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11 Best Ski Resorts in New Mexico To Make Your Winter Vacation Memorable (2024)

What’s up folks? It’s Adam.

I know the winter season seems to be so far but at the rate time is moving these days, I’m sure we’ll find ourselves there soon.

One of the places I’d advise you to visit is New Mexico to live your best life in its exquisite ski resorts. I was here last winter and the experience was unmatched.

If you get a chance to visit, make sure you try the state’s best local dishes like the Green Chile Stew, Huevos Rancheros, and the New Mexico Enchiladas.

The green chile stew is the perfect remedy for the cold season in New Mexico. I took it almost every evening after a day spent skiing in the cold. The food gave me some level of comfort and warmed me up enough to survive the night.

For breakfast, my go-to meal was Huevos Rancheros which consisted of eggs served on a tortilla. I alternated between meat and beans for accompaniments.

Another favorite dish that I enjoyed was the delicious enchiladas. It’s basically tortillas filled with cheese, meat, and/or beans.

Here are some of the best ski resorts in New Mexico.

New Mexico is located in the Southwest United States.

  • We got an article for you about most interesting places to visit and best things to do in New Mexico to enjoy the attractions and fun activities with family & friends 🙂

While many are unaware of New Mexico’s fantastic skiing conditions, others have discovered a winter gem.

The state boasts soft dry powder, sunny winter days, and warm hospitality along the Southern Rocky Mountains, making it a Mecca for those who want a great ski experience.

Here you can find more of the top-rated US ski resorts.

Additionally, New Mexico’s rich culture and heritage offers activities and sightseeing experiences for visitors when they aren’t enjoying the slopes.

Ski Resorts in New Mexico Main
Roschetzky Photography | Shutterstock

Because of its immersive southwest environment and perfect winter playground conditions, the state has a number of resorts to offer.

In order to help you decide where you should begin, a list of the best ski resorts in New Mexico can be found below.

1. Pajarito Mountain Ski Area

Pajarito Mountain Ski Area, New Mexico
@Pajarito Mountain

If you’d like to find laid-back New Mexico ski resorts, Pajarito Mountain Ski Area is one to look at.

The resort is popular with both locals and out-of-town visitors because of its breathtaking views and short lift lines, not to mention a number of nearby attractions.

The Mountain: Explore 750 skiable acres and 44 trails that range from beginner skill level to advanced.

Moreover, you can access the mountain with 5 lifts and experience the 125 inches of average snowfall that graces the area each year.

Also available are ski rentals, as well as lessons from the Snowsports School and a café to enjoy a hot drink after a day on the slopes.

Opening and closing: Pajarito Mountain Ski Area is estimated to open on January 20, 2025, and close March 19, 2025.

The Town: The resort offers numerous amenities, such as a retail store and casual dining.

Additionally, you can head into Los Alamos for accommodations, restaurants, and shopping.

While taking a break from the mountain, be sure to check out some of the local attractions.

Visit the history museum to learn more about the area before heading over to the art center or checking out the Southwest Nordic Club.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: While Los Alamos is your best bet for accommodations that are budget-friendly, you can find more luxury accommodations in Santa Fe, approximately 1 hour away from the resort.

Moreover, Santa Fe is a great town for sightseeing, with an abundance of art galleries, artisan shops, and historical landmarks.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Pajarito Mountain Ski Area

2. Ski Apache

Ski Apache, New Mexico
Kyle A | Shutterstock

Are you searching for family-friendly ski resorts in New Mexico?

Ski Apache takes pride in offering a multitude of activities you and your family will love, in addition to warm, sunny ski days and a superb skiing environment.

Moreover, the ski resort provides warm hospitality and a traditional experience enhanced by a passion for New Mexico skiing.

The Mountain: With 750 acres of skiable area that sees 180 inches of average annual snowfall, you’ll be delighted with the powder conditions of the mountain.

Furthermore, the 55 runs offer a great variety of terrain, with slopes that are perfect for beginners to advanced skiers.

11 lifts will get you where you want to go, including an 8-person gondola.

While riding the gondola, you will be able to take in the spectacular scenic views offered by the Sierra Blanca mountains.

Also on offer is a ski shop, 2 terrain parks to explore, and all-day ski programs.

If you want a break from skiing or snowboarding, find some thrills with the ZipTour.

During the zipline tour, you will get a view of the mountain from 11,000 feet along a course that stretches 8,900 feet.

Opening and Closing: Ski Apache is estimated to open on January 1, 2025, and close March 20, 2025.

The Town: While at the resort, you will find some fantastic food options.

