is a blessing for free spirits.

You just have to set your budget and let Kayak do its magic. You will be surprised to see all the places in the world you can travel to with your budget.


You can also use Google Flights Explore Map – Explore.

Put in your departure airport and leave the destination open (or you can select a region like Africa or Europe), and a map will populate with all your options. You can search select dates or browse weeks-long trips in the next six months.

Set Fare Alerts to Track Specific Flights

While setting your mind on your destination and travel time, use a site like KAYAK, Skyscanner, or Google Flights to set an airfare alert and notify the fares for routes you are interested in changing. For example, Google Flights will notify you if shifting your travel dates by a day or two can result in saving money.

Keep an Eye for Special Flight Deals

While you are looking for flight deals, make sure you have signed up for some airline newsletters. Signing up for the mailing list for airlines and deals websites will give you access to the best deals out there.

Sure, many of the deals might not fit your route, but keeping your eye on them will ensure you don’t miss a fantastic deal.


More often than not, cheap flight deals are only available for a limited window.

So if you are not always scouring the internet for sales and deals, you will likely miss out on the best ones unless you have signed up for them to be mailed directly to you.

Additionally, airline newsletters frequently offer flier bonuses.

If you often travel for work or leisure, those miles and points can add to free flights and impressive upgrades.

Error Fares Flights

It feels like a lottery ticket when airline companies sell their tickets at the wrong price because someone typed it wrong in their system.

FlyerTalk is a website where you find these kinds of benefits which are really hard to find.


Airlines, companies, or third-party advertising websites sometimes make mistakes when posting their ticket fares, leading to seriously discounted flights.

This can happen for various reasons like human error, currency conversion mishaps, or technical glitches. BINGO! Every traveler’s dreams are stumbling across these incredible deals. 


Another popular site for tracking sale and error fares is Scott’s Cheap Flights.

The website has a dedicated team that searches the internet for flight deals every day. Make an account and enter your departure airport on their website, and you will start getting flight deals sent to your inbox. 


Other sites like Airfarewatchdog and are great websites to stalk for finding mistakes and sale pricing, sign up for their alerts via email, and make sure to always have a credit card on hand.


Act fast once you stumble upon those cheap flights; they won’t be around for long, especially error fares.

Airlines, and companies as you can imagine, are never pleased when glitches and errors like this happen and will try and fix them quickly.

You just have to be faster than them. 

If You Know Your Time and Destination, Don’t Wait to Book Your Flight 

Booking last-minute flights

Rarely do flight tickets get cheaper as your departure date approaches.

More often than not, your most significant savings come from booking as far ahead as you can.


Flying within the country? Make sure to book your tickets between one and three months ahead of your trip when you are booking a domestic flight. 


Since it takes more preparation to plan an international trip which includes booking your tickets further in advance, you have to keep in mind that International flights don’t get the same fluctuation as domestic flights do, so more often than not what you see the first time is what you are going to get.


Put simply, three months ahead is when you want to start booking your domestic flights; however, if you are booking an international flight, three months out is considered a last-minute booking.

To ensure that you get the best deals on international flights, go more than three months out to book your tickets. 


Another reason to book your flight early is to ensure you get the seat you want if you are particular about your seat, especially for peak season flights.

If you wait too long to book your desirable seat, you will have to pay extra for a premium seat.


If you use a travel search engine, some of them have a price predictor algorithm that analyzes price trends to help predict if ticket prices will decrease, increase, or remain the same.

These predictions are not always 100% accurate, but they are usually pretty good as they sum up the numbers on thousands of different routes.


Keep in mind, airline ticket sales operate on complicated formulas, but one thing you need to know while booking your tickets is the concept of supply and demand.

Naturally, when there is more demand, there will be higher prices.


What that means for your plans is that you will want to book early when traveling to popular destinations and during peak times – going to Europe or the beach this summer, when everyone else is thinking of the same thing? Book early.

Heading home for the holidays? Book early.

