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Top 11 Manitoulin Island Camping To Enjoy With Family & Friends This Weekend

What’s up folks! It’s Adam. So, I went camping on Manitoulin Island and got lost!

Picture this, hiking on one of the most beautiful trails in Manitoulin Island, dressed like a professional hiker with gear and all, a beautiful sunny day, and stunning views. I was looking like a true outdoor enthusiast. Don’t get me wrong, I am a true outdoors guy. 

But, even the best hikers get lost sometimes.

So, I’m in this group of hikers. Our goal is to hike the Cup and Saucer Trail. The promise of the glorious view of the island from the top is all the fuel we need to hike all 12km.

These hikers are becoming too fast for me, plus I want to take in the views. This seems to be off their agenda. At some point, I decide that I can find my way to the top, on my own—biggest regret of the day.

When I say that I went in circles trying to find my way to the top for almost 3 hours, trust me, I’m not exaggerating. Anyway, I made it to the top after what seemed like an eternity. I was exhausted, but the view from the top took all the exhaustion away. It was all worth it!

If you’re planning a trip to Manitoulin Island, see my review and tips below.

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Why Manitoulin Island Camping?

Manitoulin Island is a world-renowned camping destination. Its rich history, geography, and promise of adventure are some of the things that contribute to its popularity. It offers tented, RV, and cabin/cottage camping options.

The island is famous for being the largest freshwater island lake in the world. There are over 100 inland lakes found here. It also hosts the largest lake found within an island that’s within a lake in the world. As if these are not enough factors to make it amazing, Manitoulin Island is home to Manitowaning and Anishinaabe settlements. These were the first European settlements in Canada and are home to indigenous communities. 

The island is also home to Wikwemikong, the only unceded indigenous reserve in Canada. The reserve is one of the six indigenous reserves found on the island. 

All the above facts, combined with the beautiful and picturesque destination that it is, are what make Manitoulin Island camping popular. 

Manitoulin Island is on Lake Huron in Northern Ontario, Canada. It is an outdoor and nature lovers’ paradise. 

Manitoulin Island camping areas offer travelers some of the most beautiful and pristine backdrops, and the best outdoor adventure. 

Popularity in camping has risen in Canada and around the world over the past two years. More people have embraced camping, which comes with its advantages. Camping is the safest way to vacation, today, considering the times we are living in. You will be in an open area with enough social distancing space and more than enough fresh air. And how else to experience this than signing up for a Manitoulin Island camping adventure! 

Things to do at Manitoulin Island:

You will never run out of things to do in Manitoulin Island. To explore the island in its entirety, we recommend that you stay more than a day. And camping is the best accommodation option to have a genuine Manitoulin Island experience. 

There are many things to do on Manitoulin Island. From fishing and hiking to discovering lighthouses and seeing the largest drum in the world, Manitoulin Island camping will for sure be one of your most memorable camping experiences in Canada.

Some of the most popular things to do during Manitoulin Island camping are:

  • Explore SheShegwaning town – it is the home of the indigenous community known as Zhiibaahassing. The community is a member of the First Nations people. Here you will see three things, a Pow Wow drum, a dream catcher, and a peace pipe. Each of them is the largest of its kind in the world; 
  • Enjoy an astronomy night at Gordon’s Eco Park – Gordon’s Eco Park was accorded the title of the Dark Sky Preserve by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. That is because of how dark the park is. This fact makes it one of the best places to observe stars and constellations using a telescope. 
  • Hike at Misery Bay Nature Preserve – It is a unique hiking park. It is covered by little to no vegetation. In place of vegetation, most of the ground is covered with rocks. Misery Bay offers some of the most scenic views of the island. 
  • Explore lighthouses – Manitoulin Island is home to 10 lighthouses. The trails to these lighthouses are beautiful, and you will have breathtaking views from the lighthouses.  
  • Hike the Cup and Saucer Trail – It offers 12km of hiking trails, with a promise of an incredible view of Manitoulin Island once you get to the highest point. The hike will take you 2 hours to half a day to get to the top and back. 
  • Experience the Great Spirit Circle Trail – It will give you the best Aboriginal culture and tradition experience. You will have an aboriginal guide who will tell you and teach you everything you need to know about this community of the First Nation people. You will even learn how to make your own Pow Wow drum and play it!
  • Swim at the Bridal Veil Falls – The waterfall is about eleven meters tall. It forms a little pool at its base where you can swim as the fall’s water showers you. 
  • Enjoy beach activities at Providence Bay – You can go swimming by the beach or take a serene walk along the shoreline as you feel the fine sand under your feet. There is a playground with slides and swings for children to have fun. 
  • Explore Lake Manitou – As we mentioned earlier, there are over 100 lakes on the island. One of your best Manitoulin Island camping experiences will be riding a canoe in Lake Manitou, the island’s largest lake. It is best experienced early in the morning to catch the sunrise or in the evening to catch the sunset. 

