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8 Water Parks in Las Vegas – Families & Friends T(2024 Updated)

Yo! It’s me, Nasiba Well, Picture this with me: I’m cruising into Sin City, ready to hit up the coolest waterparks in Las Vegas.

But guess what? The weather pulls a sneaky move on me – scorching sun one minute, surprise rainstorm the next! So here I am, trying to stay cool in the water while Mother Nature plays her games.

Talk about a wild start to my Vegas adventure! Lets Gooo

Las Vegas is a city in Clark County, Nevada. 

It is famous for its clubs, casinos, nightlife, and adult entertainment. But, this beautiful city is more than that. It is full of fun activities that the entire family will enjoy, including children. 

Discover some of the top Las Vegas resorts for your upcoming trip.

One of the best family attractions in Las Vegas, NV, is waterparks! The city is home to several waterparks that will take your whole family on an adrenaline-filled water adventure. In fact, one of the waterparks has the grandest artificial wave in the world!

We have put together a list of the top 8 water parks in Las Vegas, Nevada, where you and your family can go to cool off the summer heat. 

Check them out below.

*All the waterparks listed below are only open in summer unless stated otherwise.

Water Parks in Las Vegas

Wet’N’Wild Las Vegas / Facebook

1. Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas

Rating: 4.1
Entry Tickets: Check their website for ticket prices
  • Located in Spring Valley, Nevada.
  • It opened in 2013.
  • Family-friendly Waterpark.

Why you should go:

Wet ‘n’ Wild is one of the most intense and best water parks in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is located on 7055 S Fort Apache Road and sits on 33.5 acres of land. 

The waterpark promises an experience of a lifetime to you, your family or loved ones, and children with its thrilling and epic water activities. 

Wet ‘n’ Wild waterpark features 26 attractions which include two pools and ten water slides. They all have different offers to ensure that visitors with varied adventure needs are satisfied.

Whether you love fast and intense water slides or calmer waters, one of these attractions will give you that. 

Things to do:

  1. Wet ‘n’ Wild’s is widely renowned for being one of the best and most diverse among all water parks in Las Vegas. It has some of the most extreme slides and features some of the tightest banking turns in the world. 
  2. For a more relaxed adventure, visit the giant wave pool or the sprawling lazy river. If you want to raise your adrenaline, you should explore Desert Racers and take a wild ride on its multi-lane water slide. It is a 360-foot 6-lane water slide.
  3. Other thrilling attractions in Wet ‘n’ Wild waterpark include the Kids’ Aquatic section, Canyon Cliffs, Rattler, Splash Island, Tornado, and more.
  4. If you have ever wondered how watching a movie from a pool would feel like, wonder no more. The waterpark offers a movie night in the water pool during the Dive ‘n’ Movies event.
  5. There are several eateries in the waterpark that include Agave Grill and Oasis Café.
  6. Remember to carry some sunscreen.
  • It opens daily from Monday to Sunday, 10.30 am to 8 pm. 
  • Wet ‘n’ Wild is only open in summer.
  • It is 15 minutes from McCarran International Airport (LAS)
Nevada / Shutterstock

2. Cowabunga Bay

Rating: 4.4
Entry tickets: $39.99 for adults – $29.99 for youths

Check their website to see next season’s ticket price

  • It opened in 2014.

Why you should go:

Cowabunga Bay has been voted the best waterpark in Las Vegas, Nevada. The water adventure park is at 900 Galleria Drive, Henderson, a 15-minute drive from Las Vegas Strip. 

Cowabunga Bay, which has a 1960s theme, is famous for being home to the Wild Surf, the grandest artificial wave in the world. The wave stands at 72 feet. 

The waterpark sits on 23 acres of land. It features 25 attractions strategically distributed around the park.

Each of these attractions offers a unique experience to cater to the needs of different visitors. 

Its attractions include water slides, regular slides, sandy beaches, surf pools, lazy rivers, and swimming pools.

Adventure seekers will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing what activities to take up. 

