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45 Best Things to Do in Puerto Rico That You Will Enjoy

“I’ve been to almost as many places as my luggage.” – Bob Hope

Heya! It’s Sam.

Between the beach and the mountains, I’ll always choose the mountains. It’s not that I do not enjoy beaches, it’s just that I enjoy mountains and forests more. Oceans and seas don’t feed my adventurous spirit. Well, they do for like two seconds and then I’m done.

Mountains and forests, on the other hand, will have my adrenaline high the whole time of my stay. My only motivation to visit the beach is to read books in the sand.

I loved Puerto Rico because it offered me a taste of both. You can already guess that I spent more time exploring places in the mountains and forests than on the Caribbean shores.

The Caribbean island of Puerto Rico attracts visitors year-round with its consistently beautiful and temperate weather, along with diverse landscapes.

Puerto Rico has a variety of activities for everyone, taking advantage of the mountains, rainforests, beaches, and water.

For visitors that are looking for thrilling activities, Puerto Rico has flyboarding, jet-skiing, and ziplining, just to name a few.

If you’re looking for a place to recharge, educate yourself about the history and culture of the island or spend some time with the kids, you will be able to find everything from museums to serene beaches.

You also won’t want to miss the great nightlife in Puerto Rico, with unique bars, restaurants, casinos, dance venues, and live music shows that can’t be seen anywhere else. 

With 19 state forests, 36 nature preserves, and 5 wildlife refuges, Puerto Rico is a nature lover’s dream.

Because of its breathtaking beauty and friendly locals, Puerto Rico is a top tourist destination, welcoming nearly 4 million tourists a year who are looking for that once-in-a-lifetime experience the island has to offer.

To help you decide where to go and what to do, the list below will show you the best things to do in Puerto Rico.

Considered an island paradise by most, Puerto Rico is the perfect vacation spot for visitors who want a chance to get away from it all.

Table of Contents

Things To Do In Puerto Rico:

1. Old San Juan (Viejo San Juan)

Dennis van de Water | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.5★

Entry Ticket: Free

Address: San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Guided tours available
  • Family-friendly

Old San Juan is a historic district within the city of San Juan, the capital and also largest city of Puerto Rico.

Established in 1521, Old San Juan is rich with the history and culture of Puerto Rico, offering practically endless possibilities for activities and entertainment.

While strolling through the cobblestoned streets, you will be able to view the amazing architecture the area has to offer, with brightly colored historic buildings that will charm most any traveler.

As you make your way through the district, you will want to stop and sample the many delicacies on offer, from classic Puerto Rican seafood dishes to refreshing tropical cocktails.

You also won’t want to miss the historical sites Old San Juan is home to, such as fortresses, the spectacular governor’s mansion, and the former home of Ponce de Leon.

Although Old San Juan is best known for its history, you won’t want to miss the exciting nightlife.

Old San Juan hosts some of the best things to do in Puerto Rico at night, with upscale lounges, multi-level dance clubs, and unconventional bars.

If you’re looking for a diverse area of Puerto Rico to not only have fun but also immerse yourself in the culture, Old San Juan should be at the top of your list.

2. El Yunque National Forest

Dennis van de Water | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.8

Entry Ticket: Free

Address: 54 Calle Principal, Rio Grande, Puerto Rico 00745

  • Open daily, 7:30 am – 5:00 pm
  • Visitor’s center available
  •  Camping available by reservation

El Yunque National Forest boasts not only the honor of being one of the most biologically diverse forests but also the only tropical rainforest registered in the national forest system.

Visitors flock to the forest to experience some of the most amazing scenery in the world, with hiking trails that will lead you to waterfall pools, mountain rivers, and views of Puerto Rico’s coastline.

El Yunque National Forest is well-known not only for the numerous streams, rivers, and waterfalls it is home to but also for the high quality of the waters you will find there.

So, feel free to take advantage of the area by swimming, soaking, and playing in the cool, refreshing water.

While exploring the forest, you will find diverse and beautiful plants.

Marvel at the giant ferns and breathtaking orchids as you relax, surrounded by the lush atmosphere provided by palm and tabonuco trees.

When you are visiting El Yunque National Forest, you’ll want to visit Yokahu Tower, an observation spot that has one of the best views in Puerto Rico, allowing you to look over the lush green canopy of the forest.

You won’t want to miss this astonishing forest when you are in Puerto Rico.