Top Manitoulin Island Camping Sites:

Manitoulin Island is best experienced through camping. It will give you a chance to appreciate the island’s natural beauty and all it has to offer. Camping is also more affordable compared to other accommodation alternatives. 

If you love camping, you will truly have the best adventure of your life with Manitoulin Island camping.

And if you’ve never camped before, worry now. The management of whichever camping site you will choose will ensure that you have the best first camping experience! 

There are many camping grounds and sites here. We have put together a list of the top 11 Manitoulin Island camping sites. 

Have a look:

11 Manitoulin Island Camping

1. Gordon’s Park

Red sky in morning sailor take warning | Facebook

Rating: 4.0

Entry tickets: Between $43 and $120  per night depending on your choice of accommodation 

Address: 18777 ON-6, Tehkummah, ON P0P 2C0, Canada

Why you should go: If you love stargazing, Gordon’s Park is the ideal camping site for you on Manitoulin Island. It is an eco-focused camping park and offers unique camping opportunities. The park has a large forest, small cabins, and the perfect night sky for stargazing. Spending a night here will make you understand why it is called the Dark Night Preserve. 

Gordon Park focuses on giving visitors a natural experience. Its main goal is to ensure that campers leave Manitoulin Island with a real outdoor camping experience. For camping options, you can put up your tent in the park’s forest, sleep in their cabins, or use the designated tenting site.

There is a charging station for visitors to charge their electronic gadgets. 

Things to do: Gordon’s Park is renowned for stargazing. You can bring your own telescope or get one onsite to look at the stars. An observation deck is set up for campers to check out the night sky magic. The no white light after sunset policy observed at the park makes stargazing all the more possible. 

The park’s forest has some beautiful nature trails that you can hike during the day. You can also hike a nearby trail in the company of local dogs, Bebamikawe Memorial Trail. The dogs are friendly and come in handy in scaring the bears away.

For anyone who wants to swim, the park has a heated swimming pool. It is heated using solar power. Note that the camping site is far from the beach and its focus is more on forest adventure.

Wi-Fi is available and the park is pet-friendly.

  • Gordon’s Park is open from May to September.
  • It is 58 minutes from Gore Bay-Manitoulin Airport.

2. Batman’s Cottages and Campground

Beautiful photo the bay. Picture taken by Denis

Rating: 4.4

Entry tickets: Check their website for rates  

Address: 11408 ON-6, Sheguiandah, ON P0P 1W0, Canada

Why you should go: Batman’s Cottages and Campground is a family-owned Manitoulin Island camping site on 74 acres of land. It is on Sheguindah Bay.

It is perfect for campers who want to have fun by the beach, fish or play bocce. Camping accommodation is in tents, RV, or cabins. There are 142 tents and pull-through RV campsites, and four cottages. If this is your kind of camping, then you are in for a treat. 

The campsite is dog-friendly. Your dog will have a designated protected area to run and play without a leash. 

The campground is named Ralph Batman, its founder. It offers laundry services, shower and bathroom facilities, and tent/cottage/RV servicing options.

Things to do: Batman’s Cottages and Campground is in proximity to Sheguindah First Nation. You can take a walk there and do a cultural tour to learn more about the indigenous communities. 

