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26 Best & Fun Things To Do In Key Largo (Florida) That Both Adults and Kids Will Love

Hello fellow adventurers. It’s Nasiba.

I was an island girl for a week and it was amazing! After leaving Albuquerque, I went straight home, packed my bags, and headed straight to the airport for Key Largo.

One of the things I was excited about was diving. But it was also the thing that I was most scared about. I kept thinking, ‘Nasiba, what if you dive in and never come up?’ Lol. I know I know, sometimes I think of the most unimaginable things.

But I managed to give myself the YOLO talk and did it. Boy, was it fun! I can, unafraid and without feeling embarrassed, say that I came to Key Largo, I saw, and I conquered!

When was the last time you conquered a fear or did something for the first time? I’d like to hear your stories in the comment section. 

But before that, here is a list of some of the places and activities that I enjoyed in Key Largo.

Key Largo is an island in Florida. It is a part of the Florida Keys.

The island of Key Largo, one of the most well-known tropical locations in America, receives close to 3,000 hours of sunshine annually.

As a result, the area enjoys a warm climate perfect for beachgoers, snorkeling, and sailing on the seas.

Planning to stay in Florida? These top-rated all inclusive beach resorts in Florida are guaranteed to provide everything you need!

Are you wondering if Key Largo is a place you want to visit?

Imagine yourself relaxing on the island or one of its neighboring Florida Key islands, enjoying the warm ocean breeze or taking a relaxing kayak trip through the dense mangrove forests that call the Keys home.

Alternatively, you can learn all about the island and its neighbors by visiting one of the many in-depth museums, such as the one-of-a-kind diving museum, which showcases the history of diving equipment, or the famous Fort Zachary Taylor, which houses the largest pre-civil war armament cache in the world.

Moreover, indulge in delectable fresh lobster or Conch fritters as you dine beside the ocean waves.

You can also get a taste of some deliciously sweet ice cream, perfect after a long day of lounging in the  sun.

Take a tour of the area to enjoy the fullest experience, whether you decide to take a tour by kayaking through the crystal blue waters of the Keys or enjoying a laid-back ride on an old town trolley through the colorful neighborhoods.

You’ll get to see excellent marine wildlife hiding just beneath the surface of the ocean, meet a dolphin up close in one of the Keys’ top dolphin research centers, or see rare tropical birds that are being taken care of during their rehabilitation and conservation.

Key Largo and the surrounding islands offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience to anyone who may step foot on the island.

To help you plan your visit, you will find a list of 26 interesting things to do in Key Largo below.

From its beautiful beaches to its exciting marine life, there is no shortage of things to do on this magnificent island surrounded by great blue waters.

Table of Contents

Things to do in Key Largo:

1. Key Largo Snorkeling Tour with Pirates Cove Watersports

Inspired By Maps | Shutterstock

Rating: 5

Entry Ticket: Adults: $65.00

Address: 103800 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037, U.S.A.

  • Great for friends and family groups
  • Enjoy an underwater tour of coral and marine wildlife

To start off our list of the best things to do in Key Largo, we have a one-of-a-kind Half Day Snorkel Trip by Pirates Cove Watersports

This tour company is one of the highest-rated in Key Largo and offers a beautiful underwater exploration opportunity.

After reserving your tour, you’ll meet with the rest of your tour group on the assigned date on the inside of the Reefhouse Resort and Marina before departing.

Ready to explore the waters of Key Largo?

In this guided snorkeling tour, you’ll get to see the most prominent living coral in the United States and several notable points of interest under the crystal blue water of the Keys.

You’ll also see some of the wonderful marine life that inhabits the Florida Keys, such as vibrant tropical fish and colorful coral.

Additionally, your tour guide, otherwise known as your captain, will share great information about the area and take you to see all the best sights in the Keys, all while cracking jokes and sharing local perspectives.

Have a unique and entertaining experience with Pirate Cove Watersports during your visit to Kay Largo.

