The Stable Seas Maritime Security Index is a first-of-its-kind tool that investigates how complex issues like illegal fishing, human trafficking, and other often violent crimes intersect to create a uniquely insecure maritime environment. The Index’s initial launch in October will focus on the waters off the coast of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Regional conflicts are forcing migrants toward maritime routes, accelerating the smuggling of both trafficked persons and arms. Poor fisheries management has contributed to the emergence of a host of maritime crimes including piracy. Weak governance and insufficient international support have perpetuated the rise of violent groups and transnational criminal networks. Maritime insecurity has enriched these networks, further undermining governments and fragile economies.

Stable Seas highlights the importance of combatting these threats, not as isolated issues to be resolved individually, but as a network of interconnected activities that must be addressed collectively to achieve lasting and sustainable maritime security.

Introducing Stable Seas

The Stable Seas Maritime Security Index is developed by