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Our Story

I’m Nasiba, the enthusiastic travel blogger behind the exciting journey across North America.

Together with my talented team of travel enthusiasts—Adam, Sam, Sara, Enola, and Noah—we set off on thrilling adventures to explore the hidden gems, breathtaking resorts, and captivating hotels that North America has to offer.

As the leader of this wanderlust-filled group 🙂 I have always had an insatiable desire to discover the true essence of each place I visit.

I believe that the best way to experience a destination is by immersing myself in its culture, interacting with locals, and embracing the unique stories that make each place special.

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Hi, I’m Adam, the fearless adventurer who always finds himself in the most unexpected situations. Whether it’s skydiving over the Grand Canyon or swimming with dolphins off the coast of Mexico, my passion for adrenaline-fueled experiences is endless.

I’m excited to share my adventures, offering insights into the best things to do in every place I visit. From local activities to must-try experiences, I’ll provide honest ratings and reviews. Plus, expect the same candid feedback about the resorts and hotels I stay in. Stay tuned for my travel tales!

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Hello It’s Sam, welcome to my profile! I’m an entrepreneur and global traveler, passionate about exploring diverse cultures and cuisines.

I share my travel experiences with, weaving together tales of gastronomy and adventure.

My business ventures reflect this global perspective, blending creativity and innovation. Let’s connect to exchange stories and ideas from around the world!

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Why did I pick that name, OceansByeondPiracy? I know it sounds strange, but here is how the story began 🙂

Hundred of years ago people dreamed about what new worlds were waiting for them beyond the ocean. These dreamers would envision the day they could pack up their bags and go explore to find treasure in a world beyond their own.

To many, that is all this was: a dream they could never quite obtain. For hundreds of years society has had a way of crushing our dreams and of shattering our hopes of the unimaginable.

Nevertheless, there were those who were a step ahead of these dreamers. These were the rebels that went against society and societal norms. These traitors of society discovered new worlds that were beyond the ocean, they were the ones that met foreign people, and the ones that gained power through their travels.

These were the Blackbeard’s of their time, the pirates of society.
Here at Oceans Beyond Piracy we hope to inspire you to be the pirates of your time: to go beyond society’s rules and seek out new ideas and thoughts through visiting other cultures and exploring new places.

We hope that our travel blog inspires you to seek other places, whether that is far or near. We want you to embrace your pirate self and find the treasures that other cultures possess. Seek out the Oceans Beyond Piracy.

What You Will Find by Exploring Oceans Beyond Piracy

Here at Oceans Beyond Piracy you will find our own pirates sharing their favorite travel destinations.

We will explore the great cities of the United States and the foreign cities beyond the oceans. Our explorers will mark their favorite restaurants, attractions, and adventures in cities across the world.

Ocean Beyond Piracy’s detailed travel guides will help you in finding treasure in any of the wonderful cities we explore. Posts include daily itineraries where X marks the spots of our favorite restaurants for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and includes morning and afternoon adventures of top attractions in far off lands.

These detailed itineraries will help you feel more at ease about exploring new cities on your own, with family, or as a couple.

The daily itinerates take the guessing out of what you can do in certain cities, which means you save time in planning, and therefore have more time to seek out hidden treasures and adventures.

Our seasoned pirates also share their favorite tips and tricks of traveling and exploring new places beyond the ocean and in their own front yard.

Tips like packing lightly to traveling solo, and tricks for traveling with kids to surviving long flights. These tips and tricks will hopefully give you the confidence to obtain what was thought to be the unimaginable.

Oceans Beyond Piracy hopes to help plan your next adventure and give you the poise in becoming your own pirate. We hope our blog releases you from the fears of traveling and encourages you to seek treasure in other cities and countries.

 Whether your dream is to relax on a beach, enjoy family time at an all-inclusive, or simply get away for the weekend, Oceans Beyond Piracy has you covered.

About the Pirates at Oceans Beyond Piracy

All pirates at Oceans Beyond Piracy’s come from far and wide to give you their own experiences of exploring their own land and land beyond the ocean.

Our explorers are experts in their field of travel budgeting, finding new explorations with kids, creating adventure packed itineraries, finding the best hotels and deals in any city, and so much more! Oceans Beyond Piracy helps families plan trips and gives them honest reviews of different hotels, attractions, and restaurants.

Me and my team will give comprehensive information about the high and low seasons in different cities, and when would be the best time to visit each destination.

Put on your pirate hat and eye patch to join our mates on our next adventure as we go to Oceans Beyond Piracy.

Lets Goooooo 😉