Don’t Always Fly Direct

Say it with us: Flexibility is the key.

And when you are trying to score significant savings, not only does it help to be flexible with dates and destinations, but being flexible with your route can help you save more money.


We understand that you want to fly nonstop as much as you can.

And while it may seem unreasonable, sometimes taking an extra stop on the way to your destination can pay off with savings so big that it’s worth it, especially if you are crossing an ocean.


It’s up to you if you are willing to spend a bit more time traveling in exchange for a deal.

But paying less than half of the ticket price sounds like a good tradeoff, and it’s a great way to find cheaper flights.


Here’s an example of how to find cheap flights with this tip:

Let’s say a nonstop flight from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG) will cost you $3150 or more.

But by looking for one-stop flights, you find a fare for $1900 that makes a pitstop in Zurich Airport (ZRH) on the way to Paris.

Yes, the savings can be that massive. 


Another way to use this method is to determine how much it is to go directly to your destination. Then, open Google Flights or any flight search engine, search your destination’s continent, and look at prices to nearby airports.

If the difference is more than $150, look to see how much it is to get from there to your primary destination (either by budget flight or train, if it’s not too far).


If you do book separate flights/trains, be sure to have at least three hours between connections.

This will give you space in case there is a delay on one of your flights because your second flight/train will probably not be waiting for you if you are late.

With a three hours of buffer, you are also covered for insurance claims.

Most insurance companies require a delay of at least three hours before you make your claim. 


Rather than spend your day sitting in the airport, you can spend multiple days exploring the city you have a  layover in. Airwander is a search engine for doing precisely this.

Put in your departure point, final destination, and the number of days you want to stop over.

AirWander will give you a list of places you can visit on your stopover, often cheaper than a regular flight search engine! You can also book multi-day layovers, basically allowing you to see two destinations for the price of one. 


This method is more work since you have to research lots of different routes and check different airlines and airports.

But it can lower the price of your flight by half, which is worth the extra effort if you end up saving a few hundred bucks or more.

Mix and Match Airlines

If you are booking directly through an airline, you will only be able to fly with that airline and any partner airlines it has, which means that your options will be somewhat limited when it comes to finding the perfect routes or saving the most money.


Usually, that will do. However, if you are after greater savings, try booking your tickets on separate airlines.

For example, if you are planning to fly from New York to Paris, you might have a stop in London. Booking both flights as one ticket will be simple, but it likely won’t save you enough money.


Instead, try booking your New York to London flight as one ticket and then your London to Paris ticket with another airline.

That will allow you to look around for the best deals.

It’s more work, but the flexibility and savings can be worth it since you can try and extend your stopover in London and experience two different destinations for less money than just one.


This is what most booking websites like MyFlightSearch do.

They put together trips using whatever flights they can find to help you get the lowest price.


So if you are hunting for the lowest possible prices and aren’t happy with what you are finding on the airline’s website, try booking separate segments and looking on flight booking websites.

You might stumble onto a fantastic deal!

Don’t Forget Local Airlines

While the above search engines are helpful and great at finding deals, they do not always include small local airlines, especially in less popularly booked routes and remote regions. 


When you find small airlines, even if they are listed in flight search engine results, it often pays to check the company’s site, revealing exclusive online offers that are not found in a regular search engine. 


For example, when flying to a particular destination, double-check the small and local companies’ websites, you might find weekly deals on certain days.

Befriend Budget Airlines

Budget airlines offer remarkably cheaper tickets than their full-service counterparts. 

Budget Airlines are airlines that are operated with a high emphasis on reducing flight costs and without some of the services and amenities provided in the standard fare, resulting in lower fares and fewer comforts such as less leg room and no “free” food or drink on-board (which usually is covered in your higher-priced flight ticket with full-service airlines).


People like to focus on finding deals on well-known, full-service carriers.

These are the big airlines like Delta and United or big foreign carriers like Lufthansa and Emirates.