The beach offers you a chance to enjoy beach activities like swimming, boating, and beach ball games. There is a beach volleyball court.  

There are playgrounds where children can enjoy their games as adults play games like badminton. If you enjoy hiking, there are several hiking trails at your disposal. 

Batman’s Cottages and Campground is less than eleven minutes driving from Little Current. Little Current is a local town where you can shop, dine, and enjoy local craft beer. 

  • It is open from May to September.
  • It is 53 minutes from Gore Bay-Manitoulin Airport.

3. Meldrum Bay Marina and Campground

Happy Thanksgiving to all @ Meldrum Bay Marina and Campground | Facebook

Rating: 4.7

Entry tickets: Check their website for rates

Address: 25932, ON-540, Meldrum Bay, ON P0P 1R0, Canada

Why you should go: Meldrum Bay Marina and Campground is in Meldrum Bay. Meldrum Bay is a former mill and logging town that sits at Manitoulin Island’s deep western end. 

It boasts fourteen camping options set along the barrier that protects Meldrum Bay. Each of them is designed to offer privacy through the beautiful cedar hedge fences. 

This is the perfect campsite to go to if you are seeking to forget the modern world for a few days. 

Guests are provided with showering facilities and a laundry area. 

Things to do: If you would like to check out Manitoulin’s cuisine, visit Meldrum Bay Inn & Restaurant. The historic restaurant which was built in 1876 is located right across from the campsite. You can enjoy a serving of smoked trout or jumbo shrimp. 

A few minutes away is Mississagi Lighthouse where you can take beautiful photos and watch the beautiful sunset. It is one of the 10 lighthouses in Manitoulin and was built in 1873.

  • Meldrum Bay Marina and Campground is open from May to October.
  • It is 48 minutes from Gore Bay-Manitoulin Airport.

4. Providence Bay Tent and Trailer Park

Excited children camping | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.5

Entry tickets: Check their website for the ticket price. 

Address: 5466 551 Highway, Providence Bay, ON P0P 1T0, Canada

Why you should go: If you want to enjoy beach activities while camping, Providence Bay Tent and Trailer Park is your best Manitoulin Island Camping option. It is on the island’s safest and longest sandy beach. 

There are 250 spacious campsites designed with privacy. They are surrounded by trees like pine, cedar, and birch. There is a convenience store that sells essentials to guests at the campsite, including wood. 

RV campers are provided with pump-out services. Other amenities at the site include electric and water hookups, a well for clean drinking water, a Laundromat, Wi-Fi, free hot showers, a dumping station, and flush toilets. 

Things to do: You can enjoy beach activities in Lake Huron like swimming, kayaking, windsurfing, and boating. Providence Bay Tent and Trailer Park offers boat rental and boat launching services. 

The campsite is children-friendly and has a big playground where children can enjoy a ton of games. 

Visit Lake Huron Fish & Chips Co. to explore the culinary scene in Manitoulin. The facility also offers delivery services. You can enjoy their tasty local whitefish and local beef burgers. 

There is an ice-cream shop near the campsites where your family can go to get a sugar rush. 

If you love art, take a trip to The Mutchmor. It is an art shop that displays and sells artwork from local artists. They also sell coffee and baked foods at their in-house café called Peace Café. 

  • Providence Bay Tent and Trailer Park is open from May to October.
  • It is 48 minutes from Gore Bay-Manitoulin Airport.

5. Norm’s Tent and Trailer Park

Awesome view from my tent, Ihor Bondarenko | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.9

Entry tickets: Check their website for camping rates

Address: 1125 Lakeshore Rd, Kagawong, ON P0P 1J0, Canada

Why you should go: Norm’s Tent and Trailer Park is a fisherman’s paradise. If for your Manitoulin Island Camping adventure you want to explore fishing, this beautiful park is the perfect campsite for you. 

It is on Lake Kagawong and features a live bait shop with a collection for anglers to choose from. 

Showering facilities, laundry rooms, and washrooms are available at the site.

Things to do: Norm’s Tent and Trailer Park is, for obvious reasons, renowned for offering fishing activities. It has a large boat rental and launching dock.