2. The African Queen Steamboat Tours

Sheryl Chapman | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.5

Entry Ticket: Starting at $45.00

Address: 99701 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037

  • Partake in drinks and live music as you cruise on the open water
  • Experience a sunset over the Florida Keys water
  • Suitable for small groups or couples

If swimming or snorkeling isn’t really your style, then perhaps you’d prefer a relaxing boat cruise on the coastline as the guide tells you all about the local history.

The African Queen Steamboat Tours derives its name from the famous boat that was built in 1912 in Lytham, England. 

Since its creation, the original boat was used for various purposes such as missionaries, hunting parties, shuttle cargo, and even starring in a movie in 1951.

She remained in service in Africa until the year 1968, at which point she was brought over to the United States and used in San Francisco, Oregon, and finally, the state of Florida, where she now resides as a historic landmark in the Keys.

The African Queen cruise company takes pride in this deep history of their boat and seeks to share the joy of boating and sailing with their guests, whether it be on the African Queen or on one of their many other boats.

With the African Queen cruise company, you’ll have several different booking options for customized experiences.

Undoubtedly, no matter what you choose, you’ll receive a magnificent cruise through the bright blue of the Florida Keys.

Step into history with a cruise on this special boat while immersing yourself in the environment of the Florida coast.

3. Lazy Days Restaurant

Margaret.Wiktor | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.4

Entry Ticket: Free; pay for your food

Address: 79867 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada, FL 33036

  • Delicious fresh seafood that embodies the culture of Key Largo
  • Bring your own fish specialty is excellent for fishermen

While visiting Key Largo, one of the most notable things you should do is visit one of the many delicious Caribbean-inspired restaurants or bars in the area.

Want to try some of Key Largo’s authentic Caribbean food?

Lazy Days Restaurant is an undeniably delicious embodiment of the culture and history of the Florida Keys.

From their fresh and juicy broiled seafood platter to their thick seafood bisque, this food spot offers an authentic taste of fresh Florida cuisine, as well as scenic ocean views.

Lazy Days has been repeatedly voted as one of the best restaurants in Key Largo, as well as “Best waterfront dining” and “best restaurant overall,” as well as holding the title for one of cooking channels “15 best seafood dishes in the country.”

Lazy Days offers not only indoor seating but also upstairs patio dining, which overlooks the fantastic views around the restaurant, as well as beach dining, where you can see the views up close from a table nestled in the sand.

Enjoy the smell of the ocean air while eating deliciously seasoned, freshly caught fish, and for all the fishermen out there, they also offer a “bring your own fish” option.

An extraordinary dining experience, you won’t want to miss out on a meal offered by Lazy Days Restaurant.

4. Dolphins Plus Bayside

Mike Price | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.5

Entry Ticket: Starting at $79.00

Address: 101900 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037

  • Great for kids that love animals or dolphins and want an up-close experience
  • Book ahead of time

Florida is known for its high population of dolphins in the Keys, and to get the best up-close experience with these incredibly intelligent mammals, you can book with Dolphins Plus Bayside.

This dolphin research center provides a safe and enriching environment for both dolphins and guests.

Additionally, trainers can teach you all about dolphin behavior and give demonstrations.

Dolphins Plus Bayside is a research and education organization dedicated to teaching youth and adults alike about dolphins while also researching dolphin behavior.

You can book with them to experience an up-close encounter with one of the many dolphins listed on their website.

Dolphins Plus Bayside will give you memories that will last a lifetime during your visit to Key Largo.

5. History of Diving Museum

Benny Marty | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.8

Entry Ticket: Adult: $15.00, Children: $7.00

Address: 82990 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada, FL 33036

  • A deep look into the critical history of diving equipment and the hobby
  • Exciting artifacts and scientific discoveries

For those who wish to learn more about the history of diving and the discovery of ocean life in general, there’s no better place to visit than the History of Diving Museum near Key Largo.

This museum provides a detailed look into the creation of various diving suits and equipment, as well as how these inventions impacted the world of marine science and diving hobbyists.