But budget airlines have their place for travelers looking to save as much money as possible. Whether you are flying within the country, down to Mexico, wandering your way through Europe, or heading to Asia, there are a ton of low-cost carriers that offer low fares.


To make up for revenue lost in low ticket prices, budget airlines may charge extra fees for everything imaginable such as for carry-on baggage, fees for checking a bag, picking a seat, or buying food or drinks on board.

Some of these airlines will even charge you an extra fee for printing purchased tickets online (you can avoid this fee by buying your tickets from the airport).


So if you are content traveling with just a backpack, you can often find great deals with these airlines.

But for anything else, you will want to: 

  • Be flexible and do your research on the airline.
  • Check the budget airline’s requirements and restrictions. 
  • Check the location of the airport you are flying into since some budget airlines fly to airports further out of popular destinations.
  • Do the math and make sure you are actually saving money once you have added up all those extra costs.
  • Ensure you have booked and paid for your luggage allowance. 
  • Adhere to restrictions on weight, height, and the number of bags allowed. 


As of April 2020, the world’s biggest low-cost carrier is Southwest Airlines, which operates primarily in the United States, and surrounding areas.


Many budget airlines have their own airline rewards credit cards (mentioned below), and many offer major signup points bonuses.

For example, the Southwest Rewards Plus card for Southwest Airlines from Chase offers Companion Pass (which means every time you fly, your friend flies too) and 30,000 bonus points after reaching the minimum spend limit of $5,000 in the first three months.

Best budget carriers, arranged by continent

If you are heading to any of these parts of the world, start noticing these airlines.

Budget Airlines in the U.S. Budget Airlines in Canada Budget Airlines in Central and South America Budget Airlines in Europe Budget Airlines in Asia and Australia Budget Airlines in Africa

Avelo Air

Breeze Airways

Frontier Airlines

Spirit Airlines

Sun County Airlines

Air Canada Rouge

Flair Airlines



Gol Airlines







Norwegian Air




Wizz Air




Lion Air

Nok Air









Dana Air


Follow Airlines on Social Media

Use social media accounts like Twitter or Facebook to follow airlines or regularly check airline websites to keep in touch with special deals before they sell out. 


Airlines often use those platforms to promote great offers and deals on flight tickets.

They have also been using social media to spring up last-minute arrangements for their followers.


Sometimes an airline will promote a unique promotion code through their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page, so it’s essential to follow along with them online.

Use Positioning Flights to Save Money

Not seeing cheap flight tickets from your airport? Think you are stuck paying $1,000 plus to fly to Asia or Europe? Think again.

Positioning flights are a gamechanger to save hundreds on international flights. 


Positioning flights are short domestic flights from your nearby airport to a second airport in order to hop on a cheaper flight.

You can score significant savings by booking an international flight from major airports like San Francisco (SFO), Los Angeles (LAX), New York City (JFK), Boston (BOS), or Chicago (ORD), then book your positioning flight to get there.


If you have international travel on the brain, widen your research to some bigger airports that are cheap to fly (or drive).

Just make sure that you are giving yourself enough time between flights if things go wrong or one of the flights is delayed. And consider packing in a carry-on bag if possible to simplify your connections.

Fly for Free with Miles and Points

The cheapest flight you can ever book is free, and the easiest way to do that is with miles and points.

If you don’t have any, don’t worry!


Signing up for travel rewards credit cards and hitting the minimum spending limit can land you some major points bonus, usually enough for a free flight!


You can get an airline rewards card that earns points with a specific airline or a general travel rewards card that lets you redeem points within various airlines.


Miles and points can be intimidating at first.

But trust us, they are worth the effort to save even more on flights. 


It doesn’t matter how often you fly; you should sign up for a reward program.

You don’t even have to do any extra spending.  


If you are willing to try points and miles, we have a few favorite programs that are perfect for getting started.


This is the top card for beginners.

Chase points are extremely valuable and easy to use, as you can book flights straight through the Chase travel portal with points. 


Find a flight for $400? Book it for free using 32,000 Chase points from your Preferred Card.

