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16 Best Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts (2023)

Lake Tahoe is a freshwater lake in California and Nevada.

While most people think of boats, swimming, and partying when they hear “Lake Tahoe,” it is also a magnet for skiers and riders in the winter.

Take a look at some of the best ski resorts in the US for your upcoming ski trip.

Because of its natural beauty, the winter months are particularly breathtaking.

Additionally, the mountains surrounding the lake provide fantastic slopes and terrain for those who are searching for winter activities.

Lake Tahoe Ski
Joy Strotz | Shutterstock

Head to one of the many resorts on offer during the colder months, and you’ll find not only mountain sports but a slew of other activities and attractions.

Take your kids tubing or sledding, hang out in lodges that provide cozy fireplaces and warm drinks, and go on shopping excursions at some of the larger towns by Lake Tahoe.

Additionally, you can visit museums that tell the story of Donner Pass and hang out on the shoreline of the lake while sampling a variety of cuisines.

For lodging, you’ll have a variety of choices, whether they be budget-friendly spots in the small communities around the area or luxury suites at the resorts.

What’s more, you can choose resorts that offer quiet days and nights or more exciting spots that provide a plethora of nighttime amenities and nearby larger towns.

To help you decide what destination is perfect for you, you will find a list below of the best Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts.

1. Kirkwood Mountain Resort

kirkwood mountain resort, Lake Tahoe
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Kirkwood Mountain Resort has it all, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert skier.

A great place for family getaways and a special spot to find thrills, the resort offers something for everyone.

Open for 50 years, this destination is a favorite for both skiers and snowboarders who come to the Lake Tahoe area.

The Mountain: You’ll discover a wide range of terrain on the 2,300 acres provided by the resort’s mountain.

Boasting 2,000 feet of vertical drop, those seeking adrenaline spikes will love the cornices and cliffs.

Moreover, you’ll find peaks such as The Sisters, which offers cliff drops and chutes that have become notorious for their exciting drops.

At Thimble Peak, expert skiers will be delighted by the steep pitches and terrain.

For beginners and intermediate skiers, there are plenty of calm, groomed trails to be found.

Head down Hay Flat or Snowkirk trails as you relax and enjoy the breathtaking views.

Funny Bunny is a perfect spot to take your kids, afterward grabbing a custom noodle bowl or burger at Timber Creek or sipping a cocktail by the fire at Wall Bar.

Opening and Closing: Kirkwood Mountain Resort is estimated to open on December 2, 2022, and close May 1, 2023.

The Town: Kirkwood is an unincorporated town that exudes charm and history.

While in Kirkwood, you can visit the Kirkwood Inn and Saloon, a restaurant and bar that is popular with both locals and visitors.

Moreover, you’ll discover some affordable lodging and other casual restaurants if you need some time away from the resort.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: While the town of Kirkwood is your best bet for budget-friendly accommodations, the resort itself offers a luxury destination.

At the Mountain Club by Kirkwood Resort, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the mountain view on a private balcony, soak in a hot tub, and rest in quaint accommodations.

Official Site:

2. Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort

Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort, Lake Tahoe

Are you looking for family-friendly Ski Resorts in Lake Tahoe?

Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort is a fantastic destination to spend quality time with your family while you play in a winter wonderland.

The resort prides itself on offering a place where both young and old will be delighted and feel comfortable.

The Mountain: If you or your kids need some lessons, the resort has a great Ski + Ride program.

Sign up for a lesson, and you will be able to skip the line at lifts, as well as have access to beginner terrain that covers an impressive 11 acres.

If you don’t need a lesson and you’re ready to get going, the mountain provides over 2,000 acres to explore.

With 47 trails, it’s easy to find what you are looking for, whether it be easier trails or more challenging areas.

Moreover, you can find fantastic backcountry skiing at Huckleberry Canyon, with has 5 gates for access.

Make your way up the mountain with 14 lifts, 3 of which are express.

For snowboarders, the 6 terrain parks on offer provide a range of entertainment.

