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15 Best Ski Resorts in Montana (2023)

Montana is a state in the western part of the United States.

Known for mountains, ranches, and “big sky country,” the state is also well-known for its fantastic skiing conditions.

Make sure check out our list of the best US ski resorts for the perfect experience.

Moreover, visitors flock to the ski resorts of Montana because of the awe-inspiring views provided by Yellowstone National Park, as well as budget-friendly ski trip options.

Furthermore, accommodations are as varied as the skiing terrain, with everything from cabins to bed and breakfasts can be found.

Montana Main Ski
CSNafzger | Shutterstock

Enjoy quiet and peaceful days of skiing, or find a resort that has a multitude of activities,

What’s more, many of the resorts are located near larger towns, allowing you to find a plethora of entertainment when you aren’t on the slopes.

To help you discover which resort is perfect for you, you will find a list below of the best ski resorts in Montana.

1. Blacktail Mountain Ski Area

Blacktail Mountain Ski Area, Colorado
@Blacktail Mountain Ski Area

If you are looking for a unique and exceptional experience during your ski trip in Montana, Blacktail Mountain Ski Area offers an uncommon adventure.

The resort’s lodge and trailheads are located at the top of the mountain, allowing you to start with a spectacular view before making your way down the slopes.

The Mountain: Perfect for intermediate skiers, with 65% of the runs catering to their skill level, the mountain also offers advanced and expert skiers challenges, with 20% of the trails being more difficult.

Additionally, beginners can comfortably learn and practice on the runs that are geared toward their skill level.

You and your family will enjoy the 26 varied runs that are accessible with the 3 lifts and 1 hand tow.

Opening and Closing: Blacktail Mountain Ski Area is estimated to open on December 10, 20223, and close April 2, 2023.

The Town: While the resort does not offer lodging, you will be able to find a fantastic restaurant and a convenient rental service.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: 

Located approximately 30 minutes from the resort, you will find Lakeside and Somers.

Both small communities offer some budget-friendly places to stay, as well as quaint cabin rentals.

Moreover, you’ll find grocery stores, ski equipment shops, and eateries.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Blacktail Mountain Ski Area

2. Whitefish Mountain Resort

Whitefish Mountain Resort, Montana
@Whitefish Mountain Resort

If you are searching for great Montana ski resorts, Whitefish Mountain Resort is a fantastic option with a multitude of amenities.

While at the resort, enjoy not only amazing skiing, but also lodging, dining, shopping, and discount package deals.

The Mountain: The mountain offers an impressive 93 runs on a skiable area that is over 3,000 acres.

What’s more, they offer a 3.3-mile run, 5 terrain parks, and 11 chairlifts, not to mention 300 inches of annual snowfall.

For a memorable event, try out their night skiing experience.

Opening and Closing: Whitefish Mountain Resort is estimated to open on December 8, 2022, and close April 9, 2023.

The Town: Find luxury lodging at the resort, where you will be within walking and skiing distance of the slopes.

Additionally, you’ll have some great dining options for any time of day, equipment shops and rentals, and retail stores.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: Only a quick 14 minutes away, you’ll find the town of Whitefish.

The charming small town provides an ice rink, markets, restaurants, and bars, as well as a number of affordable accommodations near Whitefish Lake.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay in Whitefish

3. Bear Paw Ski Bowl

Bear Paw Ski Bowl, Montana
@Bear Paw Ski Bowl

Are you looking for a budget-friendly Montana ski resort?

Bear Paw Ski Bowl is a ski area that offers an old-fashioned skiing experience, where you will find warm hospitality and local friendliness from the skiers who run the resort.

The Mountain: Enjoy 24 runs accessible by a lift and hand tow.

Moreover, the family-friendly ski area offers rustic and breathtaking surroundings, a budget-friendly experience, and free tutors for beginners.

What’s more, you will love that there are no lift lines.

Opening and Closing: Opening and closing dates for Bear Paw Ski Bowl are yet to be announced.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: 40 minutes from Bear Paw Ski Bowl, you’ll find Havre.

The town offers numerous affordable and family-friendly accommodations, as well as family activities, shops, and dining.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Bear Paw Ski Bowl

4. Red Lodge Mountain

Red Lodge Mountain, Montana
@Red Lodge Mountain

For those who are seeking skiing in Montana that deliver a true mountain experience, Red Lodge Mountain is a perfect option.

The resort prides itself on offering a rustic outdoor experience while also providing great skiing and snowboarding.