Things to do

  1. Cowabunga Bay has many thrilling activities for visitors of all ages, from little kids to adults. 
  2. Children can enjoy a thrilling adventure at the Kids Cove. It is an attraction designed for children by factoring in their safety first. 
  3. Parents can also have fun in this area.
  4. At the Caban-A-Rama pool, enjoy a relaxed time floating and sipping your drink. This section is for visitors who want to enjoy beautiful summer weather in the water without engaging in extreme water activity. You can also enjoy the same at the Boardwalk Bay attraction. 
  5. For a thrilling experience, visit Point Panic. This water slide takes visitors on a ‘midnight’ adventure. The waterslide is fully enclosed and dark except for a few light features.
  6. Other water slides and attractions include Cowabunga River, Surf-A-Rama Wave Pool, Beach Blanket Banzai, Downhill Doggers, Breaker 1-9, and more. 
  7. It has a VIP Cabana for visitors seeking a private experience.

There are eateries all around this top waterpark in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

  • It opens daily from Monday to Sunday, 11 am to 7 pm.
  • It is only open in summer.
  • It is 14 minutes from McCarran International Airport (LAS)
Steve Boice /Shutterstock

3. Mandalay Bay Beach

Rating: 4.5
Entry tickets: $20 for adults 17+ years old – $10 for children (4-16)

Why you should go

If you seek a laidback water adventure, your perfect choice for a waterpark in Las Vegas should be Mandalay Beach. 

It is a world-renowned aquatic playground found on 3950 S. Las Vegas Boulevard

The waterpark lies on 11 acres of land and features a white sandy beach, pools, and a lazy river. 

The unique aspect of Mandalay Bay Beach is how it gives beach vibes, complete with sandy beaches without being on any coastline or seashore. 

It is slightly different from people’s idea of what a waterpark should have but, you will make adventurous memories. 

Things to do

  1. Mandalay Bay Beach offers different activities for both adults and children. There are eight pools where visitors can go swimming. The adult pool is specifically for adults who want to have a good time away from the children as they sip on adult drinks. 
  2. Other attractions like the wave pool, lagoon, and the lazy rivers have different experiences to offer. 
  3. You can opt to bask by the beach and take in the summer sun. 
  4. The waterpark has the Beach Bar and Grill, where you can grab a meal. If you seek a different experience, there is a casino, private villas, cabanas, and day beds. 
  5. Whatever you choose, Mandalay Bay Beach will give you a unique experience based on its attractions.
  • It is open daily from Monday to Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm.
  • The waterpark is only open in summer. Some of the pools are open all year round. Check their website to enquire.
  • It is 9 minutes from McCarran International Airport (LAS)
Belish / Shutterstock

4. The Tank

Rating: 4.3
Entry tickets: $25 – $35 for adults 13+ years old – $24 for children (5-12)

Why you should go

The Tank is an award-winning pool located at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino. It is at 129 East Fremont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada

It is open to both hotel guests and non-hotel guests. 

It is one of the unique water parks in Las Vegas. It features a 200,000-gallon aquarium with real sharks! If this is not thrilling enough for you, I don’t know what is. The shark tank aquarium also features other marine species. 

A 30-foot water slide runs through the aquarium. It means that you will have to slide down the shark tank aquarium as big sharks swim around you. Maybe even swim after you. The slide takes you down into the waterpark’s main pool. It is the ultimate adrenaline sport

For a serene and unique ambiance, the pool has several waterfalls. This fact makes swimming here a beautiful experience. 

Things to do

The most thrilling adventure you will have is in the water slide, where you will be in the middle of giant sharks and other marine animals. 

Visitors who might be anxious about accessing the pool through this ‘shark-filled’ water slide can use a different entrance. There are other water slides for you who would like this adventure but without the sharks. 

Swimming here is also a beautiful experience as you watch the sharks from afar or as close as you would love to. 

The Tank also features private cabanas, Jacuzzis, and dining areas. 

There is a guided tour for anyone interest in learning more about marine life

  • It is open all year round.
  • The Tank is open to the public from Sunday to Friday only.
  • The Tank is complimentary to hotel guests.
  • It is 11 minutes from McCarran International Airport (LAS)
Lake Las Vegas Water Sports
Paddleboard / Groupon

5. Lake Las Vegas Water Sports

Rating: 4.5
Entry tickets: $22 for a 45 minutes session, $35 for a 90 minutes session.

Why you should go

Lake Las Vegas Water Sports is famous for its Aqua Park that runs on actual water in Lake Las Vegas. It looks like a floating watersport playground.  The waterpark is at 20 Costa Di Lago Street, Henderson, Nevada

It is a family-friendly attraction that has activities for everyone, irrespective of age. Each session runs for 45 minutes only. Guests can buy 90-minute passes. 