If you are looking for something special for your kids, you’ll love the areas designated for only children.

In particular, your kids will love the 4 adventure zones on offer, as well as Blizzard Mountain.

While at Blizzard Mountain, you can have a blast tubing down the hills before exploring the nearby snowshoe trails.

Opening and Closing: Sierra-at-Tahoe Resort is estimated to open on November 24, 2022, and close April 23, 2023.

The Town: Sierra-at-Tahoe is located at Twin Bridges, California, which is part of the bustling South Lake Tahoe area.

For a delicious barbecue dinner, head to the nearby 360 Smokehouse BBQ, which is located at the base of the resort.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: While Twin Bridges itself offers fantastic year-round outdoor activities, it has little for amenities.

Luckily, the South Lake Tahoe area provides a number of affordable and family-friendly accommodations.

Additionally, you’ll find a number of restaurants and casual eateries if you head a bit further north of Twin Bridges, toward the lake itself.

Official Site:

3. Donner Ski Ranch

Donner Ski Ranch, Lake Tahoe
@North Lake Tahoe

Donner Ski Ranch prides itself on warm hospitality and budget-friendly skiing.

One of the oldest ski resorts in California, Donner Ski Ranch is family owned and operated, giving it a personable and welcoming atmosphere.

Moreover, the resort also offers some great lift ticket deals when you combine your pass with equipment rental.

The Mountain: With 435 acres of skiable area, the mountain offers an intimate experience while providing 52 runs and 8 lifts, in addition to trails that cater to a variety of skiers, from beginners to experts.

Boasting an average snowfall of 412 inches, you will love exploring the 1,000 feet of vertical back side, high-mountain terrain, and well-groomed beginner runs.

After a fun-filled day on the slopes, head to the main lodge.

While there, you can enjoy the rustic atmosphere as you have some lunch, sip a warm drink, and watch your fellow skiers on the mountain.

Moreover, you can grab some dinner with your family on the mountain at Old 40 Bar & Grill or have a great time on the tubing hill.

Opening and Closing: Donner Ski Ranch is estimated to open on December 27, 2022, and close April 9, 2023.

The Town: Norden, California, is only 3 minutes from Donner Ski Ranch.

Norden offers a rustic mountain lodge for accommodations that are affordable.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: For supplies, head to Soda Springs, which is only 2 minutes west of Norden.

Official Site:

4. Heavenly Mountain Resort

Heavenly Mountain Resort, Lake Tahoe
@Heavenly Mountain

Among the Lake Tahoe ski resorts that offer amazing views, Heavenly has earned its name with spectacular scenic surroundings.

In addition to amazing vistas, the resort also offers numerous amenities that will keep you and your companions entertained both on and off the slopes.

For families, the resort is a fantastic spot, with full-day programs for kids, as well as lessons for everyone from beginner skiers to riders who are looking to advance their skills.

The Mountain: With 4,800 acres of skiable area and an elevation of over 10,000 feet, the mountain is an impressive place to appreciate nature as well as play in the snow.

Covering both the California and Nevada side of Lake Tahoe, you will discover fantastic views of the lake itself as you make your way up the mountain on one of the 28 chairlifts, not to mention making your way down one of the 97 trails.

Moreover, the trails offer a variety of terrain.

For beginners, the wide-open areas are a relaxing spot to learn or increase your skills.

The 1,600-foot chutes are a great way for more advanced skiers to find some thrills and challenges.

Heavenly Mountain Resort also provides expert skiers with just what they are searching for, with Mott Canyon and Killebrew Canyon.

Additionally, those who love terrain parks will be pleased with the well-groomed parks that cater to everyone.

Opening and Closing: Heavenly Mountain Resort will open on November 18, 2022, and is estimated to close April 17, 2023.

The Town: After a fantastic day on the slopes, grab a crafted beer at the resort’s California Bar.

What’s more, the resort is located in South Lake Tahoe, providing a plethora of dining and lodging options to fit your needs.