The Mountain: You’ll have a fantastic time exploring the 1,600 acres of skiable area on the mountain, as well as 65 runs on offer, including the 2.5-mile Lazy M run and 2 terrain parks for beginners, intermediate, and advanced skiers.

Moreover, the 6 chairlifts on hand will make it easy for you to make the most of the varied terrain.

Opening and Closing: Red Lodge Mountain is estimated to open on November 25, 2022, and close April 16, 2023.

The Town: Red Lodge, Montana, offers great affordable accommodations in addition to cabins and more upscale destinations.

While in the quaint town, you will also find dining, spots to resupply, outdoor guides, and attractions like museums and the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay in Red Lodge Mountain

5. Showdown Montana

Showdown Montana, Montana
David Grismore | Shutterstock

Do you want to find a fun ski resort experience while in Montana?

Showdown Montana offers not only great mountain conditions for skiers and riders but also hangout spots that you and your friends will love.

The Mountain: Access the slopes with 4 lifts that will take you to the 39 runs dotted across the mountain.

Enjoy the 240 inches of snowfall the mountain receives each year as you explore the varied terrain, take lessons, or hang out at the Silverthorn Terrain Park.

Additionally, you can enjoy a snowshoeing experience while on the mountain before getting a hot drink at the coffee bar or saloon.

Opening and Closing: Showdown Montana will open on December 9, 2022, and close on April 2, 2023.

The Town: While the resort does not offer lodging, you will find some superb dining options and a great retail store.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: Only 13 minutes from the resort, you will find Neihart, which offers equipment rental and a small restaurant and motel.

30 minutes away, White Sulphur Springs offers more accommodations, and you can find numerous cabin rentals throughout the area.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Showdown Montana

6. Teton Pass Ski Resort

Teton Pass Ski Resort, Montana
@Teton Pass Ski Resort

Teton Pass Ski Resort offers an intimate mountain experience.

The small resort provides fun events, breathtaking views, and a unique snow trip you won’t soon forget.

The Mountain: Have a fantastic time exploring the 26 runs that cater to skill levels from beginner to advanced and expert.

With 400 skiable acres and 3 lifts, not to mention 300 inches of fresh snow on average each year, the mountain is a perfect playground for families and friends.

What’s more, if you are at the resort at the beginning of March, you can participate in the Jack-N-Jill Randonee Race.

During the race, you can compete on the Pro Course, Recreation Course, or the No-Name Scramble.

Opening and Closing: Opening and closing dates for Teton Pass Ski Resort are yet to be announced.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: While there are no accommodations directly at the resort, you will find cabin rentals, a ranch house, and budget-friendly rooms nearby.

Only 30 miles from the resort, Choteau provides lodging, shops, and dining options.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Teton Pass Ski Resort

7. Turner Mountain Ski Area

Turner Mountain Ski Area, Montana
@Mt. Baker Ski Area

Turner Mountain Ski Area is a fantastic spot and a treasured gem of Montana.

Are you searching for ski resorts in Montana that offer good deals?

Turner Mountain Ski Area offers affordable ski trips with Ski & Stay Packages, allowing you and your family to concentrate on a fun-filled and worry-free experience.

The Mountain: Offering runs for every skill level, the mountain boasts both groomed and ungroomed trails, providing a variety of ski adventures.

You and your family will love exploring the 22 runs that receive an average snowfall of 250 inches each year.

Afterward, head to the lodge for a hot meal and a cozy fire.

Opening and closing: Opening and closing dates for Turner Mountain Ski Area are yet to be announced.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: 40 minutes away, you will find Libby, Montana.

If you book the Ski & Stay Package with the resort, you will be able to enjoy family-friendly accommodations in Libby that include inns and restaurants, as well as bed and breakfasts.

Moreover, the town offers dining, boutique shops, equipment rentals, and resupply spots.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Turner Mountain Ski Resort

8. Big Sky Resort

Big Sky Resort, Montana
Alexfe | Shutterstock

Considered one of the most desirable ski resorts nearby Montana, Big Sky Resort attracts both locals and visitors with spectacular panoramic views, a multitude of activities, superb lodging, and shopping, as well as a number of dining options.

The Mountain: If you are a beginner or want your kids to start learning, the Mountain Sports School offers a number of lessons, from private to specialty clinics.

Moreover, the mountain boasts an impressive 5,800 acres of skiable area and over 250 runs, allowing you and your family to enjoy the variety of trails that cater to beginner, intermediate, and advanced skiers.