You can earn a 60,000 chase point bonus after spending $4,000 within the first three months of card membership.

That is worth $750 when redeemed through Chase Ultimate Rewards, which is more than enough for an international flight.


  • 60,000 reward points after meeting the minimum spend limit of $4,000 in the first three months.
  • No foreign transaction fees.
  • $50 annual Ultimate Rewards Hotel Credit.
  • Annual fee: $95


There is no better card for travelers that want a simple way to redeem points for travel. 

Simply earn points by spending the money limits and redeeming those points for travel-related purchases by erasing them from your card statement.

And unlike other travel rewards cards, The Capital One Venture allows you to redeem your miles for travel-related purchases like  Airbnbs, cruises, and more.

  • 60,000 miles once you spend $3,000 on purchases within three months from account opening, which equals $600 in travel.
  • Two miles per dollar on every purchase, plus 5 miles per dollar on hotels and rental cars.
  • You can use your Capital One rewards on eligible purchases at millions of online stores.
  • You can pay for purchases using your Capital One rewards.
  • No foreign transaction fees.
  • Annual fee: $95.

Take Advantage of Student Discounts

If you are currently a student or under 26 years, there are many discounts available to you. Don’t overlook them! You can often find prices 20-30% off the usual price.

Travel agencies and flight booking websites can help find you a cheap plane tickets.


Additionally, keep in mind that student discounts are not only for the airline itself but also transfer over to airline partners.

For example, Delta Airlines offers a student discount which means you can use the discount on partner airlines such as KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines) and Air France.

This will allow you to travel internationally while still saving a ton of money.


If you’re not sure if the airline offers discounts, visit their website or contact them.

Doing some extra work to save 20% or more is definitely worth it!

Check if it’s Cheaper to Pay in a Foreign Currency

It can sometimes be cheaper on foreign airlines if you book using the foreign version of their website and use a foreign currency.

Sometimes there are no savings, but you can save a hundred dollars or more in other cases, so it’s often worth checking. 


If your country’s currency is strong compared to others around the world while you are booking your flight, search for airfare in a country where the currency is weaker.

This tip might not always work, but it works often enough that it is something worth trying if your currency is doing well.


An important note when trying this: make sure you are using a credit card that has no foreign transaction fees, such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card; otherwise, your attempts to save money will be lost! 

Buy Flights Tickets in Bulk

As a general rule, you will usually get a better value on your flight tickets if you buy more than one at the same time, but only if they are with the same airline or airlines in the same alliance. 

For example, booking a roundtrip ticket from New York City to Paris with United Airlines will be cheaper than two one-way tickets.


You can also take advantage of this on multi-city flights. 

For example, Singapore Airlines flies to over 130 destinations around the globe and has routes from New York City to Singapore, Singapore to Dubai, and Dubai to New York City.

If you book all simultaneously using the multi-city search function on the airline’s website or on Skyscanner, you will save some serious cash.


With all this said, sometimes, a couple of separately booked flights with budget airlines is still cheaper than what partner airlines can offer. 

The only way to make sure is to use a site like MyFlightSearch or Skyscanner, type in your destinations, search as multi-city or return vs multiple one-way tickets, and compare yourself.

Cancel Free for 24 hours

The 24-hour cancellation rule is what we like to call an excuse to be impulsive.

The U.S. government has a federal law that requires airlines to provide a full refund for any flight to or from the U.S. if you cancel within 24 hours of booking. 

It doesn’t matter if you are flying a U.S. carrier like Delta or American or a foreign airline like Lufthansa or Air France: If your flight departs from or arrives in the U.S., you are covered.


So, for example, if you are not sure you can get time off work, rather than waiting to talk to your boss, you could book the fantastic deal you found on the internet before it disappears.

If your boss says you can’t go, you can get a full refund as long as it’s within 24 hours of booking. 


Side note: You can also use this rule if you book a flight and the price goes down within 24 hours. Just be sure to book the new flight before you cancel the old one.