You can also find some great shopping, from much-needed supplies to souvenirs and apparel.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: If you prefer to stay at the resort itself, you’ll find luxury accommodations with a rustic atmosphere.

Enjoy the shoreline of Lake Tahoe at Lakeland Village or relax in the modern Zalanta Resort at the Village.

Moreover, you can experience a unique home away from home directly under the Heavenly Gondola.

Official Site:

5. Homewood Mountain Resort

Homewood Mountain Resort, Lake Tahoe
@Homewood Mountain Resort

Homewood is a great option for those who are looking for a variety of skiing and snowboarding activities, not to mention a family-friendly atmosphere.

Moreover, you’ll get some great views of the lake, as the resort overlooks the water.

The Mountain: Ski your way toward the lake on the 67 runs offered, easily accessible by the 8 lifts.

Your entire family will enjoy the diverse terrain and variety of things to do.

Sign your kids up for some personalized lessons while you explore areas perfect for everyone, from beginners to experts, as well as 5 terrain parks to play on.

Afterward, meet up with your children and enjoy the longest run on the mountain, Rainbow Ridge.

The trail is a great experience for anyone, particularly beginners.

If you’re ready to try something different and more of a challenge, go on a Snowcat adventure.

During your experience, you will discover some great powder bowls, intermediate glades, and tree runs.

What’s more, the resort offers team programs that you and your family will love.

Participate in your children’s lessons as you explore the mountain as their experienced instructor ensures a fun-filled day.

Opening and Closing: Homewood Mountain Resort is estimated to open on December 16, 2022, and close April 9, 2023.

The Town: The small town of Homewood is a great place to find some excellent dining options.

Moreover, you’ll get spectacular views of the lake and can even find some affordable lodging.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: For more lodging options, as well as access to supplies, head to Tahoe City, a quick 10-minute drive away.

While there, you will find some great budget-friendly accommodations, as well as dining and a variety of stores.

Official Site:

6. Sugar Bowl Resort

Sugar Bowl Resort, Lake Tahoe
@Sugar Bowl Resort

Sugar Bowl Resort has a rich and fascinating history.

During the 1800s, the area was used by pioneers and settlers traveling through the mountains and eventually opened as a ski resort in 1940.

Presently, the resort offers an immersive wilderness atmosphere, well-groomed trails, and an average of 500 inches of snowfall each year.

The Mountain: Sugar Bowl Resort is nestled amidst 4 mountain peaks and boasts 103 trails on its 1650 acres.

Additionally, you’ll find an impressive 3-mile long run and a terrain park that includes popes, rails, boxes, ramps, and much more.

Moreover, for those who are seeking thrills, the steepest run is an inspiring spot.

Between Mount Lincoln and Mount Disney, you’ll discover steep drops among jagged cliff faces that form renowned shark fin spines.

Opening and Closing: Sugar Bowl Resort is estimated to open on December 9, 2022, and close April 16, 2023.

The Town: Much like Donner Ski Ranch, Sugar Bowl Resort is located right next to Norden, California.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: Choose to stay at The Lodge at Sugar Bowl or Mt. Judah Lodge, and you will enjoy a rustic and charming atmosphere.

For supplies, head to Soda Springs.

Official Site:

7. Soda Springs Mountain Resort

Soda Springs Mountain Resort, Lake Tahoe
@Soda Springs Ski Resort

If you are looking for Lake Tahoe ski resorts, you and your family will be delighted with Soda Springs Mountain Resort.

Not only does the resort offer fantastic skiing but also unique activities and packages for the whole family.

The Mountain: The mountain at Soda Springs receives an average snowfall of 400 inches a year, not to mention 240 days of sunshine, creating perfect ski days.

Additionally, you’ll be able to access the slopes with 5 lifts, including one that is used for the tubing park.

For beginners, the resort is a wonderful place to learn or increase your skills, with 30% of the trails catering to novice skill levels.

If you are an intermediate or advanced skier, you too can enjoy the secluded and magical surroundings.