Dine at the Eagle Café and enjoy mouthwatering Apache Indian Tacos or a Green Chile Burger.

After a day on the slopes, relax with a hot drink at the Daily Grind or stop by The Spirit Bar for a cocktail.

For lodging, shopping, and additional restaurants, head to the small town of Ruidoso.

What’s more, the town offers a variety of accommodations, easy supply stops, and a quaint, charming atmosphere.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: Although Ruidoso is the best place to stay because of its options and proximity to the resort, you can also find some more unique options for your stay.

Private cabins and vacation rentals are dotted throughout the area, giving you a private and secluded home away from home.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Ski Apache

3. Ski Cloudcroft

Ski Cloudcroft, New Mexico
Kyle A | Shutterstock

Ski Cloudcroft is an intimate ski resort in southern New Mexico.

At an elevation of over 9,000 feet, the resort boasts fantastic snow conditions while also offering fun activities that will create a memorable vacation.

The Mountain: Explore the 25 runs covering 74 skiable acres, with trails that cater to all skill levels, including experts.

You can access the mountain with the 3 lifts on offer after picking up some equipment at the resort’s rental shop.

If you or your kids are in need of lessons, Ski Cloudcroft is a great place to learn.

The Cloud Nine School offers a variety of instruction options that are budget-friendly and personalized.

Are you looking for a ski resort that offers tubing?

Ski Cloudcroft will provide a fun-filled time for you and your kids on its tubing hill with short wait lines, 5 lanes to try out and 70 feet of vertical drop.

Afterward, head to the chalet and get a hot meal at the restaurant, where you will be able to watch your fellow skiers on the slope from the deck.

Opening and Closing: Ski Cloudcroft is estimated to open on December 15, 2024, and close March 7, 2025.

The Town: Head into the village of Cloudcroft for accommodations, a variety of dining options, shops, and a fascinating museum.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: The small town of Cloudcroft provides a variety of lodging options, from charming motels to bed and breakfasts.

However, you can also travel a short distance to the east and stay in Alamogordo, only 35 minutes away.

While in Alamogordo, you will find both budget-friendly and luxury accommodations.

In addition to lodging, the town offers historical areas to explore, a science museum, and a Walmart for one-stop shopping.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Ski Cloudcroft

4. Red River Ski Area

Red River Ski Area, New Mexico
Roschetzky Photography | Shutterstock

If you are searching for historic places for skiing in New Mexico, look no further than Red River Ski Area.

Located in a ski town that was developed by miners, the family-owned resort has been open for 60 years.

Presently, it offers a charming atmosphere, short lift lines, and a variety of terrain for both locals and visitors.

The Mountain: With 64 runs and 7 lifts, you can easily enjoy a day on the slopes.

What’s more, the 209-acre skiable area sees an average of 214 inches of snow each year, creating excellent conditions.

Head to one of the 3 terrain parks on offer, and you can spend some time playing as you test your skills.

At Hollywood, the main park, you’ll find great jibs, hits, and jumps.

Additionally, you can take advantage of the variety of ski lessons on offer or head to the tubing area for some memorable fun times.

Afterward, visit The Lift House for a family meal or sip a cocktail and unwind with your friends.

Opening and Closing: Red River Ski Area will open on November 23, 2024, and close March 19, 2025.

The Town: While the town of Red River may be small, it offers numerous amenities.

Walk through the town’s charming streets and discover a multitude of restaurants, bars, and unique shops, as well as equipment rentals and lodging.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: During your time in Red River, you will be able to find any type of accommodation, whether it be a family-friendly Best Western or a private condominium.

If you prefer something more centrally located to a few of the resorts in the area, you can stay in Eagles Nest, where they offer affordable accommodations and dining.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Red River Ski Area

5. Taos Ski Valley

Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico
Roschetzky Photography | Shutterstock

Taos Ski Valley provides an experience that combines European hospitality with the heritage of Taos, New Mexico.

For those who would like to find ski resorts in New Mexico that focus on the natural environment, Taos Ski Valley is a perfect choice. 

Enjoy a traditional ski experience, where you will find breathtaking views as you explore diverse terrain and well-maintained trails.

The Mountain: Boasting an impressive annual snowfall of 300 inches, the mountain is also home to 110 trails that cater to beginner, intermediate, and expert skiers.

Access the 1,294-acre property with 13 lifts, including a gondola and 1 high-speed quad.

Whether you are a novice or advanced skier, you’ll find the Snowsports programs fantastic.

Hone your skills and develop new ones with top-tier instructors who have a passion for skiing and snowboarding.