What’s more, the mountain is also home to a spectacular 6-mile run and 36 lifts.

If you’d like to take a break from downhill skiing or snowboarding, you’ll find a number of activities.

Take a zipline tour through the trees of Yellowstone, go cross country skiing or snowshoeing, and try your hand at dog sledding, as well as horseback riding.

Looking for a romantic date while in Montana?

Take a sleigh ride through the winter wonderland or sightsee through Yellowstone while aboard a comfortable snowcoach.

For some extra thrills, take a snowmobile tour and explore the mountain or try Sno-Go biking, discovering unique views.

Opening and Closing: Big Sky Resort is estimated to open on November 24, 2022, and close April 23, 2023.

The Town: Enjoy luxury accommodations and awe-inspiring views at the resort from one of the hotels or condominiums that put you right by the slopes, as well as amenities such as shops and the spa.

Additionally, you can find a more immersive and quieter mountain experience at one of the resort’s cabins or rental homes.

For dining, you’ll enjoy options that range from casual American cuisine to Mexican fare and cozy bars.

If you’d like to stay near the resort but not in it, head to Big Sky, a small community only 11 minutes from the resort.

While there, you will find more budget-friendly accommodations, in addition to stores for supplies.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay in Big Sky

9. Bridger Bowl Ski Area

Bridger Bowl Ski Area, Montana
@Bridger Bowl

Bridger Bowl Ski Area is a great choice for anyone who is looking for ski resorts nearby Montana that are perfect for beginners.

Bridger Bowl Ski Area offers not only top-notch skiing conditions but also lessons for everyone, from children to adults.

Take a group lesson and get to know your fellow skiers, or book private instruction for a one-on-one experience.

The Mountain: In addition to beginner skiing, the mountain also offers trails that provide fun-filled challenges for intermediate, advanced, and expert skill levels.

You and your friends or family will have a fantastic time exploring over 75 runs, as well as the terrain park.

Access to the mountain is easy with the 8 chairlifts on offer, or you can take a free tour of the mountain with the Bridger Bowl’s Mountain Hosts.

Afterward, head to the lodge and grab a bite to eat as you sit on the deck and take in the amazing views or sip some wine at the Alpine Cabin.

Opening and Closing: Bridger Bowl Ski Area is estimated to open on December 9, 2022, and close April 9, 2023.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: The larger town of Bozeman, Montana, is only 20 minutes from the resort and offers your best options for accommodations and anything else you may need.

Both luxury and budget-friendly destinations are available, in addition to shopping, dining, and attractions.

While taking a break from the slopes, you can tour museums, visit art galleries, and explore the town.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Bridger Bowl Ski Area

10. Great Divide Ski Area

Great Divide Ski Area, Montana
@Mt. Ashland Ski Area

Both locals and visitors to Montana head to Great Divide Ski Area for affordable rates, spectacular skiing, and breathtaking views.

In particular, the resort has been dedicated to providing the best skiing possible since 1941.

The Mountain: Access the 140 runs offered with 5 lifts and 1 hand tow on the 1,500 acres of skiable area.

Moreover, the mountain boasts 6 terrain parks that include 90 features.

Play on rollers, spins, and small snow features, as well as boxes, jumps, and rails at the 2 beginners’ terrain parks.

For more of a challenge, you’ll find big rollers, banked turns, and an X-course at some of the other parks, or head to WildWood, where you can have a great time while surrounded by the forest.

Head to the Rodeo terrain park for championship-level jumps and a monster wall ride.

In addition to spectacular terrain parks, the mountain also provides great night skiing.

Opening and Closing: The opening and closing dates for Great Divide Ski Area are yet to be announced.

The Town: The resort itself offers equipment rental, and Marysville, Montana, provides a casual dining option.

Nearby Towns and Accommodations Options: Head to Helena, only 40 minutes away, for accommodations and other amenities.

While in Helena, you’ll find family-friendly places to stay, as well as unique options, like the Oddfellow Inn & Farm.

What’s more, the larger town provides plenty of stores, dining, and some sightseeing opportunities.

Visit the original Governor’s Mansion or take a stroll along historic Reeder’s Alley before heading to the science museum.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Great Divide Ski Area

11. Maverick Mountain

Maverick Mountain, Montana
@Maverick Mountain

Maverick Mountain is a hidden gem of Montana.

While at the ski resort, you can enjoy not only short lift lines but also amenities that include great dining and nearby hot springs to relax your muscles after a day on the slopes.