But the campsite is also suitable for campers who are not into fishing, as it offers other things to do. The camping site is within a walking distance from the Bridal Veil Falls. You can enjoy a swim at the pool formed at the base of the waterfall. The waterfall is 35 ft. tall and is free to enter. 

You can also explore Gore Bay which is about a 16-minutes driving distance. It is a small town in Manitoulin Island with about 900 people.

  • Norm’s Tent and Trailer Park is open from May to September.
  • It is 23 minutes from Gore Bay-Manitoulin Airport.

6. Mac’s Camp

Jack Russell Terrier Puppy Dog Camping and Fishing By Gary A Chong | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.8

Entry tickets: $755 per week + HST smaller cottage, $895 per week + HST

Address: 720 Perivale Rd W, Spring Bay, ON P0P 2B0, Canada

Why you should go: Mac’s Camp is in Spring Bay and overlooks the South shore of Lake Kagawong. It’s one of the over one hundred lakes found in Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada.

Camping is in cottages, cabins, trailers, and tents. These cottages are modern and are all two-bedroom. 

They have self-contained bathrooms, bedding, cookware, free Wi-Fi, and utensils. 

The camping site has a tuck shop.

Pets are allowed.

Things to do: Mac’s Camp has a boat rental and launching dock for those who would love to go fishing and boating in Lake Kagawong. It is the biggest boat rental facility in out there. Live baits for anglers are available. 

You can go swimming in the waters of Lake Kagawong. You can either swim by the bay or swim while taking a boat ride. 

The camp provides hunting packages for anyone interested. Campers are taken hunting in small groups into the 39-square miles forest behind the camping site. Visit this camping site for that hunting adrenalin rush.

  • Mac’s Camp is open from May to September.
  • It is 24 minutes from Gore Bay-Manitoulin Airport.

7. South Bay Resort & Campground

South Bay Resort | Facebook

Rating: 4.4

Entry tickets: Check their website for camping rates

Address: 21214 ON-6, South Baymouth, ON P0P 1Z0, Canada

Why you should go: South Bay Resort and Campground is one kilometer away from Chi-Cheemaun Ferry. The Manitoulin Island camping site is ideal for fishing, owing to its location. 

It offers accommodation on cottages, tents, and RVs set on the lakefront to give a lake view. 

Things to do: Fishing is a common activity here. The facility has a boat rental service and has boat launch services. Perch, salmon, and trout are some of the fish you will catch on your fishing escapade.

Apart from fishing, guests can enjoy swimming at the facility’s waterfront. The swimming area is also ideal for children. 

South Bay resort and Campground is within a walking distance from the town center. Go shopping and explore Manitoulin’s cuisine in the restaurants located here. 

Those who love hiking can explore the nature trails in the nearby forests. Other activities close to the campsite are horseback riding and golfing. 

  • South Bay Resort and Campground is open from May to September.
  • It is 1 hour 4 minutes from Gore Bay-Manitoulin Airport.

8. Stanley Park

Stanley Park Vancouver Fall | Ben Stock | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.4

Entry tickets: $34 for tents per day – $45 for trailers per day 

Address: Monument Rd, Spring Bay, ON P0P 2B0, Canada

Why you should go: Stanley Park is a friendly park located on Spring Bay on the southwest shores of Lake Mindemoya. Its location makes it a perfect starting point for anyone who would like to explore Manitoulin Island. The park is renowned as a tent and trailers campsite. 

It is children-friendly. Kids have a playground that features climbers, slides, and swings. 

Amenities include flush toilets, Wi-Fi, general store, private showers, Laundromat, portable sewage pump-out, dump station, fitness room, and hydro and water hookups. 

Things to do: You can sit at the campsite’s compound to enjoy its serenity and the beautiful view of Lake Mindemoya. Your children can enjoy fun activities at the well-equipped kids’ playground. 

Bring your own boat to go sailing and fishing. At the end of your daytime adventure, you can store your boat in the property’s private marina. Other water activities available include skiing, surfing, and kayaking. Stanley Park rents out paddle boats and canoes. 