3. Crash Boat Beach

Chad Zuber | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.7★

Entry Ticket: Free

Address: End of Route 458, Off Route 107, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico 00603

  • Guides and lessons available
  • Restaurants nearby
  • Family and kid-friendly

For visitors looking for the best beach in Puerto Rico to have some fun, Crash Boat Beach is a great choice.

Crash Boat Beach has something to offer just about everyone, with snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, surfing, and even fantastic photo opportunities.

The beach is known for its spectacular waters that range from crystal clear to azure and emerald tones.

If you want to take a swim or snorkel with your family, there are calm water areas against the shoreline perfect for exploring underwater.

Relax and enjoy some quiet time with a book as you sunbathe on the pristine sandy beach, then enjoy the breathtaking sunset.  

If surfing is your thing, surfers from all over the world find the beach’s water conditions perfect for surfing near Puerto Rico in the winter.

Crash Boat Beach is a fantastic location to visit in Puerto Rico for families, friends, or even solo.

4. Castillo de San Cristobal

Dennis van de Water | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.8★

Entry Ticket: Adults: $3.00, Children: Free

Address: 501 C. Norzagaray, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901

  • Open daily, 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
  • Family-friendly
  • Allow 2 hours 
  • Self-guided tour

Castillo de San Cristobal is one of the most historically important sites in Puerto Rico.

The fortress stands at the eastern gates of Old San Juan and was built to protect the city from enemies approaching by land.

Built between the years 1634 and 1765, the fortress is a world heritage site and one of the largest fortifications built in the new world.

As you explore the fortress, you will be immersed in its history as you are able to travel between the three levels that house sentry boxes, military quarters, and “Garita del Diablo,” which is famous for its mysterious history.

Castillo de San Cristobal rises nearly 150-feet above the sea, an imposing structure that will make you feel as if you have stepped back in time as you make your way through its tunnels and hallways.

5. Castillo San Felipe de Morro

Frederick Millett | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.8

Entry Ticket: Adults: $3.00 Children: Free

Address: 501 C. Norzagaray, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901

  • Open daily, 9:30 am – 4:30 pm
  • Family-friendly
  • Allow 3 hours
  • Both guided and self-guided tours

Named in honor of King Phillip II of Spain, Castillo San Felipe de Morro’s construction was begun in 1539.

The fortress is an important piece of history in Puerto Rico, serving as a military outpost for both Spain and the United States.

You will easily be immersed in the history of this fortress as you make your way through its grounds, viewing exhibits that include barracks and other facilities that were used by the soldiers who resided in the Castillo San Felipe de Morro.

To fully realize the size of this fortress, make your way to the lower level, where the site reaches the water.

From the water’s edge, you will be able to see not only the Atlantic Ocean but also Old San Juan, along with the cemetery and neighborhood that resides outside the fortress walls.

You can also explore the Paseo del Morro, a walkway that takes you to the Gate of San Juan.

Taking a break from your exploration here is easy, as visitors are welcome to relax and enjoy the view on the large lawn that lies in front of the fortress.

You and your family won’t want to miss a visit to this historical site of Puerto Rico, an unforgettable and immersive experience enjoyed by almost everyone.

6. Jet Ski – Ocean Pro Adventure

Darryl Brooks | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.6★

Entry Ticket: Starting at $175.00

Address: Carr. 187, C. Avenue Boca de Cangrejos, Carolina, Puerto Rico 00979

  • 90-minute tour
  • No one under the age of 8

For an exciting thrill ride in Puerto Rico, a jet ski tour provided by Ocean Pro Adventure is a great option.

Ocean Pro Adventure will provide a new Waverunner jet ski and a friendly, expert guide that will show you some of the most scenic and exciting waterways near Puerto Rico.

Enjoy the speed and thrill as you fly over crystal clear ocean waters, discovering beautiful places, such as Isla Verde or San Jose Lagoon.

Your trip will take you through mangrove canals and allow you to view some of the most breathtaking coral reefs the waters around Puerto Rico have to offer.

The jet ski guides at Ocean Pro Adventure are dedicated to visitors’ safety and fun, making their jet ski tour a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you and your family.

