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16 Best Ski Resorts in Michigan To Make Memories With Friends and Loved Ones 2024

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Heya! It’s Sam.

My dream is to become very good at skiing, hence why I decided to go on another skiing escapade.

If you are a regular here, then you know that my last attempt at skiing left my body hurting everywhere. It took some time before I went back to factory settings and the pain stopped. I decided to take a leaf from my colleague, Nasiba’s book and take skiing classes.

I’m still not very good but at least for this skiing trip to Michigan, I did not fall as many times as I did in Idaho. And so I believe that my dream of becoming the best skier that ever was is valid.

I also made a friend at one of the skiing resorts. Her name is Emma. She is a professional skier and taught me quite a few impactful lessons.

Watch this space!

Michigan is located in the Midwest United States.

Although Michigan is known for snowy winter weather, few realize it is a superb destination for skiing and snowboarding.

Don’t miss out the best family ski resorts in the US – check out our recommendations for more options.

The state is home to the second-greatest number of ski resorts in the country and has impressive, diverse terrain.

Moreover, a ski trip to Michigan is perfect for everyone, from families and friends to couples and solo skiers.

Michigan SKi Jump
Tudor ApMadoc | Shutterstock

In particular, you’ll find mountains that offer slopes great for learning, as well as backcountry areas that experts will love.

Are you wondering how to get started planning your Michigan ski trip?

To help you decide the right Michigan destination for you and your traveling companions, you will find a list below of the best Michigan ski resorts.

1. Nub’s Nob Ski Resort

Nub’s Nob Ski Resort, Michigan
@Northern Territory Photography

Nub’s Nob Ski Resort opened in 1958 and is a family-owned destination great for any skill level.

Presently, the resort offers great deals for beginners and families, plus spectacular skiing and snowboarding opportunities.

The Mountain: What began as a small ski hill now boasts 248 acres of skiable area, 53 runs, and 10 lifts.

With 123 inches of average yearly snowfall and a large snowmaking operation, the mountain attracts both locals and out-of-town visitors alike.

Moreover, the mountain is the perfect place for beginners.

On offer is a free beginner area that provides a chairlift and conveyer, allowing novices the chance to try out their equipment and practice in a safe and well-maintained space.

What’s more, you’ll also be delighted if you have kids under the age of 9, as they will receive free lift tickets, as well as anyone over the age of 69.

Additionally, you can sign up for private lessons or get your kids involved in Nub’s Nob Academy.

For a special experience, try out the mountain’s night skiing or play on the terrain park.

Afterward, head to the Main Lodge or Pintail Peak Lodge for dinner and a warm fireside chat.

Opening and Closing: Nub’s Nob Ski Resort is estimated to open on December 11, 2024, and close April 2, 2025.

The Town: Head to Trout Creek or Land Masters, right at the resort’s front door, and stay in a luxury condo rental.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: Harbor Springs, only a quick 15 minutes from the resort, offers dining, shopping, and spectacular views of Lake Michigan.

For accommodations that are budget-friendly, head to Petoskey, about 18 minutes south of the resort.

While in Petoskey, you’ll also find great views, shops, restaurants, and a few tourist attractions.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Nub’s Nob Ski Resort

2. The Highlands at Harbor Springs

The Highlands at Harbor Springs, Michigan
@The Highlands

During your visit to Nub’s Nob Ski Resort, you should consider a day or more nearby at The Highlands at Harbor Springs.

The year-round resort prides itself on offering warm hospitality and an authentic Michigan experience, as well as a fantastic ski vacation.

Moreover, if you are looking for ski resorts in Michigan that offer a lot of activities, The Highlands is a great choice.

The Mountain: Explore 53 runs and 435 acres of skiable area that is graced with an annual average snowfall of 140 inches.

Moreover, the mountain offers terrain for all skill levels and 8 lifts, including 1 high-speed lift.

Practice and play on the 4 terrain parks provided before taking your kids tubing or exploring the area while snowshoeing.

What’s more, you can find thrills on a zipline adventure, relax with some cross-country skiing, or try out Fat Tire Biking and Sno-Go Bikes

Take your significant other on a romantic horseback ride through the snowy wilderness of the resort before cozying up by the fire and making some s’mores.