The Aqua Park at Lake Las Vegas is 40,000 sq. ft. It offers adrenaline-filled attractions like bridges, jumping pads, swings, runways, water slides, trampolines, and ramps, among others. 

Things to do

  1. Enjoy an array of fun water activities at Lake Las Vegas Water Sports by exploring the various attractions. Children and adults alike will all find something to do. 
  2. You can enjoy swimming in the natural water of the lake or have fun engaging in unusual waterpark sports like electric boat riding, paddle boarding, and cruising. 
  3. It offers various events throughout the year, like the Mimosa cruise, on Lake Las Vegas. 

You can only buy tickets on the facility’s website in advance. 

  • Check their website to see days when the waterpark is open.
  • It is 26 minutes from McCarran International Airport (LAS)
Mother and her daughter having fun in waterpark / Shutterstock

6. Desert Breeze Aquatic center

Rating: 4.5
Entry tickets: $3 for adults (18-54) – $2 for children (2-12) – $1 for seniors (55)

Why you should go

It is an outdoor aquatic park located in Clark County on 8275 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, Nevada. It is a smaller waterpark compared to the others. Thus, its prices are relatively lower. But your family is assured of total enjoyment. 

Desert Breeze Aquatic Center features two water slides, a water beach entry, and a play structure. The facility also has an indoor pool. The outdoor aqua park opens only in summer, whereas the indoor swimming pool is open all year-round. 

You should check with management on the availability of the indoor pool since it is used for private purposes too. 

Things to do

Despite its small size, the Desert Breeze Aquatic Center offers families several activities. 

Adults and children can have thrilling fun at any of the water slides found here. You can also swim at the outdoor swimming pool, which is especially child-friendly. 

There is a kids’ play zone, in case your children get tired of playing with water.

  • The park is only open in summer. 
  • It is 19 minutes from McCarran International Airport (LAS)
Water park in Sunrise Manor, Nevada / Shutterstock

 7. Walnut Water Park

Rating: 4.8
Entry tickets: $3 for adults (18-54) – $2 for children (2-12) – $1 for seniors (55)
Address: 3075 N Walnut Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89115, United States

Why you should go

It offers the thrills of a waterpark without being overly expensive. If you are visiting Las Vegas on a tight budget or are not a fan of the massive crowds, this is an ideal place for you. 

It is a great park to take children owing to its strict policy on safety. It is part of the Walnut Recreational Center, which offers other facilities like a gym, kids’ playground, and a basketball court. 

Things to do

Walnut Water Park features a slide that will take you into the pool. Children will have fun with this slide as well as inside the swimming pool. 

If you would like to participate in non-water activities, you are more than welcome. Experience a workout session in the gym or play a basketball game. 

There are dining options for those who would like to have a meal.

  • The park is only open in summer.
  • It is 16 minutes from McCarran International Airport (LAS)
children sliding down a water slide / Depositphotos

8. The Splash Zone at Circus Circus Adventure Dome Theme Park

Rating: 4.4
Entry tickets: $40 for adults (48+ inches tall) – $20 for juniors (under 48 inches tall

Why you should go

Circus Circus Adventure Dome Theme Park is on 2880 S. Las Vegas Boulevard. It is a family-friendly amusement park with an indoor Splash Zone and pool where visitors can enjoy fun-filled water activities. 

While other waterparks are only open in summer, this facility opens throughout the year. Thanks to the fact that it is indoors. 

The facility is strictly open to guests staying at the Circus Circus Las Vegas Hotel only. However, there are rare occasions when the facility allows the public to use the park at a cost. 

Things to do

The Splash Zone at Circus Circus features two pools, a 50-foot long slide tower, rain trees, a splash pad, and whirlpools. 

Being a private property, this is an ideal place for you and your family to have an adrenaline-filled adventure since the number of people waiting to use the facility is low. 

Have fun swimming and splashing water at the splash pad. Your children will have the time of their life here. It is probably the only place you can experience a whirlpool in Las Vegas. 

  • Open all year-round.
  • It is 14 minutes from McCarran International Airport (LAS)

Hope you found some gems in my article that sparked your curiosity! If questions are bubbling up, feel free to drop a comment below or shoot me an email at I’m all ears!

Have fun 😉