Guests can also enjoy basketball, playing pool, and table tennis. 

  • It is 34 minutes from Gore Bay-Manitoulin Airport.

9. Idyll-Glen Camping

A child having fun under the sun |

Rating: 4.8

Entry tickets: $48.67 per day – $292.04 per week

Address: 280 Hill Rd, Mindemoya, ON P0P 1S0, Canada 

Why you should go: For an RV Manitoulin Island Camping experience, you should travel to Idyll Glen camp. It is an RV campsite found on the shores of Lake Mindemoya. The campsite boasts being mosquito-free. Guests who have been here before have attested to this. 

It is children and pet-friendly. 

This facility allows visitors to camp at the site and sells their RVs too. 

Amenities include water and 30 amp hydro, hot showers, public washrooms, laundry areas, boat launch and docking, firewood, and candy store. 

Things to do: Campers can enjoy activities such as fishing, sailing, swimming, kayaking, surfing, and hiking. 

You can also explore the surrounding area and visit the town centers and settlements to learn more about the indigenous communities. 

  • Idyll-Glen Camping is open from July to September.
  • It is 38 minutes from Gore Bay-Manitoulin Airport.

10. Lake Wolsey Cabins

Lake Wolsey Cabins

Rating: 4.4

Entry tickets: Check their website for camping rates 

Address: 14605 ON-540, Gore Bay, ON P0P 1H0, Canada

Why you should go: Lake Wolsey Cabins are along Lake Wolsey on thirty-four acres of land. The property boasts twelve heated cabins. Each cabin features a two-piece bathroom, seating area, eating area, and kitchen. 

Showers are centrally placed in the campsite for convenience. 

Pets are allowed at the camping grounds as long as they are on a leash. The management politely requests guests not to bring their own wood to prevent bug spreading.  

Things to do: Row your boat and go fishing in Lake Wolsey. Some of the fish species you will find are the odd Muskie, whitefish, trout, salmon, perch, pike, and Burbot. 

You can take a tour of nearby attractions. These include SheShegwaning town, Misery Bay Provincial Nature Reserve, and Mississagi Lighthouse. Each of these places has a unique thing to offer. 

  • Lake Wolsey Cabins are open all years-round.
  • It is 10 minutes from Gore Bay-Manitoulin Airport

11. Mindemoya Court Cottages & Campground

Watching the sunset — at Mindemoya Court Cottages. | Facebook

Rating: 4.6

Entry tickets: Check their website for camping cost

Address: 604 Ketchankookem Trail, Mindemoya, ON P0P 1S0, Canada

Why you should go: Mindemoya Court Cottages and Campground offers visitors a camping experience with a taste of sports. If you are into sports like volleyball and baseball, you will enjoy your time here. 

Camping is in the maple forest across RVs, tents, and cottages. There are about 26 campsites. They all have the following amenities, electric connections of 20/30 amps, firepits, free Wi-Fi, and picnic tables. Clean water is available. 

Things to do: Mindemoya Court Cottages and Campground in Manitoulin Island, Canada, offers a myriad of sports. The camping site boasts a horseshoe pit, a volleyball court, and a baseball diamond. 

You can explore its numerous trails through hiking or cycling. So if you enjoy cycling, you can bring your bicycle along. One of the most famous trails is the Cup and Saucer Trail. It has cliffs spread out for over two kilometers. The Great Spirit Circle Trail is perfect for anyone who wants to have an Aboriginal cultural experience.

Children can have their fun at the children’s playground. 

If you want to go fishing or enjoy a sunset cruise on Lake Mindemoya, rent out a boat from the property. 

History lovers can take a trip to the Centennial Museum of Sheguiandah. The museum displays Manitoulin’s history. You will be sure to find out some interesting facts. 

  • Mindemoya Court Cottages and Campground is open from May to October. 
  • It is 34 minutes from Gore Bay-Manitoulin Airport.

Alright folks, that’s it for today! Use this list to plan your next trip to Manitoulin Island Camping. Stay bold and keep exploring!

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