7. Gilligan’s Island (Cayo Aurora)

Javier Cruz Acosta | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.8

Entry Ticket: $10.90

Address: Guanica, Puerto Rico 00653

  • Open Tuesday through Sunday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Bring your own food and drinks
  • Accessible by ferry or kayak rental
  • Family-friendly

Cayo Aurora, more commonly known as Gilligan’s Island by both tourists and locals, is a small island that attracts visitors year-round for its variety of fun activities.

After taking a short boat (or kayak) trip out to the island, you will be able to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and some relaxing beach time.

The island is covered by mangrove trees and earned its nickname because of its striking similarity to the tv show “Gilligan’s Island.”

The water surrounding the island is warm and unusually clear, lending itself to the pleasure of snorkelers who can take advantage of the assigned swimming area that is protected from watercraft.

Pufferfish, barracuda, and starfish are just a few examples of marine life you will be able to observe in the water surrounding the island.

A fun excursion, Gilligan’s Island is a great place to take your family to enjoy the beauty of the Puerto Rico area.

8. Arecibo Observatory

Photo Spirit | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.7★

Entry Ticket: Adults: $15.00, Children and Seniors: $12.00

Address: PR-625, Arecibo, Puerto Rico 00612

  • Open Wednesday through Sunday, 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • Both guided and self-guided tours
  • Allow 2 hours
  • Kid-friendly

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Puerto Rico with the kids, the Arecibo Observatory should be one of the first places you visit on the island. 

From perusing the science museum to enjoying an observation night at the observatory, you will be sure to find something both you and your kids find educational and exciting.

Learn about Arecibo Observatory’s discoveries over the last 60 years and how it has played an integral role in radio astronomy as you make your way through the museum’s exhibits.

There is even a 20-minute engaging film that discusses the history of the observatory.

The unique ambiance of the observatory is enhanced by its location in the middle of the jungle, making visitors feel as though they have stepped onto a movie set.

Also on offer is a free guided tour that allows visitors to learn in detail about the different aspects of the observatory, its history, and the scientific mechanics it has utilized over the years.

For a fun and unique experience with your kids, Arecibo Observatory is a wonderful opportunity.

9. Luquillo Beach

RandomHartz | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.6★

Entry Ticket: Free

Address: Luquillo, Puerto Rico

  • Open daily, 9:00 am – 5:30 pm
  • Kid-friendly
  • Small fee for parking
  • Boat tours available

Luquillo Beach is a slice of paradise, with shady palm trees lining the long crescent length of the beach.

A perfect day can be had by you and your family as you enjoy the fine sands of Luquillo Beach, along with the breathtaking view of nearby El Yunque National Forest.

The shore is ringed by a reef, creating calm waters perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

You can discover a variety of fish and other marine life as you explore underwater, relaxing as you enjoy the refreshing clear waters.

If you’d prefer to stay dry, there are more than a few options.

Boat tours are available if booked ahead of time, or you can simply choose to sit back with a book or take a nap as the warm tropical breeze keeps you company.

Also available on the beach are amenities that will keep everyone comfortable during your excursion.

Food kiosks, restrooms, changing rooms, showers, and even lifeguards are on hand to make sure everyone gets the most out of their visit to one of Puerto Rico’s most beautiful beaches.

10. Museo de la Historia de Ponce (Museum of the History of Ponce)

Christian Ouellet | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.6

Entry Ticket: Adults: $6.00, Children and Students: $3.00, Ages 5 and under: Free

Address: 297Q+27C, Calle Isabel, Ponce, Puerto Rico 00716

  • Open Tuesday through Sunday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
  • Family-friendly

Museo de la Historia de Ponce is located in the historic district of the city of Ponce and boasts a collection of over 3,000 artifacts that are displayed in 10 exhibition halls.

You will be immersed in the culture and history of one of Puerto Rico’s most influential cities, learning about everything from its political influence to art, music, theatre, and journalism.

One of the exhibits, the Panorama Hall, will explain the origins of Ponce, beginning with its pre-Hispanic settlement to modern times.

The exhibit about architecture and urban development in Ponce is especially engaging, as it contains displays of art installations, along with a photographic montage about the history of the city’s buildings.

Along with the permanent exhibits of the museum, there are a variety of personal collections to be seen.

Throughout the collections, you will be able to peruse historical items, such as photographs, documents, personal letters, and magazines.

Museo de la Historia de Ponce is a great way for you and your family to experience a slice of Puerto Rican culture and history.