Head down the Lower Crystal Bowl or Mad Dog, or for more of a challenge, visit the Nose Dive or Roaring 20’s.

What’s more, you and your kids will love the resort’s Mountain Adventure all-inclusive package.

Included is access to the slope-slide activities, such as tubing, Planet Kids snow playground, and a terrain park that provides fun for those just learning how to get around on the snow.

Opening and Closing: Soda Springs Mountain Resort is estimated to open on November 25, 2022, and close April 16, 2023.

The Town: Comparatively, Soda Springs is a town by Lake Tahoe that has a lot of amenities.

While there, you will discover art galleries, ski shops, a general store, and other shops for supplies.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: For lodging, your best bet is to head east, toward Truckee.

In particular, the unincorporated town of Truckee offers both affordable and luxury accommodations.

What’s more, the area around Truckee offers numerous dining options.

Official Site:

8. Boreal Mountain Resort

Boreal Mountain Resort, Lake Tahoe
@Boreal Mountain

Boreal Mountain Resort prides itself on offering everything you need.

Find equipment rental, retail shops, and dining, not to mention fun activities when you want a break from skiing.

The Mountain: Access the 41 runs on offer easily with 8 lifts available.

Additionally, the 380-acre skiable area is graced with an impressive 400 inches of snowfall each year.

If you’re looking for something a bit different, go to The Tahoe Tubing area and have a fun-filled time with your family.

For those who beginner skiers or would like to try something new, small group lessons are offered that range from one day to a week-by-week program.

Would you like to go night skiing while at Lake Tahoe?

Enjoy the beauty of an alpine sunset and be embraced by the quiet as you make your way down the slopes of Boreal Mountain Resort.

Afterward, warm up at the Boreal Base Lodge with a hot meal and cocktail.

Opening and Closing: Boreal Mountain Resort is estimated to open on October 28, 2022, and close April 16, 2023.

The Town: The nearest town to Boreal Mountain Resort is Soda Springs, so supplies will be easily accessible.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: Find some great mountain lodging in nearby Truckee, as well as diverse dining experiences.

Official Site:

9. Lee Canyon Resort

Lee Canyon Resort, Lake Tahoe
@Lee Canyon

Lee Canyon Resort is a spectacular skiing spot for anyone who wants Lake Tahoe ski resorts near Las Vegas.

Located only 45 minutes from The Strip, the resort was previously known as The Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort.

The Mountain: Nestled in the Spring Mountains, Lee Canyon offers 3 chair lifts and 1 surface lift, in addition to 30 trails.

Snowboarders will love the climb to over 9,000 feet in elevation that graces the 445-acre area.

Additionally, the mountain has runs for beginners, although intermediate and advanced skiers and riders will be pleased with the 85% of trails that cater to their skill level.

Moreover, the mountain includes areas for tubing, snow play for kids, and snowshoeing.

At the end of a fun-filled day, head to the base lodge and enjoy a meal at the café, as well as the grill.

Also on offer is a bar where you can warm up with a cocktail.

Opening and Closing: Lee Canyon Resort is estimated to open on November 17, 2022, and close April 9, 2023.

The Town: The nearest town to Lee Canyon Resort is Las Vegas, where you will find an abundance of accommodations, dining, and entertainment.

Since the resort is only 45 minutes away from the city, you’ll have a number of conveniences at your fingertips, as well as a great get-together with friends.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: If you’d rather not deal with the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas, The Retreat at Charleston Peak is a wonderful option.

Approximately 22 minutes from the resort, the lodge offers a rustic but luxurious stay.

Official Site:

10. Palisades Tahoe

Palisades Tahoe, Lake Tahoe
EQRoy | Shutterstock

Palisades Tahoe covers 6,000 acres and offers endless amenities, as well as amazing ski conditions.

In fact, the resort was chosen as the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics.

The largest ski resort in the Lake Tahoe area, Palisades Tahoe, is one of the most popular destinations for both locals and visitors.

