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Ahoy, Adventurers!

Got tales of your own to share, a treasure map to a hidden gem, or just itching to ask which part of the world I’ve gotten lost in this time? You’ve navigated to the right part of our ship!

Drop a Message in a Bottle (or, you know, Email Us)

If you’re all about that modern-day pirate life (sans the piracy, of course), shoot over an email to We promise to read your scrolls as long as they’re not cursed with spam.

Shout Across the Seas (or Just Give Us a Ring)

Prefer the old-school method of sending smoke signals? We’ve upgraded to something a bit more reliable: +1 (972) 643-8575. Give us a shout, and let’s swap tales of the seven seas! Just be sure you’re not calling from the Bermuda Triangle; we hear reception is terrible there 🙂

Beware, Ye Who Enter with Spam!

Here be dragons! 🐉 And by dragons, we mean our fiercely protective spam filter. It devours sm emails and messages faster than a Kraken taking down a ship. So, keep it cool, keep it genuine, and let’s keep the sea of communication monster-free.

See you 🙂