Opening and Closing: The Highlands at Harbor Springs is estimated to open on December 16, 2024, and close March 19, 2025.

The Town: You can stay at the Main Lodge in upscale accommodations and head into Harbor Springs for some dining and shopping.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: Travel the short 18 minutes to Petoskey for affordable lodging, as well as dining and shopping.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near The Highlands at Harbor Springs

3. Marquette Mountain Resort

Marquette Mountain Resort, Michigan
@Marquette Mountain

Marquette Mountain Resort offers superb amenities combined with a passion for adventure.

Enjoy unique skiing and snowboarding while on the mountain, in addition to beautiful views and services that you and your friends will love.

The Mountain: Discover 159 acres of skiable area that sees 210 inches of snowfall each year.

The mountain provides diverse terrain for all skill levels, as well as 8 glades for superb skiing experiences that immerse you in the nature of Michigan.

Access the mountain with 3 lifts, enjoying 29 ski trails, including night skiing every day of the week.

Afterward, stop by the T Bar or Iron Moose Grill for a hot meal and drink.

Opening and Closing: Marquette Mountain Resort is estimated to open on December 22, 2024, and close April 9, 2025.

The Town: While in Marquette, you will find numerous budget-friendly accommodations.

Additionally, the town offers a variety of dining options, shops, and attractions, such as museums.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Marquette Mountain Resort

4. Crystal Mountain

Crystal Mountain, Michigan
@Crystal Mountain

One of the largest Michigan ski resorts, Crystal Mountain is dedicated to connecting locals and visitors with nature and the community.

Moreover, the resort is renowned for its commitment to healthy lifestyles, as well as superb amenities and a welcoming atmosphere.

The Mountain: Crystal Mountain offers 59 runs in 4 areas.

Particularly, you’ll find terrain for skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced or expert.

Access the mountain with 8 lifts, including 1 high-speed quad, and enjoy 103 acres of skiable area.

Additionally, you can relax as you do some night skiing on 27 of the runs or go cross-country skiing for a tranquil afternoon.

Discover an adventure while doing some Fat Tire Biking in the snow, go ice skating with your family, or take your friends on a horse-drawn surrey ride.

Once you’ve had a full day of fun and excitement, take a stroll through the art park or soak your muscles in the hot tub.

Afterward, grab some dinner at one of the resort’s restaurants.

Opening and Closing: Crystal Mountain is estimated to open on December 9, 2024, and close April 2, 2025.

The Town: While you can find pretty much anything you need, including lodging, at the resort, you can also visit Thompsonville for some supplies or a drink at a local hangout.

Nearby Towns and Accommodations Options: Find accommodations ranging from quaint cottages to luxury suites at the resort.

For more budget-friendly lodging, head to Beulah, only 15 minutes away.

While in Beulah, you will find a variety of family-friendly places to stay, as well as dining and boutique shops.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Crystal Mountain

5. Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort

Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort, Michigan
@Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort

Enjoy a spectacular skiing environment while at Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort.

Located in the Upper Peninsula region, the resort offers fantastic accommodation options, not to mention superb snow conditions and well-groomed slopes.

The Mountain: Discover 45 trails accessed by 9 chairlifts on the mountain that boasts over 200 inches of average annual snowfall.

What’s more, the mountain has 253 acres of skiable area and 2 terrain parks.

Would you like a romantic ski trip in Michigan?

Rent one of the Wine Huts on the mountain, and you and your significant other can cozy up in a day-use cabin with ski-in/ski-out access, as well as a fireplace and private lunch.

Afterward, go on a snowmobiling adventure, enjoy a tranquil snowshoeing excursion, or explore the woods while Fatbiking.

Opening and Closing: Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort is estimated to open on December 31, 2024, and close April 2, 2025.

The Town: If you choose to stay at the resort’s lodging, you’ll have options that range from vacation rentals to ski-in/ski-out condos, in addition to amenities like a sauna and pool.

Additionally, the resort offers excellent dining and a gift shop.

Also, you can visit Bessemer for casual dining and shopping.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: Head to nearby Ironwood for numerous accommodations that are budget-friendly.

While in Ironwood, you’ll also find plenty of places to eat in addition to supply stops. 