With such a large area, the resort is able to offer superb amenities, such as slope-side lodging, a number of lift ticket deals, and a base-to-base gondola.

The Mountain: The mountain has an impressive 30 lifts and over 170 runs, allowing every skill level to enjoy the surrounding wilderness.

What’s more, you will discover 3 terrain parks, tubing, cross country skiing, and even tours.

Enjoy unique events, such as disco tubing, or take the aerial tram for breathtaking views before browsing the Olympic Museum or even watching some U.S. mountain racing.

Once you’ve finished your eventful day, stop by one of the many eateries for a hot meal, a cocktail, and a get-together by the fire.

What’s more, you can end your day at the resort’s lodging and soak in the hot tub or hang out on your private balcony.

Opening and Closing: Palisades Tahoe will open on November 22, 2022, and is estimated to close on May 29, 2023.

The Town: Olympic Valley, California, is small but offers everything from dining and art galleries to a spa and shops.

Additionally, you’ll be able to tour companies to help enhance your ski trip, as well as visit the 1960 Olympic torches.

For accommodations, the unincorporated community offers numerous options.

Find everything from luxury private guest houses to budget-friendly rooms.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: If you want to get a better look at Lake Tahoe, head east to Tahoe City.

While there, you can find some casual dining, as well as some additional accommodations.

Official Site:

11. Mt. Rose – Ski Tahoe

Mt. Rose – Ski Tahoe, Lake Tahoe
@Mt. Rose – Ski Tahoe

If you are searching for laid-back ski resorts in Lake Tahoe, you’ll love the vibe at Mt. Rose – Ski Tahoe.

Additionally, the resort is a local favorite, giving the area a welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere.

The Mountain: Because of its eastern-facing slopes, the mountain offers superb skiing and snowboarding conditions throughout the season.

Moreover, you’ll find a variety of terrain, allowing beginners to go at their own pace in wide-open spaces while experts can enjoy thrills at renowned chutes.

8 lifts make accessing the 1,200 acres of skiable area easy, as well as the 4 terrain parks on offer.

Have a fun-filled day exploring the trails, of which there are over 70 provided.

In addition to the runs and terrain, you can sign your kids up for programs that allow them to learn with a local instructor who has a passion for the slopes.

Opening and Closing: Mt. Rose is estimated to open on December 8, 2022, and close May 7, 2023.

The Town: Mt. Rose is located only 22 miles from Reno, where you will be able to find great accommodations that cater to both budget-friendly vacations and luxury getaways.

Moreover, Reno has a plethora of entertainment and dining options.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: If you’d like to stay away from the bright lights of the small town of Reno, head to North Lake Tahoe.

While there, you can stay in accommodations that provide spectacular views of the lake.

What’s more, you’ll find plenty of food options and shopping experiences.

Official Site:

12. Northstar California

Northstar California, lake tahoe
Uladzik Kryhin | Shutterstock

For a great family ski trip, head to Northstar California.

The resort prides itself on offering a home away from home, where your entire family will be comfortable as they enjoy the amenities and terrain of the area.

The Village at the resort is also a hub of activity that your family will love, with winter activities, an enchanting atmosphere, and a fantastic place to hang out when you aren’t on the slopes.

The Mountain: With 8 terrain parks on offer, 100 runs, and 20 lifts, Northstar California is a great playground.

Enjoy beginner, intermediate, and advanced trails before exploring via snowshoes, cross country skiing, or snow biking.

Afterward, enjoy a shopping excursion at the many boutiques on offer at the base of the mountain, or stop by the bar for a quick warm up.

Opening and Closing: Northstar California is estimated to open November 18, 2022, and close April 17, 2023.

The Town: If you want a break from the slopes, spend a day ice skating and sipping hot cocoa in the Village center.

While there, you can also listen to live music, see a movie, and sample some gourmet food.

Moreover, the resort offers reasonably priced accommodations that are charming and rustic.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: Nearby Truckee also offers affordable, not to mention luxury, accommodations and some delicious dining experiences.