Afterward, sample some mouthwatering cuisine at one of the several restaurants on-site, or visit the spa for a relaxing massage or body treatment.

Opening and Closing: Taos Ski Valley is estimated to open on November 24, 2024, and close April 9, 2025.

The Town: Stay in Taos, and you will be immersed in the culture of New Mexico.

Find accommodations that are unique and affordable in authentic adobe structures, as well as shopping and dining.

What’s more, the small town offers museums to peruse and awe-inspiring architecture.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: Taos Valley offers slopeside lodging that is elegant and luxurious.

For more affordable options, look to Taos or other nearby towns, such as Arroyo Seco or San Cristobal, for more options.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay in Taos

6. Sipapu Ski Resort

Sipapu Ski Resort, New Mexico
@Sipapu Ski and Summer Resort

Sipapu Ski Resort attracts visitors each winter with the longest ski season in New Mexico, as well as amenities that will give you a comfortable and relaxing vacation.

Moreover, the resort offers great deals for families, such as free season passes for children under the age of 12.

The Mountain: Have some fun at the 4 terrain parks offered on the mountain, or explore the 41 trails with something for every skill level.

With 6 lifts, it is easy to make your way across the 215 skiable acres, allowing you to enjoy the grand vistas of the mountain.

Afterward, head to the Riverside Café and sample authentic New Mexico cuisines, such as the Sipa-Burger, which is smothered in cheese and green chile.

Opening and Closing: Sipapu Ski Resort will open on November 18, 2024. The resort’s closing date is yet to be announced.

The Town: Sipapu Ski Resort offers slopeside lodging that is historical and charming.

Stay in an adobe house, cabin, lodge room, or suite.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: While the resort offers numerous accommodation options, head north, to Taos, for more budget-friendly options, as well as supplies and a variety of restaurants.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Sipapu Ski Resort

7. Sandia Peak Ski Area

Sandia Peak Ski Area, New Mexico
Kent Raney | Shutterstock

While Sandia Peak Ski Area is most well known for its tram that gives visitors one of the best views in New Mexico, it also provides spectacular skiing.

The Mountain: Explore 200 acres of skiable area that boasts 35 runs, 6 lifts, and 1 terrain park.

During your time on the mountain, you and your family will love the runs that vary from beginner skill levels to advanced.

Enjoy a relaxing ride down the mountain’s longest run, the Double Eagle II, and take in the amazing views along the 2-mile trail.

Afterward, take a trip on the tramway and enjoy even more breathtaking vistas.

Opening and Closing: Sandia Peak Ski Area is estimated to open on January 7, 2024, and close March 12, 2025.

The Town: You’ll find everything you need in Albuquerque, only 35 minutes from the resort.

‘The city offers both luxury and budget-friendly accommodations, as well as entertainment, sightseeing, dining, and endless shopping.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: If you’d prefer a quieter destination for your stay, Santa Fe is a little over an hour away from the resort and offers a charming New Mexico experience.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Sandia Peak Ski Area

8. Angel Fire Resort

Angel Fire Resort, New Mexico
@Angel Fire Resort

Angel Fire Resort is renowned for providing a spectacular winter family vacation.

Play in the snow in a multitude of ways, spend time together making memories, and enjoy fantastic skiing and snowboarding conditions.

The Mountain: You and your family will love the varied 81 trails for beginner, intermediate, and advanced skill levels.

What’s more, 8 lifts that include 2 high-speed quads will give you easy access to the 560 skiable acres available.

Spend some time exploring the longest run that will take you on a 3-mile descent, or visit the 3 terrain parks.

Afterward, go sledding with your kids and cozy up by the fire as you make s’more and enjoy some hot cocoa.

Opening and Closing: Angel Fire Resort is estimated to open on December 16, 2024, and close March 19, 2025.

The Town: The resort offers fine dining and casual cuisine, as well as lodging, shopping, and shuttle services.

Head into the town of Angel Fire and find additional accommodations, casual dining, and supplies.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: Go 40 minutes west to Taos for accommodations, as well as any other necessities.

If you’d prefer to stay at the resort, you’ll find luxury amenities at The Lodge, such as a fitness center, hot tub, indoor pool, and pet-friendly accommodations. 

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Angel Fire

9. Ski Santa Fe

Ski Santa Fe, New Mexico
Roschetzky Photography | Shutterstock

Ski Santa Fe boasts an impressive 10,350-foot base elevation and budget-friendly deals.

Additionally, you’ll find a family-friendly atmosphere and endless activities during your stay.

The Mountain: Enjoy 68 runs accessible by 7 lifts with terrain for skill levels that range from beginner to advanced.