While walking through this immersive museum that also overlooks the beautiful blue waves of Florida, you’ll learn all about the Keys’ historical diving industry.

View both underwater photography and underwater movie camera equipment and see some of the precious treasures and discoveries made on the nearby shores.

Moreover, you’ll get a new perspective and education about diving.

6. Stay at Cheeca Lodge & Spa

Thomas Barrat | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.4

Entry Ticket: Starting at $198.00

Address: 81801 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada, FL 33036

  • A calming getaway that gives perfect views of the tropical Keys
  • A perfect holiday resort

Are you searching for the best place to stay while in Key Largo?

When staying on the island, you’ll want to invest in the best resort available to have a truly relaxing time beside the coral shores.

Cheeca Lodge & Spa is the perfect destination for visitors of Key Largo, with great food and beautiful views.

Located near Key Largo, on the magnificent island of Islamorada, once nicknamed “purple isle” by its first inhabitants, this resort overlooks the wonderful turquoise waters surrounding the narrow island.

This resort and spa offers the height of luxury to its guests.

Consequently, can indulge in plush bathrobes and pillow-top mattresses, as well as luxurious bath amenities.

The resort is also home to world-class restaurants and two open-air Tiki Bar lounges, all within view of the spectacular Atlantic Ocean.

One of the highest-rated in all of the Florida Keys, the resort offers a scenic view of the ocean as well as a luxury experience for a lower price than most.

When you book with Cheeca Lodge & Spa, you’ll be treated to a beautiful outdoor pool surrounded by palm trees.

Also on offer is an extensive dining menu of fresh fruit and meats, in addition to a balcony that overlooks the ocean waves.

So, if you plan on staying for more than even a day, consider booking with Cheeca Lodge & Spa to make the most out of your vacation.

7. Biscayne National Park

Kelly vanDellen | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.7

Entry Ticket: Free

Address: Florida

  • Incredible natural beauty located near camping locations
  • Great for fishing

To see the fascinating natural beauty that Key Largo has to offer, look no further than Biscayne National Park

All in all, this outdoor area encompasses the very top of the Keys and has stunning views of the ocean and tropical area surrounding it.

Biscayne is not only the perfect location to sit back and enjoy the sunset over the waves but also a famously great place for fishermen.

Located within sight of Miami, this incredible national park transports you to a tropical island wonderland.

As a result, you can enjoy peaceful sunset scenery and the warm ocean breeze as you relax on the beach.

This scenic viewpoint has some of the most outstanding views in the entirety of the Keys.

Consequently, it is one of the wonderful free things to do in Key Largo.

Connect with nature while immersing yourself in a tropical experience at this beautiful national park.

8. Fury’s Water Adventures Key West

j loveland | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.3

Entry Ticket: Dependent on activity and booking date

Address: 0 Duval St, Naval Air Station Key West, FL 33040

  • Special tours and boat charters for a lower price than anywhere else
  • See the magnificence of the Keys via boat

Another fun way to see all that the waters that Key West has to offer is through private charters and ocean adventures provided by Fury’s Water Adventures Key West.

By booking with Fury’s, you’ll get to choose how you want to spend your time on one of their boats.

Would you like to see the dolphins of Florida?

Take a dolphin watch eco-tour where you will get up close to wild Florida Key dolphins, experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime view. 

You can also opt for the Commotion on the Ocean Sunset Sail Tour, which will take you out to the water to enjoy the sunset with drinks and live music.

In order to get the full unique experience that the ocean surrounding the Keys offers, you’ll want to book with Fury’s to enjoy an afternoon or evening relaxing and sailing in the sea breeze.

9. Truman Little Whitehouse

Becky&ralpho | Flickr

Rating: 4.6

Entry Ticket: $22.20 

Address: 111 Front St, Naval Air Station Key West, FL 33040

  • An exciting piece of Key Largo history that will impress and amaze
  • Perfect for history buffs

For those who want to learn more about the U.S. history of Key Largo, look no further than the Truman Little Whitehouse.