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort

6. Boyne Mountain Resort

Boyne Mountain Resort, Michigan
@Boyne Mountain Resort

If you are looking for a laid-back vacation that focuses on fun, you’ll love Boyne Mountain Resort.

The resort offers a multitude of activities great for families, friends, and couples.

The Mountain: Explore 415 acres of skiable area with 60 runs, 4 terrain parks, and 12 lifts.

Furthermore, the mountain has a variety of terrain for everyone and receives 140 inches of average snow each year.

While on the mountain, you can take a break from downhill skiing or snowboarding and enjoy some quiet cross-country skiing or snowshoeing.

Also available are activities like ice skating, horseback riding, and Sno-Go Biking.

Opening and Closing: Boyne Mountain Resort is estimated to open on December 16, 2024, and close March 26, 2025.

The Town: Discover spectacular lodging at the resort, with European-style villas, luxury hotel rooms, cabins, and amenities such as spas and slope-side views.

Additionally, the village of Boyne Falls offers fantastic dining, shopping experiences, and budget-friendly lodging.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Boyne Mountain Resort

7. Snowriver Mountain Resort

Snowriver Mountain Resort, Michigan
@Snowriver Mountain Resort

Snowriver Mountain Resort is considered an Oasis in the state of Michigan.

Not only mountains but also waterfalls and rivers surround the area, creating a magical winter wonderland.

The Mountain: Enjoy slopes that see 204 inches of average snowfall each year, as well as 9 lifts that will take you to 30 runs across 238 skiable areas.

Additionally, the mountain offers diverse terrain, with 17% of the trails being rated for beginners and the remaining perfect for intermediate and expert skiers.

Once you’ve enjoyed your day on the slopes, head to one of the 4 restaurants available for a casual and cozy meal.

Opening and Closing: Snowriver Mountain Resort is estimated to open on December 9, 2024, and close April 15, 2025.

The Town: Snowriver Mountain Resort offers a number of lodging options on-site at both its Jackson Summit and Black River Basin peaks.

Choose to stay in the Main Lodge, the Gabbro lodge, a condo, or one of the Trailside units.

Moreover, the small town of Wakefield offers an affordable accommodation option, casual dining, and stores for supplies.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: If you make the 20-minute drive to Ironwood, you’ll find numerous budget-friendly accommodations, as well as dining, shopping, and historical attractions.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Snowriver Mountain Resort

8. Mt. Holly Ski & Snowboard Resort

Mt. Holly Ski & Snowboard Resort, Michigan
@Banff & Lake Louise Tourism

Mt. Holly Ski & Snowboard Resort is a laid-back paradise for skiers and snowboarders.

During your time at the resort, you will find cozy amenities, as well as varied terrain for every skill level.

The Mountain: Access the mountain with an impressive 7 lifts that include 3 high-speed quads, in addition to 4 rope tows.

Before exploring the 17 runs available, rent your equipment at the full-service ski shop.

If you’re ready for a break from traditional downhill skiing or snowboarding, head to the 4 terrain parks provided for some freestyle fun.

Afterward, stop by the lodge for a hot drink and time with friends or get a meal at one of the restaurants.

Opening and Closing: Mt. Holly Ski & Snowboard Resort is estimated to open on December 9, 2024, and close March 16, 2025.

The Town: Head to Holly for more dining options, a shopping excursion, or to stock up on supplies.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: Discover diverse accommodations in the nearby town of Flint and the surrounding area.

Additionally, Flint offers shopping, dining, and local attractions, such as museums.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Mt. Holly Ski & Snowboard Resort

9. Bittersweet Ski Resort

Bittersweet Ski Resort, Michigan
@Bittersweet Ski Resort

Are you looking for a friendly Michigan ski resort that offers warm hospitality?

Make your way to Bittersweet Ski Resort for a welcoming experience.

The Mountain: Explore 20 runs that are accessible by 10 lifts and 1 rope tow.

Furthermore, you’ll find a terrain park and numerous options for lessons, from private and semi-private to groups.

After a day in the snow, make your way to the lodge and get a hot meal and cold beer.

Opening and Closing: Bittersweet Ski Resort is estimated to open on December 25, 2024, and close March 13, 2025.

The Town: Travel the short distance to Otsego or Plainwell for supplies and additional dining options.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: Kalamazoo is approximately 30 minutes south of the resort, where you’ll find many budget-friendly accommodations, as well as tourist attractions, shopping, and dining. 