Moreover, the mountain receives 225 inches of average snowfall along its 660 acres of skiable area.

Visit the terrain park to play on fun features or take a lesson from the Snow Sports School.

Afterward, head to La Casa Café for a hot drink, or stop by Totemoff’s Bar & Grill for a beer and dinner.

Opening and Closing: Ski Santa Fe will open on November 24, 2024, and close March 11, 2025.

The Town: Head into Santa Fe and enjoy an immersive New Mexico atmosphere, affordable accommodations, as well as luxury lodging, fantastic shopping, and numerous entertainment options.

If you’re looking for ski resorts near New Mexico that offer Ski & Stay programs, Ski Santa Fe is a great option.

The resort provides Ski & Stay offers with numerous Santa Fe hotels, making your trip more affordable.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay in Santa Fe

Are you looking for the nearest ski resorts to New Mexico?

Here are two great options:

10. Sunrise Park Resort, Arizona

Sunrise Park Resort, Arizona
@Sunrise Park Resort AZ

Located approximately 4 ½ hours from New Mexico, Sunrise Park Resort offers a true ski adventure.

The Mountain: You’ll find more runs and acreage on the mountain than in any other ski resort in Arizona. 

Explore 1,200 acres of skiable area with 65 runs that cater to every skill level.

Moreover, the mountain receives 250 inches of annual snowfall and has 7 lifts, including 1 high-speed quad.

If you’d like a break from traditional downhill adventure, try out a ski bike, visit the terrain park, or go snow tubing, not to mention cross country skiing is offered.

For a romantic memory, take your significant other on a sleigh ride before having a romantic dinner on the side of the mountain.

Opening and Closing: Sunrise Park Resort is estimated to open on December 2, 2024, and close March 20, 2025.

The Town: For a resort stay, the Sunrise Park Lodge is available, or you can head to Greer and Eagar for more options that range from private cabins to affordable, family-friendly hotels.

What’s more, you’ll find stores and dining options.

Nearby Towns and Accommodations: Located approximately 45 minutes from the resort, you’ll find Pinetop-Lakeside, which offers a variety of accommodations.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Sunrise Park Resort

11. Hesperus Ski Area, Colorado

Hesperus Ski Area, Colorado
@Hesperus Ski Area

Located approximately 5 hours from New Mexico, Hesperus Ski Area offers amazing ski conditions, as well as unique activities and a great location.

The Mountain: The intimate mountain offers a traditional ski trip, not to mention fun-filled activities, and a winter wonderland.

Explore 26 runs, with terrain for beginners and intermediate skiers, in addition to black double-diamond slopes.

After exploring the downhill slopes all day, head to the tubing hill with your kids or try out some night skiing.

What’s more, the small resort offers equipment rentals, lessons, and free season passes for kids under the age of 12.

Opening and Closing: Hesperus Ski Area is estimated to open on December 17, 2024, and close March 19, 2025.

The Town: While the small community of Hesperus has limited amenities, Durango is only 17 minutes away from the resort.

While in Durango, you will find a variety of accommodation options, restaurants, shopping, and attractions.

Visit museums, take a ride on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, or see about booking a zipline tour.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Hesperus Ski Area

Ski Passes and Deals

  • Power Pass: The Power Pass is a great deal not only for those who plan on skiing in New Mexico but also for mountains throughout the U.S.

The Power Pass allows you to receive discounts on lift tickets, food and beverage services at resorts, and 3 full days at each participating resort.

Additionally, the power pass has a 0% interest payment plan and free shipping for your season pass.

What’s more, the Power Pass has several options to find what is right for you.

Choose the general Power Pass for unlimited access to 9 mountain resorts and no blackout dates, the Power Pass Select for Pajarito Mountain Ski Area + 6 other mountains, or the Power Pass Core, which provides access to Pajarito + 2 mountains.

There’s also a kids and seniors pass available.

Participated New Mexico ski resorts are: Pajarito Mountain Ski Area and Sipapu Ski Resort.

  • Ikon Pass: While the Ikon Pass is only accepted at Taos Ski Valley in New Mexico, it is still a fantastic deal if you plan on skiing in other parts of the country or returning to Taos for a winter trip.

Spend up to 7 days at any one location, as well as receive discounts on tickets for your friends and family, merchandise, and a number of resort amenities.

Moreover, the pass includes insurance and the First Tracks perk, which will get you on the mountain before it opens to the public, allowing you to enjoy a special morning of skiing or snowboarding.