The tropical home turned museum was once President Truman’s winter white house, where he enjoyed time with his family and a getaway from his worries.

This home-slash-museum gives guests a deep inside look into the presidential history of the building as well as former President Truman’s personal life.

As you walk through the halls and rooms of this home, you’ll enjoy the tropical seaside views of the Keys and fun facts about the building itself.

Initially built as Naval officer housing in 1890, it has continually had extended stays by notable visitors such as Thomas Edison.

Gain a new insights about the 33rd President of the United States with a trip to this charming museum.

10. Key West Lighthouse

Mariakray | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.5

Entry Ticket: $15.40

Address: 938 Whitehead St, Key West, FL 33040

  • Learn about the rich Naval history of the islands as well as the history of the Lighthouse
  • See the surrounding neighborhood and island from atop the Lighthouse

Another important historical landmark located in Key Largo, this towering white Lighthouse overlooks Key West neighborhoods and the tropical tree tips.

The current Lighthouse opened in 1848, and then in 1969, the Lighthouse was decommissioned due to technological advancements in the navy.

Today the Lighthouse stands as a testament to the importance of Key Largo in U.S. history as well as a museum.

Visitors can walk up the spiraling stairs to the top to see the light and the view from the top, as well as various memorabilia items and photos that are important to its history.

This Lighthouse offers visitors a new way to see Key West, with spectacular views and information about Florida’s heritage.

11. Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary

Studio Barcelona | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.7

Entry Ticket: Donation at your discretion

Address: 93600 Overseas Hwy, Tavernier, FL 33070

  • By donating, you’re supporting vital work to rehabilitate rare tropical birds
  • See colorful and magical bird species up close

Are you wondering what types of birds live in Key Largo?

Although Key Largo doesn’t have a full-fledged zoo that you can visit, it does have a beautiful bird sanctuary where with only a donation, you can see some of the magnificent tropical birds they take care of.

Laura Quinn Wild Bird Sanctuary is dedicated to rehabilitating injured birds and saving rare tropical bird species in the Florida Keys.

As you walk through this sanctuary, you’ll see colorful parrots, giant owls, and other native birds of the area.

Take a stroll down the boardwalk provided by the sanctuary and enjoy the views.

You may even catch sight of a pelican feeding.

You’ll also want to stop by the gift shop that is available, where you can pick up the perfect souvenir or gift.

By visiting this sanctuary and donating to them for entry, you are helping them extend their hard work to preserve bird wildlife.

12. Bayside Gourmet

Anna_Pustynnikova | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.8

Entry Ticket: Free, pay for food

Address: 82758 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada, FL 33036

  • Authentic Key largo food served with a new rustic twist
  • Outdoor seating available

Another tasty restaurant located in Key Largo is Bayside Gourmet.

While there, you will discover a rustic yet tropical-inspired restaurant that has a wide selection of seafood and cocktails.

From their creamy and sweet bread pudding to some of the finest margherita pizza you’ll ever taste, this restaurant will have your mouth watering.

The family-owned restaurant prides itself on fantastic classic and contemporary cuisine.

Moreover, the food is made from the freshest ingredients that are hand prepared in their kitchen.

You’ll get a warm and welcoming feeling as they seat you either indoors or at their tropical outdoor area adorned with strings of lights and palm trees, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

Take the time to visit this local restaurant in Key Largo, where delicious food is a tradition.

13. Crane Point Hammock

Andriy Blokhin | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.7

Entry Ticket: Adults: $14.95, Children: $9.95

Address: 5550 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL 33050

  • Relaxing nature trails and museums
  • Enjoyable walks through overgrown tropical nature areas

To get the experience of an in-depth museum about the Keys as well as see various nature trails in the area, you should pay a visit to Crane Point Hammock.

Curious about the diverse ecosystems of Florida?