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Bittersweet Ski Resort

10. Pine Mountain Ski Resort

Pine Mountain Ski Resort, Michigan
@Pine Mountain Ski & Golf Resort

Pine Mountain Ski Resort offers great deals, a friendly atmosphere, and numerous events you and your family will love.

If you’re looking for ski resorts near Michigan that have it all, Pine Mountain Ski Resort is a fantastic option.

The Mountain: Spend the day on 27 trails spread across 160 acres and serviced by 5 lifts.

What’s more, you’ll find runs for everyone, with beginner, intermediate, advanced, and black double-diamond trails.

Play and practice on the 3 terrain parks available before watching competitors at the Pine Mountain Ski Jump.

In addition to downhill skiing and snowboarding, you will find numerous activities that include snowmobiling and cross-country skiing.

Opening and Closing: Pine Mountain Ski Resort is estimated to open on January 1, 2024, and close April 3, 2025.

The Town: You’ll find both hotel rooms and condos at the resort that include ski-in/ski-out options.

Moreover, the resort offers a market, bar, restaurant, saltwater pool, hot tub, and sauna.

Book with the Ski & Stay program, and you’ll make your trip even more affordable.

Additionally, you can head into Iron Mountain a find a number of budget-friendly options, casual dining, shopping, and local attractions.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Pine Mountain Ski Resort

11. Alpine Valley

Alpine Valley, Michigan
@Alpine Valley Ski Area

Enjoy a quiet and breathtaking ski experience at Alpine Valley.

The smaller resort still offers great conditions, as well as diverse terrain and amenities.

The Mountain: Spend some time at the 3 terrain parks before exploring 25 runs that range from beginner to advanced skill levels.

With 5 lifts, you’ll be able to easily explore the mountain and its 72 acres of skiable area.

For a unique experience, try your hand at racing, with several racing groups and competitions available.

Opening and Closing: Alpine Valley is estimated to open on December 17, 2024, and close March 20, 2025.

The Town: While the resort offers equipment rentals and a ski shop, in addition to food and beverage options, you’ll want to travel to White Lake for supplies and more dining.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: For a plethora of accommodations, as well as dining, shopping, and entertainment, Detroit is less than an hour away.

While in Detroit, you’ll find both high-end and affordable, family-friendly lodging.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Alpine Valley

12. Cannonsburg Ski Area

Cannonsburg Ski Area, Michigan
@Agnarchy Snowboarding

Cannonsburg Ski Area is a small resort that offers an intimate atmosphere, fun activities, and cozy amenities.

The resort is also an affordable way to get some slope time in while in Michigan, making it popular with the locals.

The Mountain: Enjoy a day spent exploring 21 diverse runs with 9 lifts, as well as cross-country skiing and night skiing.

Additionally, you can spend some time on the mountain quietly snowshoeing through the trees or head to the tubing hill with your kids for some memorable fun.

What’s more, you’ll find skiing and snowboarding lessons that fit your needs and equipment rentals on-site.

Opening and Closing: Cannonsburg Ski Area is estimated to open on January 3, 2024, and close March 20, 2025.

The Town: The resort offers dining and drinks, but for accommodations, shopping, and entertainment, you’ll want to travel 20 minutes to Grand Rapids.

While in Grand Rapids, you’ll find accommodations that range from budget-friendly motels and inns to luxury hotels.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Cannonsburg Ski Area

13. Ski Brule

Ski Brule, Michigan
@Ski Brule

Among the best Michigan ski resorts with numerous things to do is Ski Brule.

The family-friendly destination offers a home away from home, with fantastic slopes, lodging, dining, and extra activities.

The Mountain: With 150 inches of average snowfall and a large snowmaking operation, you’ll enjoy every minute of your time exploring the 150 acres of skiable area.

What’s more, you can play at the 3 terrain parks or do some cross-country skiing.

Take your kids tubing and sample mouthwatering barbecue at the Homestead Mid Mountain Lodge before going night skiing.

Opening and Closing: Ski Brule is estimated to open on November 11, 2024, and close April 30, 2025.

The Town: Book one of the lodging packages with the resort, and you can experience a mountainside stay, as well as private cabins.