The Mountain: Maverick Mountain offers 24 trails on 450 skiable acres, in addition to 1 lift and 1 hand tow.

You and your companions will also be pleased with the variety of terrain on offer.

Explore trails that cater to beginner, intermediate and advanced skill levels.

Afterward, head to the nearby base lodge, where you will be surrounded by rustic Old West décor while you warm up and with a relaxing soak in the hot springs. 

Opening and Closing: Opening and closing dates for Maverick Mountain are yet to be announced.

The Town: Head to the Elkhorn Hot Springs Resort, which is only a short walk from the ski resort.

During your stay, you will be immersed in an indulgent mountain atmosphere with panoramic views of the surrounding wilderness.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: Additionally, you can head the 45 minutes to Dillon, Montana.

While there, you will find numerous affordable stay options, not to mention shops, dining, and a charming atmosphere.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Maverick Mountain

12. Discovery Ski Area

Discovery Ski Area, Montana
@Ski Discovery

Discovery Ski Area is a great choice for your ski trip if you are searching for a variety of amazing terrain options.

Moreover, you’ll find budget-friendly options with the Ski & Stay Partners program.

The Mountain: Not only does the mountain boast 2,200 acres of skiable area but also 67 runs and diverse conditions.

Find gentle slopes and groomed trails for beginner and intermediate skiers on the front face of the mountain.

For a bit more of a challenge, you’ll discover mogul skiing and steeper slopes along the side of the mountain.

If you are seeking thrills and adrenaline, take the lift to the backside.

While there, you will be able to challenge yourself on double-black diamond runs, as well as narrow chutes, free falls, and treed slopes.

For some freestyle fun, head to the terrain park and try out the rollers, boxes, and tabletops.

Opening and Closing: Discovery Ski Area is estimated to open on November 24, 2022, and close April 3, 2023.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: Book your trip to the resort with the Ski & Stay Partners for great deals on tickets and lodging.

You will be able to unwind at your choice of family-friendly or luxury accommodations in the nearby towns of Georgetown, Anaconda, and Philipsburg.

What’s more, the historical towns offer shops, dining, and sightseeing spots.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Discovery Ski Area

13. Lookout Pass Ski & Recreation Area

Lookout Pass Ski & Recreation Area, Montana
CSNafzger | Shutterstock

Lookout Pass Ski & Recreation Area is a popular spot during the winter because of affordable prices, easy access, and a renowned family-friendly atmosphere.

Furthermore, the resort offers some of the greatest snow in the state of Montana and also dips into part of Idaho.

The Mountain: Lookout Pass has something for everyone, with 34 runs that cater to every skill level, from beginner to expert.

Explore the mountain with the help of 4 lifts, or spend some time at the 2 terrain parks for freestyle fun.

While on the mountain, you will be thrilled with the 400 inches of annual snowfall it receives each year.

Opening and Closing: Lookout Pass Ski & Recreation Area is estimated to open on December 17, 2022, and close April 16, 2023.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: Book your trip with the Ski & Stay package, and you can choose from a variety of accommodations that are in the area.

Enjoy an immersive vacation in a rustic cabin or find family-friendly traditional lodging.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Lookout Pass Ski & Recreation Area

14. Snowbowl

Snowbowl, Montana
@Montana Snowbowl

If you’re searching for Montana ski resorts that are great for experts, Snowbowl is a fantastic option.

While the resort does offer runs that are good options for beginners and intermediate skiers, it is well known for its long, expert runs.

The Mountain. Hit the slopes and find challenges along the numerous black diamond runs or take some skiing or snowboarding lessons with 3 options that range from basic ski instruction to package deals that new snowboarders will appreciate.

Additionally, you will find specialty lessons on the mountain, such as women-only clinics.

Make your way up the mountain on 3 lifts, a rope tow, or a T-bar, and spend your day discovering the 950 acres of skiable area.

Opening and Closing: Snowbowl is estimated to open on December 17, 2022, and close April 30, 2023.

The Town: Located in Missoula, Montana, all that you need is right at your fingertips.

Not only will you find a variety of accommodation options but also superb shopping, dining, and family-friendly activities.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Snowbowl

15. Lost Trail Powder Mountain

Lost Trail Powder Mountain, Montana
@Lost Trail Ski Area

Lost Trail Powder Mountain is a resort that prides itself on providing affordable and family-friendly ski experiences.

Opened in 1938, the area has fun events, spectacular views, and clinics for both adults and children.