This nature area/museum hybrid takes guests through the tropical scenery of the Keys as well as offering insight into the natural history of the area.

During your tour, you’ll get to see not only some of the oldest structures still standing in Key Largo but also view the overgrown beauty of the islands.

The wide variety of things to do at Crane Point Hammock makes it one of the best things to do in Key Largo.

15. Keys Cable Park

J_UK | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.8

Entry Ticket: $54.00 an hour

Address: 59300 Overseas Hwy, Marathon, FL 33050

  • Great for kids and families
  • For the active type, enjoy water-related sports

For a great location to take the kids, try out Keys Cable Park.

While there, you can enjoy water activities such as paddle boarding and wakeboarding.

The Keys Cable Park gives both kids and adults alike a unique Key Largo experience.

Learn how to wakeboard or paddle board through the ocean water with friendly and passioanate instructors.

Additionally, when booking with them, you’ll get to choose from a large selection of activities to participate in, making it perfect for those who want variety.

With a classic Key Largo experience and one-of-a-kind activity, it is among the top fun things to do in Key Largo.

15. Theater of the Sea

YES Market Media | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.6

Entry Ticket: $44.95 

Address: 84721 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada, FL 33036

  • Amazing spot to visit for those who love marine life
  • Support their work in rescuing animals and taking close care of them

Theater of the Sea is another one of the highest rated things to do in all of Key West.

It offers amazing up-close experiences with dolphins and their trainers, making it a must see while in Key Largo.

The dolphins and turtles located in Theater of the Sea were rescued by the organization and were deemed non-releasable.

They now provide important research into dolphin, turtle, sea lion and other marine animal behavior.

At Theater of the Sea, you can view crocodiles, iguanas, rescued seals and turtles, and of course dolphins, making it a great spot to visit for those who love marine life.

A great cause and fantastic experience, a visit to Theater of the Sea should be a must on your to-do list while in Key Largo.

16. Café Moka

Evgeny Karandaev | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.7

Entry Ticket: Free

Address: 91865 Overseas Hwy, Tavernier, FL 33070

  • Fantastic coffee and tea options
  • An extensive menu with tons of food and drink options, as well as a delicious, sweet bakery

While staying anywhere for a vacation, you’re bound to eventually get a craving for an excellent and welcoming atmosphere and a delicious coffee or tea.

Searching for a place to get a great cup of coffee while in Key Largo?

Café Moka offers several excellent options for those looking for iced coffee, a sweet acai bowl, or tasty pastries.

Café Moka is nothing short of amazing, as its open and airy atmosphere complements the tropical islands.

As you sip coffee or tea, you’ll get to enjoy the golden sunlight streaming through the windows, creating a relaxing experience.

Whether you’re tasting their flaky and fresh chocolate croissants or having a simple iced caramel macchiato, you’re sure to enjoy their extensive menu. 

Take a break from your Key Largo excursions and relax as you simply enjoy the moment at Café Moka.

18. High Tide Restaurant

Felix Mizioznikov | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.7

Entry Ticket: Free

Address: 99411 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037

  • Relaxed family-friendly environment for a cheaper price than other restaurants
  • Excellent homestyle food that’s made with love and care

Another addition to some of the greatest restaurants in Key Largo, High Tide Restaurant is a more relaxed family-oriented atmosphere that serves homestyle cooking and a large menu.

Want to sample some of the best seafood Key Largo has to offer?

Try their classic crab cake benedict, which is crab cake served with a flowing cooked egg over top and a side of sizzling caramelized onions and potato, or taste their iconic crispy fish sandwich served with a side of freshly made fries.

High Tide Restaurant is overall a very welcoming and friendly environment for all ages to enjoy for a lower price than some of the other spots in the area.

Treat yourself to a delicious homecooked meal while in Key Largo at this laid-back restaurant.