For additional accommodation options, head into Iron River, where you will also find places to restock supplies, as well as a historical museum to tour.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Ski Brule

14. Mount Bohemia Ski Resort

Mount Bohemia Ski Resort, Michigan
@Mount Bohemia

Are you searching for the best expert skiing in Michigan?

Mount Bohemia is NOT for beginners, catering only to advanced and expert skill levels with steep slopes, dense glades, and cliff bands along its 2000 acres of skiable area.

The Mountain: 2 mountain peaks offer distinct experiences.

While on Mount Bohemia, you will find long, non-groomed runs for advanced and expert skiers, as well as amenities like mountainside bars and restaurants.

If you are looking for even more of a challenge, head to Voodoo Mountain for backcountry exploration with Snowcat skiing.

During your time on Voodoo Mountain, you will have the memorable experience of exploring pristine wilderness terrain.

Opening and Closing: Mount Bohemia Ski Resort is estimated to open on December 16, 2024, and close April 9, 2025.

The Town: If you choose to stay at the resort, you will find a wide selection of lodging options, ranging from private cabins to yurts.

Additionally, the resort offers dining and a spa.

Head to Mohawk for supply runs and a few casual dining options, or go to Calumet for additional accommodation options.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Mount Bohemia Ski Resort

15. Caberfae Peaks

Caberfae Peaks, Michigan
@Caberfae Peaks

Caberfae Peaks offers budget-friendly skiing while also providing amenities that will keep you happy.

The Mountain: you’ll have a fantastic time exploring 34 runs along the 225 acres of skiable area that are easily accessible with 5 lifts.

Moreover, you’ll have the opportunity to do some cross-country skiing or snowshoeing through the wilderness.

If you’re looking for something more exciting, participate in some of the racing events on offer.

Compete in a night racing league or even sign your kids up for the Junior Racing Program.

At the end of a fun-filled day, head to the restaurant for a family meal or enjoy a cocktail at the bar.

Opening and Closing: Caberfae Peaks is estimated to open on November 25, 2024, and close March 20, 2025.

The Town: For a stay on the slopes, book a reservation with the resort’s Mackenzie Lodge.

You can also find affordable and family-friendly places to stay in Cadillac, which also offers dining and shops.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: If you’d like lakeside lodging, there are several small towns along the shoreline east of the resort. 

Find accommodations and necessities in towns such as Beulah, Frankfort, and Manistee

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Caberfae Peaks

16. Shanty Creek Resort

Shanty Creek Resort, Michigan
@Shanty Creek Resorts

Shanty Creek Resort is an amazing place to stay for a romantic getaway, family vacation, or time with friends.

Not only does the resort offer superb skiing, but also a spectacular ski village.

The Mountain: Discover diverse terrain on 42 runs, with 80 acres of skiable area, as well as 8 lifts.

What’s more, the mountain sees 160 inches of average snowfall and a plethora of activities.

Particularly, you can take your family tubing, spend some quiet time cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, try dogsledding, or explore the area while Fat Tire Biking or snowmobiling.

You can also try out some freestyle moves at the 2 terrain parks or test your skills by competing in one of the many racing events held by the resort.

Afterward, head to the resort village and sip a cup of hot cocoa, get some dinner, enjoy live entertainment, or try your hand at some Topgolf.

Opening and Closing: Shanty Creek Resort is estimated to open November 25, 2024, and close March 26, 2025.

The Town: Stay at one of the resort’s villages, and you will find shopping, dining, entertainment, and luxury accommodations.

Head to Bellaire and relax at some of the local pubs or explore the charming small town.

Nearby Towns and Accommodation Options: If you are looking for more affordable accommodations, travel 30 minutes south to Kalkaska.

In addition to affordable lodging, the town also offers casual dining and markets.

Official Site:

Accommodation: Where to stay near Shanty Creek Resort

Other Ski Resorts to Consider

  • Mt. Brighton Ski Resort: Brighton is a popular ski destination for locals because of its family-friendly atmosphere, great skiing, and convenient amenities.

The small resort offers equipment rentals, as well as several dining options that include a café, grill, and bar.

While on the mountain, you’ll find terrain suitable for all skill levels, not to mention 12 lifts, 24 trails, and 130 acres of property.