The Mountain: Access over 60 runs with 5 lifts and 3 rope tows, exploring trails that are diverse and cater to beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill levels.

Moreover, you can visit the 2 terrain parks or attend a special event, such as the free ski movie night or Skiesta.

What’s more, you can even ski in Idaho if you hop on Chairlift #2 and let your trip include two states rather than one.

Opening and Closing: Opening and closing dates for Lost Trail Powder Mountain are yet to be announced.

The Town: Find private cabins and retreats in the Sula, Montana, area, where you will find charming and rustic surroundings.

Additionally, the resort offers nearby vacation rentals.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: Head to Darby, Hamilton, or Philipsburg for more affordable accommodation options, as well as supplies and numerous dining experiences. 

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Lost Trail Powder Mountain

Ski Tips for Montana

Ski Tips for Montana
Heidi Besen | Shutterstock

Think about what types of trails everyone in your group will enjoy: If you are an expert skier, you may be looking at resorts that cater to your skill level, giving you thrills and challenges on black diamond trails.

However, also keep in mind that you may have people traveling with you who are beginners or intermediate skiers.

In that case, you will want to look for resorts that have a variety of terrain options, as well as good ski schools for lessons that can be given to children and/or adults.

Bring appropriate gear: Make sure you pack goggles, a helmet, and outerwear that is sturdy and made for being in the snow.

Additionally, you’ll want to find a water bottle that you can easily carry with you on the slopes.

If you are a beginner, give yourself time to learn: While it may be tempting to head out with family or friends who are more experienced than you after one trip down the bunny slope, keep to the easier trails for a while.

Also, be sure to take a lesson or two, as this can help increase your skill level pretty quickly.

Once you are completely comfortable on the easy runs, test yourself on something just a bit more challenging, but don’t get frustrated if you have some falls.

Try out terrain parks:  Whether you are a beginner or an expert, terrain parks are fun places to play around and enjoy the snow.

With features like boxes, rails, and jumps, you’ll be able to experiment and practice.

Most resorts offer at least one terrain park, and many offer parks for different skill levels, allowing anyone to enjoy the added fun on the mountain.

Frequently Asked Questions About Montana Skiing

How should I plan my Montana ski trip?

Take time to consider what type of ski trip you want, as well as what your friends and family are looking for in their winter vacation.

If you are searching for a secluded ski experience that will help you appreciate Montana’s natural beauty and give you peace and quiet, look to resorts that are smaller.

Keep in mind that smaller resorts will also typically have more affordable lift tickets but will not have as many amenities as larger destinations.

For accommodations, you will want to check if there is a ski and stay package, wherein you won’t have to worry about finding lodging during your trip.

Often, smaller communities around the resorts will partner up, allowing you to choose from a list of affordable options.

If you want an even more private getaway, look for cabin rentals in the area. 

For those who want a lot of activities both on and off the slopes, a ski trip to a larger resort or one that is near a bigger town is in order.

In particular, you’ll want to look at resorts like Big Sky, which has a multitude of amenities and activities on-site, or spots like Sugarbowl, which is located in Missoula, a town with a plethora of attractions.

Once you have chosen the resort that is best for you, be sure to book your lift tickets as far in advance as possible.

The earlier you purchase your tickets online, the better your price will be, not to mention ensuring you get tickets before they sell out.

Along with your lift tickets, look into renting your equipment in advance, as some resorts give a discount for booking both together.

Once your trip is planned and reserved, start shopping.

Keep in mind that you will want to dress in layers and shop at stores that specialize in ski apparel.

Additionally, you’ll want to keep a list of things that can be easily forgotten when packing, as finding supplies won’t be impossible, but probably a bit inconvenient, while at the resort.

Stock up on snacks for you and the kids, bring sunscreen and sunglasses, and don’t forget any toiletries or other conveniences you might need during your time on the mountain.

How do I get to my Montana ski resort?

During the planning stage of your trip, you may be wondering what the best way to get to your resort will be.

You have several options, but one is the simplest.

If you are flying into Montana, the closest airport for skiing in Montana will be in Bozeman

From there, it is recommended that you rent a vehicle (four-wheel drive preferably, in case of bad weather) and make your way to your resort.

For those who are planning on visiting more than one resort during their trip, a rental car is by far the best option, as you can easily travel to many of the resorts in a short amount of time.

Additionally, check with your resort to see if they offer shuttle services.

In particular, larger resorts like Big Sky provide service 24 hours a day, allowing you to skip the rental car if you would prefer to let someone else handle the driving.

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