Official Site:

13. Granlibakken Ski & Sled Hill

Granlibakken Ski & Sled Hill, lake tahoe
@Granlibakken Tahoe

Granlibakken Ski & Sled Hill is the perfect spot for an old-fashioned family ski trip.

Would you like to avoid the crowds of Lake Tahoe during the winter?

Granlibakken offers an intimate ski experience, as well as activities you and your kids will remember for a lifetime.

The Mountain: Spend the day on the bunny slope, which is accessible by a tow rope, and hone your skills.

If you need more of a challenge, head to the intermediate slope by lift.

The resort provides 2 surface lifts that are great for beginners, as they can be exited partway up the slope.

Additionally, you can ski or ride your way out your door of the lodge at the resort, giving you an immersive experience.

If you want to explore the terrain even more, go snowshoeing or cross-country skiing across the 74-acre property and discover the breathtaking backcountry.

Also available is unique sledding, with equipment provided by the resort.

Moreover, night sledding is an exciting opportunity, with extras like laser lights, glowsticks, and music.

Afterward, grab a cup of complimentary hot cocoa and warm up in your resort accommodations.

Opening and Closing: Granlibakken Ski & Sled Hill will open on December 18, 2022.

Closing date is yet to be announced.

The Town: Located right next to Tahoe City, you will be able to enjoy the quiet of the resort as well as find all the necessities you might need.

Additionally, if you don’t want to stay at the resort’s accommodations, Tahoe City offers several options.

What’s more, the town offers a variety of dining experiences.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: The lodging at Granlibakken is a fantastic option for your stay.

Not only can you ski out of most accommodations, but you will enjoy a wilderness atmosphere and great amenities.

Make yourself at home with a fireplace, hot drinks, and full kitchens that are available in suites.

Official Site:

14. Diamond Peak Ski Resort

Diamond Peak Ski Resort, lake tahoe
@Diamond Peak Ski Resort

For those who would like to experience skiing in Lake Tahoe ski resorts that are popular with locals, Diamond Peak Ski Resort is a great budget-friendly option.

The resort is community-owned and offers local events, as well as spectacular views, and a family-friendly atmosphere.

The Mountain: Enjoy easy access to the 30 runs with 6 chairlifts available.

Additionally, you’ll have a great time at the 4 terrain parks, which include boxes, jumps, rails, and boxes.

Moreover, for those who want to ski amidst the winter wonderland of the trees, beautiful glade tree runs are in abundance, covering 500 acres.

Also on offer are skiing and snowboard lessons, beginner terrain parks, and a beginner chairlift making the mountain a perfect spot for novice skiers and riders.

What’s more, the resort offers both private and group lessons, along with extra winter activities.

Take a break from skiing or riding and have a fantastic time sledding and tubing with your kids.

Opening and Closing: Diamon Peak Ski Resort is estimated to open on December 8, 2022.

Closing date is yet to be announced.

The Town: Located in Incline Village, the resort is only steps away from amenities you’ll love.

Get great views of the lake while dining at a variety of restaurants, find a number of lodging options, and discover diverse shops.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: If you are in need of some extra entertainment and excitement, head to Reno, which is only a 48-minute drive away.

Official Site:

15. Tahoe Donner Downhill Ski Resort

Tahoe Donner Downhill Ski Resort, lake tahoe
@Tahoe Donner

Tahoe Donner Downhill Ski Resort prides itself on offering a welcoming and warm atmosphere, as well as a great place to learn how to ski or give those who are new to the winter sport a chance to hone their skills.

With 40% beginner runs and 60% intermediate, the resort caters to novices and gets them comfortable on the slopes.

The Mountain: The mountain is accessible with 5 chairlifts and provides 120 acres of skiable area.

You’ll discover 15 runs and 3 terrain parks that are spectacular and well-groomed during the yearly 400 inches of annual snowfall.

Also on offer are ski programs for both youths and seniors, as well as professional and experienced instructors who offer both public and private lessons.

Spend a day with your family on the slopes before heading to the Ski Grill + Bar for a hot meal.