Keep in mind:

  • U.S. laws require airlines to offer either a 24-hour full refund policy or the option to hold or lock a flight at the current price, but not necessarily both. 
  • It might not work last-minute: Airlines are only required to offer free cancellations for flights booked at least seven days before departure.
  • Some of the major online travel agencies (OTAs) and booking websites honor the 24-hour rule, but many smaller sites do not.


Put it all together; you can use the 24-hour rule to book an extremely cheap flight the moment you find it.

After that, do your preparation to make sure you can get the vacation time or a travel buddy to come with you.

In case the plans don’t work out? Just cancel within 24 hours of booking and get your total refund.

Save Money on Checked Baggage

Most airlines currently charge you $25-$60 to check your luggage, and they will also charge you extra if your luggage is over the weight limit. 


You can always avoid this by packing lightly and wearing your heavier items during the flight.


If you are traveling with a significant other or a close friend, consider sharing a suitcase with them. This can save you both $50+ on baggage costs.


Another option is to bring a carry-on suitcase only if you are going on a short trip, such as weekend getaways.

Most hotels provide basic toiletries, and you can bring travel-sized items with you on the plane (make sure that they meet the TSA liquid guidelines).

Avoid Paying for Seat Selection (if possible)

While seat selection is sometimes included in your airfare, some airlines charge a fee to select your desired seats.


Unless you are particular about where you sit on the plane, we recommend skipping this step when booking your flights to save $25+.

Instead, check-in 24 hours before your flight, and you will be able to make your seat selection for free.

If you’re Traveling with a Group, Book One Ticket at a Time

Ticket pricing anomaly sometimes occurs because airlines try to put your entire group into a single fare bucket whenever you are booking multiple tickets.


A fare bucket is a term that airlines use to denote which cabin you sit in and any privileges included with your ticket (whether it is refundable or upgrade-eligible). 


Does this work every time? No.

But anytime you are traveling with a group, it is worth checking if fares are cheaper by buying tickets individually.

That’s especially true if you are traveling with a larger group, because the more tickets you buy, the greater the chance there won’t be enough seats for the whole group in the cheapest available fare bucket.


Another example of why you should buy tickets individually, if you are a family of four and you are searching for four seats, some airlines will find four seats together and show your fare based on the highest seat price.

So if seat A is $400, seats B and C are $300, and seat D is $200, the airline will price those tickets as $400 each instead of adding up the individual ticket prices. 


For that reason, always search for tickets individually.

During the checkout process, you can pick the seats so that you and your family are sitting together. And even if that doesn’t work, that’s a fair trade for saving a few hundred dollars.

Conclusion on How to Find Cheap Flights 

As we have established, there is no magic day or perfect time to book flights.

It all comes down to using the right methods and tools, and more importantly, being flexible and creative, and having the right mindset. 


It might take some effort, but the deals do exist.

You just have to be ready to check it out and do some digging!


Use the tips we have mentioned above, and we assure you that you will be able to save big bucks while booking your next trip. 


Here’s a quick rundown of the most important tips mentioned above:


  • Use the right flight search engine for booking flights – MyFlightSearch and Skyscanner are our favorites. 
  • Ignore the cheap flight myths you may encounter while searching for the best deals.
  • Identify the cheapest destination to fly into and the cheapest day for traveling. 
  • Set fare alerts to track specific flights’ fares and sign up for airlines’ mailing lists.
  • Don’t wait to book your tickets; your savings are usually more significant the further ahead you book.
  • Consider booking multiple flights of a long flight individually to reduce costs, or even extend your layover to visit two places for the price of flying directly to your destination.
  • Do your research about local and budget airlines.
  • Get miles and points for a free flight by signing up for travel rewards credit cards and using it for your everyday purchases. Our #1 choice is the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card.
  • Take advantage of student discounts. 
  • Buy flights in bulk, and keep in mind that roundtrip and multi-city tickets are usually cheaper than multiple one-way tickets.