19. Guided Kayak Eco Tour – Paddle the Florida Keys

Kim Lewis Photography | Shutterstock

Rating: 5

Entry Ticket: $65.00

Address: 90773 Old Hwy #1, Tavernier, FL 33070

  • Great guided water tour for adventure seekers
  • Immerse yourself in the Key largo mangrove forests

This Guided Kayak Eco Tour provided by Paddle the Florida Keys takes you on a scenic ride through Key Largo.

You’ll be given a single or double Kayak of your choice, taught safety measures, and will be coached on how to guide yourself through the waters in case you have not been kayaking before.

This guided eco-tour is one of the highest-rated tours in all of Key Largo.

Enjoy an immersive experience as you paddle through the mangrove forests and ocean waters.

This tour lasts a total of 2 hours and is perfect for those who seek adventure or a laid-back ride through the water.

19. Founders Park Beach

Lakov Kalinin | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.5

Entry Ticket: $8 .00

Address: 87000 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada, FL 33036

  • A small beach that looks out into beautiful views of the ocean
  • Great area for snorkeling

Obviously, you can’t have a great Key Largo vacation in the sun without also visiting one of the many tropical beaches that the Keys have to offer.

Are you looking for the best beach in Key Largo?

Visit Founders Park Beach, a small beach area that will give you the best access to great ocean views and nearby amenities.

You’ll enjoy sitting back on the soft white sands of the beach while you watch the waves and surrounding palm trees or go snorkeling in its crystal clear waters.

It not only has access to a wonderful well-manicured beach, but also large picnic areas, several playgrounds right beside the beach, a well taken care of tennis complex, an Olympic-size outdoor swimming pool, and many other great amenities that will give you a full day of fun at this park.

We’re sure that this is one of the most extraordinary things to do for families and kids in Key Largo.

20. Keys History & Discovery Center

@Florida Keys History & Discovery Center

Rating: 4.6

Entry Ticket: $15.00

Address: 82100 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada, FL 33036

Are you curious about the history of Key Largo?

For those who want to learn more about the history and life of Key Largo, a visit to the Keys History & Discovery Center is a must.

While there, you can see some of the important roles the Keys have played in U.S. history.

As you walk through its showcase halls, you’ll see things such as coral reef exhibits, historical war artifacts, and objects that date back to before America was settled by Europeans.

By touring this in-depth museum you’ll gain a better understanding of the importance of the history of the Keys.

21. Key Chocolates & Ice Cream

Frantic00 | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.8

Entry Ticket: Free

Address: 81933 Overseas Hwy, Islamorada, FL 33036

  • Tasty, sweet treats served cold, perfect after a day on the beach
  • Tons of chocolate and flavor options

As you relax in the warm tropical sunshine on the beach, you may find yourself craving something sweet and cold.

Well, look no further than Key Chocolates & Ice Cream.

This tiny ice cream shop offers tons of ice cream flavor options such as birthday cake, key lime, butter pecan, rum raisin, and more, as well as an array of other chocolate sweet treats.

They also offer their iconic chocolates that you can hand-select as well as chocolate bark and peanut butter cups.

Due to its fun and extensive menu, Key Chocolates & Ice Cream is the perfect spot to go when you’re craving something sweet.

As a result, it is one of the top fun things to do in Key Largo.

22. Fort Zachary Taylor

Zhukova Valentyna | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.6

Entry Ticket: $2.50

Address: 601 Howard England Way, Key West, FL 33040

  • An important historical landmark
  • One of the oldest still-standing structures in all of Key Largo

Fort Zachary Taylor, otherwise known as simply Fort Taylor, is one of the oldest structures still standing in Key Largo, with its old brick and stone walls defining a pre-civil war era right next to the waters of the ocean.

This Fort houses the largest cache of civil war era armaments in the world, as well as offering deep insight into how soldiers and everyday people lived during the Civil War and pre-civil war era.

The information panels provided at the fort and knowledgeable guide will tell you all about the importance of Fort Taylor and how it affected American and Key Largo history, from its role in the Civil War to its influence in the Spanish-American war.