2 terrain parks on offer that also cater to everyone, from beginner to expert, with a variety of features.

Accommodations are also easy to come by, with both family-friendly hotels located throughout the town of Brighton. 

  • Pine Knob Ski Resort: Pine Knob prides itself on offering a great experience for everyone, from families and friends to individual skiers and snowboarders.

Whether you are a beginner, advanced, or expert skier, you will find what you want at the resort.

During your time at Pine Knob, you’ll find 17 diverse runs, 80 acres of skiable terrain, and 13 surface lifts.

Additionally, the resort offers 3 terrain parks, lessons for everyone, and equipment rentals and repairs.

Ski Tips for Michigan

Ski Tips Michigan
@Shanty Creek Resorts

Be prepared for the cold: Because of its northern location and being surrounded by the Great Lakes, Michigan is a frigid state throughout the winter.

During your time at the state’s ski resorts, you’ll want to make sure you are ready for the cold temperatures and wind chill.

Pack apparel that will keep you warm both on and off the slopes.

Most of your layers should consist of materials like fleece and wool, as well as thermal layers that will hold your natural body heat in.

Pack items such as long underwear, socks designed for snow, and leggings.

Additionally, when buying your outerwear for skiing, look for specialized materials that will keep the wind out.

For gloves, find those designed for skiing in addition to severe cold weather conditions.

Do more than just ski: Many of the resorts in Michigan offer activities that will keep you entertained when you’re not on the slope.

While you may be planning to spend 99% of your waking moments doing some downhill skiing or snowboarding, it is worth the time to explore other winter sports.

Enjoy backcountry areas with a snowmobile or experience a tranquil evening snowshoeing through the wilderness.

Discover the fun of tubing hills, some of which will have you speeding across the snow.

Additionally, Fat Tire Biking has become a popular winter pastime for a reason, allowing you to travel through areas that aren’t accessible with skis.

Don’t forget to pack small conveniences: While your long checklist of things to pack probably includes ski apparel and gear, you won’t want to forget some of the smaller items that will make your ski trip more enjoyable.

Be sure to have a water bottle that will be easy to carry with you while on the slopes, as you can become dehydrated quickly after a few runs.

Moreover, you’ll also want some snacks to keep you going that are easy to keep in the pocket of your coat, such as nuts, granola, or some jerky.

Because of the cold Michigan air, pack a face covering and bring some Kleenex.

Don’t forget your camera, but also don’t forget a waterproof case to carry it in, as well as a protective covering for your phone if you plan to take it with you on the mountain.

Frequently Asked Questions About Michigan Skiing

Which ski resort in Michigan should I choose?

When deciding which ski resorts is in Michigan to visit, you should keep a few things in mind.

To begin with, you’ll want to think about how many resorts you want to experience, as well as how much time you have.

If you are only going to be skiing for a long weekend, 1 large resort or 2 smaller ones will fit your needs.

While in a larger resort, you will be able to enjoy a vast number of amenities, more skiable areas, and everything you need at your fingertips, such as lodging and food.

For those who want to try out a couple of different resorts, choose smaller ones for your weekend getaway.

You’ll typically find more time on the slopes at small resorts while also being able to travel to other nearby spots easily.

If you’re planning a longer vacation, consider the skill levels of yourself and your traveling companions.

Choose resorts that cater to the skill level you need, with some places being great destinations to learn, as well as providing diverse terrain for other skiers in your group.

Additionally, be careful to research the resorts you are considering, as some are geared toward only expert skiers, such as Mount Bohemia.

Is it worth going to Michigan for skiing?

While you may be wondering if a ski trip to Michigan will be worth your while, there are some key factors that make it a fantastic destination for winter sports.

Not only does Michigan have spectacular terrain for beginners, but also expert skiers will find thrilling conditions on the mountains.

With the biggest measurement of vertical drops in the Midwest, as well as some challenging backcountry to explore, skiers with expert skill levels will find resorts like Mount Bohemia that offer easy access to some adrenaline-pumping areas.

For beginner and intermediate skiers, there are also numerous resorts that can get you on the mountain and hone your skills in no time.

Additionally, Michigan ski resorts offer some great deals for families and locals, not to mention skiers who are looking for lodging and ticket bundles.

That’s it from me for now. I’m out!

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