What’s more, the resort offers equipment rentals and repairs, making your stay worry-free.

Opening and Closing: Tahoe Donner Downhill Ski Resort is estimated to open on December 17, 2022, and close April 9, 2023.

The Town: Located only 15 minutes from Truckee, you’ll find everything you need nearby.

Head to the town for accommodations that range from budget-friendly to luxury, a number of dining options, and shops.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: If you’d prefer to stay at the resort itself, there are a few luxury vacation rentals, as well as condos.

Official Site:

16. Skyline Bear Valley Resort

Skyline Bear Valley Resort, Lake Tahoe
@Bear Valley Resort

Skyline Bear Valley Resort prides itself on ensuring each visitor has what they need in order to get the most out of their experience.

Enjoy a worry-free ski trip with lessons, passes, and rentals, not to mention equipment repair, on hand.

The Mountain: You and your family and friends will love the variety found in the 67 runs that range from beginner to advanced skill levels.

Additionally, the mountain offers an impressive 1,280 acres of skiable area that is accessible with 9 lifts, including a high-speed quad.

For those who fantasize about skiing like a professional, team programs are available that offer instructors who will show you how to increase your skill level.

Opening and Closing: Skyline Bear Valley Resort is estimated to open on December 1, 2022, and close April 16, 2023.

The Town: Bear Valley, California, is a small community where you can grab some supplies at the general store and find casual dining spots.

Additionally, you’ll find Bear Valley Lodge, your best bet for accommodations, and a contemporary atmosphere combined with the beauty of the surrounding area.

Official Resort:

Ski Passes and Deals

  • Epic Pass: With Epic Pass, you receive a Book Early and Save programs on tickets, as well as updates on lodging and vacation deals.

Moreover, any vacation you book will be covered in case of an emergency cancellation.

Additionally, you can sign up for alerts from some of the most popular ski resorts in Lake Tahoe , such as Kirkwood and Heavenly.

  • Ikon Pass: This pass is great for anyone skiing in Lake Tahoe, with the Palisades included in the deal.

Moreover, the pass gives special discounts to military, students, and nurses, as well as kids up to the age of 12, as well as family and friend discounts.

Ski Tips for Lake Tahoe

Ski Tips for Lake Tahoe
Galina Barskaya | Shutterstock

Think about what type of trip you want: Lake Tahoe is a hot spot for visitors in the summer who are looking for parties and time on the water.

In the winter, you will find a more family-friendly atmosphere.

If you are looking for a family trip, there are numerous resorts to choose from that cater to kids with lessons, playgrounds, and extra activities, such as tubing and sledding.

However, if you want to plan a get-together with friends and need more adult-oriented activities when you aren’t on the slopes, look to resorts that are closer to towns that offer entertainment focused on grown-up gatherings, such as Las Vegas and Reno.

Additionally, you’ll want to keep in mind that some resorts offer luxury lodging, while at others, you will have a narrower scope of choices.

Take time to enjoy the view: While you will undoubtedly see some breathtaking scenic spots while riding or skiing down the slopes, remember that you are right next to Lake Tahoe.

Numerous towns along the shore of the lake will get you views of the water from restaurants and accommodation spots.

However, if you are booking a stay at a resort that isn’t near the lake, you’ll want to set aside some time to get a look at the impressive body of water.

During your time at the lake, you’ll want to remember a camera and stop by a café afterward for a hot drink.

Learn the local history and get to know the area: Although you are heading to Lake Tahoe for great skiing, keep in mind that the area is full of fascinating stories.

Dotted throughout the area, you will find museums, exhibits, and landmarks that highlight the pioneer days, as well as the intriguing formation of Lake Tahoe itself.

Stop by the Donner Memorial State Museum and learn more about the infamous Donner Party, or visit Vikingsholm.

Additionally, you can get a better idea of the grand scope of the area by riding the Heavenly Gondola, whether you are staying at the resort or not.

Sit back and enjoy the ride alongside the mountain before getting off at the observation deck for some great photos.