Ski Tips for New Mexico

Ski Tips for New Mexico
Roschetzky Photography | Shutterstock

Take a look around: New Mexico is called “The Land of Enchantment” for a reason.

While on your ski trip, be sure to enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of the state, from snow-covered mountain peaks to desert landscapes and charming towns filled with historical and cultural attractions.

If you are in the area of Santa Fe, the town should be a must on your itinerary.

The small town is bustling with artists, museums, and beautiful New Mexico architecture.

Peruse shops and street vendors that offer handmade jewelry and clothing, with turquoise being an eye-catching stone seen throughout the city.

Additionally, you’ll want to stop by the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, the plaza, and the Palace of Governors.

If you are in a more remote part of the state, you can still take in a number of landmarks and special spots.

Take the Sandia Peak Tramway if you are at the resort and enjoy views you’ll never forget, or visit the Four Corners to get your picture taken as you straddle state lines.

Before leaving for your ski trip, make sure to do some research and add at least a few of the exceptional things to see and do while in New Mexico.

Prepare the right trip if you’re a beginner: If you happen to be a beginner skier or snowboarder, be sure to look for certain amenities and services when choosing your resort.

Firstly, take a look at the types of runs each mountain has to offer.

If you are traveling with skiers who are more advanced than you, you’ll want to choose something that has diverse terrain in order to please everyone.

Make sure that the resort also has plenty of beginner-friendly perks.

You’ll want to check out how well-maintained the novice slopes are, as well as find out what types of lessons are available and if the ski school is recommended by others.  

Book your lessons in advance, as you’ll want to be prepared and also get a placement for group instructions.

Many resorts will let you book rental equipment in advance and can give advice over the phone or when you arrive, so don’t be shy about asking for advice.

Perhaps most importantly, you’ll want to enjoy your experience while also allowing yourself the time to learn.

Frequently Asked Questions About Utah Skiing

What type of skiing can I expect in New Mexico?

While many are unsure whether New Mexico can offer great skiing, the state is, in fact, a superb spot for taking to the slopes.

Although ski resorts in New Mexico don’t get as much average snowfall as other resorts, the snow it does receive is soft and dry, allowing you and your companions to fully enjoy your time on the mountain.

What’s more, skiing in New Mexico offers spectacular natural views, with the peaks of the Rocky Mountains jutting up to the sky, as well as wide open spaces.

You’ll also find a laid-back atmosphere at the resorts, not to mention warm hospitality and pride in the quality of the slopes.

How should I plan for my ski trip to New Mexico?

When planning your ski trip to New Mexico, you’ll want to consider a number of things.

First of all, decide what type of trip you’d like to experience.

If you are searching for a ski trip that is quiet and want to avoid crowds, you’ll want to book your resort for dates that don’t fall on holidays or weekends, as well as avoid the end of the ski season in March, when many people head to the slopes for Spring Break.

Additionally, look for accommodations that are more private and secluded, such as cabins or vacation rentals near the resort.

For those who are looking for activities during times you aren’t enjoying the mountain, a resort near towns like Taos, Santa Fe, and Albuquerque are good choices.

You’ll be able to find a plethora of sightseeing experiences, as well as entertainment, while near any of the cultural hubs in the state.

Moreover, you’ll want to keep in mind that many of the outdoor activities will be limited during the winter, so focus your itinerary on things such as museums and shopping excursions.

Once you’ve decided what resort is best for you and booked your reservations well in advance, be sure to plan on equipment.

Reserve your equipment in advance at the resort or a nearby rental shop, if possible, so you will be able to get exactly what you need when you arrive.

Also, you’ll want to consider what to pack, from clothes that can be layered and appropriate ski gear like goggles to snacks, water bottles, and a camera with a waterproof case.

Finally, plan your transportation.

While some resorts in New Mexico have shuttle or taxi services, you’ll want to consider renting a vehicle to get around, particularly if you will be visiting more than one resort or sightseeing.

How can I save money on my New Mexico ski trip?

New Mexico offers many affordable ski resorts and accommodations, but any ski trip can become pricey after lift tickets, lodging, food, equipment, and extra activities.

If you are someone who skis regularly and visits a number of resorts each year, it is worth getting something like the Ikon Pass or Power Pass.

With the pass, you can save on a number of necessities during your trip, such as lift tickets and food at participating resorts.

However, if you rarely ski, take a look at resort deals before booking.

Many New Mexico resorts offer special programs, such as the Ski & Stay, which provides both lodging and lift tickets at a discounted price when you bundle the two.

Additionally, some resorts offer free season passes for children and seniors, making family trips much more budget-friendly.

That’s it for today. Stay adventurous!

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