Walk away from this fort with not only a better understanding of the Civil War, but also the history of Florida.

23. Mel Fisher Maritime Museum

Fotoluminate LLC | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.5

Entry Ticket: Starting at $17.50

Address: 200 Greene St, Key West, FL 33040

  • See old objects, weapons, and other artifacts from various time periods in Key Largo
  • Learn all about the history of the Civil War, pirates, and pre-colonial tribes

Another addition to important historical sites and museums within Key Largo, the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum is a large display museum of hundreds of important objects from many points in time.

This museum also happens to be the only fully accredited museum in the Keys, making it the only official archeology and research facility in Key Largo.

As you tour this museum, you’ll get to see intriguing objects from various times and places in the Keys.

View civil war era muskets, treasures from real-life pirates that roamed the ocean around Florida, and more.

Both fascinating and educational, this museum is a unique experience you won’t want to miss.

24. Old Town Trolley Tours

2p2play | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.4

Entry Ticket: Starting at $9.68

Address: 1 Whitehead St, Naval Air Station Key West, FL 33040

  • A unique and fantastic way to see some of the best parts of Key Largo
  • Specialized tour options that take you to many of the locations on this list

Do you want to get most of your Key Largo sightseeing done in one day?

Yet another incredible way to tour Key Largo is via the Old Town Trolley Tours, which will take you through the tropical Key islands to see many of the notable sights and locales we mentioned in this list.

For a small price, you can board a trolley and simply sit back and enjoy the fantastic natural beauty and historical landmarks that Key Largo has to offer.

Many of the Old Town Trolley Tours will also take you on specialized routes where you can visit museums and beaches, as well as a stop for a bite to eat or a drink along the way.

The great experience that this tour provides cannot be matched anywhere else on the islands.

Consequently, it is among the top things to do in Key Largo.

26. Conch Republic Seafood Company

Chuck Wagner | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.4

Entry Ticket: Free

Address: 631 Greene St, Key West, FL 33040

  • Fresh seafood served with classic or new recipes that are unmatched
  • Unique atmosphere that reminds of a seafood marketplace

For the last restaurant on our list, we have the famed Conch Republic Seafood Company.

The restaurant is one of the most visited food spots in all of the Florida Keys due to its superb fresh seafood and one-of-a-kind seafood market atmosphere.

As you walk into this large restaurant, you’ll be greeted by a rustic marketplace environment.

Moreover, you will be surrounded by the mouthwatering smell of freshly cooked lobster.

Their menu includes all the Key Largo classics such as key lime pie, crispy conch fritters with dipping sauce, and a creamy lobster bisque served hot.

But Conch Republic Seafood Company also serves unique menu items that you won’t find anywhere else in the Keys, such as their coriander crusted tuna, blackened snapper served with tomato on a bed of pesto, or their blackened scallops served with bok choy.

No matter what you choose to eat at this delectable location, you’re sure to enjoy every last bite, making it one of the tastiest things to do in Key Largo.

26. John Pennekamp Coral Reef

Fine Art Photos | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.4

Entry Ticket: $2.50

Address: 102601 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037

  • An amazing underwater view of coral and vibrant marine wildlife
  • A great place to go for any water-related sports like kayaking or snorkeling

For the last location on our list, we have the John Pennekamp Coral Reef, which is an absolutely wonderful snorkeling and tour location perfect for seeing some of the great underwater life that inhabits the Florida Keys.

You can either relax on the beach beside the ocean waves or take a dive in the waters and see some of the beautiful things that Key Largo can offer just below the waves.

The vibrant marine life, as well as the options for both on-land and in-water activities are endless.

The perfect location for boating and kayaking as well, this coral reef is an exceptional experience where you could likely spend an entire afternoon exploring the area.

The vast array of things to see and do at the expansive underwater park makes it one of the greatest fun things to do in Key Largo, especially with kids or family.

Back to our question; when was the last time you conquered a fear and what did it look like? Let’s talk below. Otherwise, see you on the next adventure.