Furthermore, you’ll have a fun-filled time if you find a local hangout that is popular.

While there, you will undoubtedly be able to learn about other popular spots and some of the lesser-known history of the area, and even get some skiing tips.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lake Tahoe Skiing

Frequently Asked Questions About Lake Tahoe Skiing
Uladzik Kryhin | Shutterstock

What should I expect during my ski trip?

Lake Tahoe has a wide variety of resorts to choose from, so each experience is unique.

If you are dreaming of a ski trip that immerses you in the wilderness, not to mention leaves you feeling cozy, you’ll need to look at not only what type of resort you’ll stay at but where it is located.

Choose a secluded spot with lodging on site, and you can warm up by a fireplace, enjoy a quiet drink, and have an intimate meal.

For these quiet trips, be sure to bring what you will need, as there will be limited access to supplies.

Visitors who are looking for a fun-filled family getaway can find the perfect spot at resorts that offer up family programs, kid’s activities, and a variety of lessons, not to mention nearby small towns for supplies and added accommodation and dining options.

Be sure to look at location first if you want a more exciting trip with friends.

On the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe, you will find resorts that offer the natural beauty of the slopes by day and nearby bustling towns at night.

Book a resort near Las Vegas or Reno, and you can have the best of both worlds, as well as a wide selection of accommodations at your fingertips.

Will ski resorts in Lake Tahoe be crowded?

Although Lake Tahoe attracts visitors throughout the summer, winter still sees a lot of activity.

However, if you are looking to avoid a lot of people, there are some resorts that offer a quieter experience.

Look for smaller ski spots that focus on welcoming atmospheres and superb slope time rather than a multitude of amenities.

During your stay at one of these resorts, you may need to either bring everything you could possibly need during your trip or find out where the nearest community is that offers supplies.

If you don’t mind the crowds, you’ll find plenty of options that offer not only a great mountainside but also a number of activities outside of skiing and riding.

Additionally, if you are planning on driving yourself to your resort rather than using a shuttle or other transportation, learn about the parking amenities before you book.

While many of the Lake Tahoe resorts offer free parking or areas that are adjacent to the ski area, some may be more difficult to access or become full quickly.

What should I pack for my ski trip to Lake Tahoe?

Packing for your trip to Lake Tahoe will be an important element in your planning, as many of the ski resorts aren’t located in large towns.

Although many of the larger resorts offer retail shops, you’ll want to make sure you have the appropriate apparel when you arrive, as prices at resorts can be pretty pricey.

Prepare for wearing layers, packing long sleeve shirts and comfortable pants (no jeans) that you can wear beneath coats, snow pants, jackets, and sweaters.

While the winter wonderland will be chilly, you will become more than warm after a day of skiing in the sun.

During your trip, you will work up a sweat, so be sure to bring a flexible water bottle that you can comfortably keep with you.

Additionally, keep in mind that Lake Tahoe is a sunny place, even during the colder months.

Bring plenty of sunscreen, some sunglasses, and a brimmed hat for those times you are outside and not on the slopes.

Additional items you’ll want to consider that can be useful are Chapstick, a lock for your skis, hiking boots, and Kleenex or paper towels, as well as packages of snacks you can keep in your pockets, such as granola bars or a mix of nuts.

How do I get to my Lake Tahoe Resort?

Fortunately, Lake Tahoe and its resorts are fairly easy to access.

In particular, you can fly into Reno-Tahoe International Airport, which is only 45 minutes from the lake.

From the airport, you have a few options for getting to your destination.

You can take the North Lake Tahoe Express Bus, but keep in mind that it will only take you to the Truckee and North Lake Tahoe regions.

Additionally, you can rent a car and enjoy the scenic drive to your resort, just be sure to keep an eye on your GPS and drive carefully through the mountain passes.

Also, it is a good idea to check with the resort you plan on staying at to see if they have a shuttle.

Many of the resorts in the area make getting to them significantly easier with shuttle services.

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