11. Los Morrillos Lighthouse

Euri Rivera | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.7 ★

Entry Ticket: Free

Address: 301 PR Llanos Costa, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico 00623

  • Open daily, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
  • Family-friendly
  • Bring water and camera

Surrounded by pink saltwater lagoons and perched atop white cliffs, Los Morrillos Lighthouse is an enchanting place to visit and one of the best free things to do in Puerto Rico with your family.

Built in 1882, the lighthouse marks the entrance of the Caribbean Sea into the Atlantic Ocean.

The fully automated lighthouse has a spectacular 360-degree view from its roof platform, where you can take in the beautiful beach cove, limestone cliffs, marshes, and mountains.

After you and your family have toured the lighthouse, it is recommended that you explore the surrounding peninsula.

You can find hiking trails along the nearby forest or tour the salt flats, more commonly called “Pink Beach.” 

Be sure to bring your camera, as the elegant lighthouse is a great photo opportunity, with its diverse backgrounds and charming architecture.

12. Playa Sucia 

Mia2you | Shutterstock

  • Bring water, as high temperatures are typical
  • Family-friendly

Rating: 4.7

Entry Ticket: Free

Address 301 PR Llanos Costa, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico 00623

Near Los Morrillos Lighthouse, you will find what is considered to be the most beautiful beach cove in all of Puerto Rico.

Playa Sucia is well known and popular because of its spectacular views and proximity to an abundant wilderness.

Perfect for anyone wanting to get close to the nature of Puerto Rico, Playa Sucia’s lack of nearby businesses only enhances the experience of its visitors.

Explore this beach, and you will find hidden caves, private beach coves, numerous hiking trails, and various birds indigenous to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. 

The inviting waters of this beautiful cove are a luminescent turquoise and beckon visitors to go for a cooling swim.

Allow yourself to bask in the beauty and unique serenity of Playa Sucia, whether you choose to sit back and sunbathe or explore the diverse wilderness it provides.

13. Boat Cruise – Castillo Tours

StockStudio Aerials | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.8★

Entry Ticket: Starting at $75.00

Address: 105 Calle Doncella, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00913

  • Family-friendly
  • Reservation required

Ready to experience the waters of Puerto Rico?

Arrange a tour with Castillo Tours and you won’t be disappointed.

Providing numerous options, these boat tours range from luxury catamarans to powerboats and pontoons. 

Along with various watercraft to choose from, you’ll also be able to find a tour that encompasses the experience you’re looking for, such as a romantic sunset cruise with your significant other or an adventurous scuba diving experience with your family or friends.

A simple snorkeling trip will be turned into a spectacular tour as the onboard guides and staff take you to the most unique and beautiful water spots near Puerto Rico.

Explore breathtaking coral reefs, discover rare and fantastic marine life, and make memories you’ll never forget on these boat cruises that are anything but ordinary.

If you’re in search of cruising options, take a look at cruises to Puerto Rico and the top cruises to the Bahamas.

14. Colon Horseback Riding Tour

J Leacock | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.8★

Entry Ticket: Starting at $70.00

Address: 5H35+JF Puerto Diablo, Vieques, Puerto Rico 00765

  • Open daily
  • Allow 2 hours for tour
  • Minimum age of 6 years
  • 190 maximum weight limit

If you are looking for a romantic date idea or a fun family excursion, a horseback riding tour along a scenic beach is one of the top things to do in Puerto Rico.

A Colon Horseback Riding Tour will take you for a spectacular ride along five beautiful beaches, providing visitors with the opportunity to go for a swim or wade through the shallow shorelines.

You can choose to do a group tour, or for a wonderful romantic surprise, a private tour.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Puerto Rico while enjoying the leisurely pace of a horse ride, letting the sound of the waves and tropical breeze help you unwind on your vacation.

Whether you are new to horseback riding or an expert, the guides on your tour will make sure you have an unforgettable day with a laidback but safe atmosphere.

15. Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico

Museum the world | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.7

Entry Ticket: Adults: $6.00, Children and Students: $3.00, Ages 5 and Under: Free

Address: 299 Avenida Jose de Diego, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00909

  • Open Thursday through Sunday, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Kid-friendly 
  • Allow 3 hours
  • Guided tours available

Located in what was previously the San Juan Municipal Hospital, the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico houses 18 exhibition halls and is considered a legacy for the people of Puerto Rico.

The museum is dedicated to showcasing the culture of Puerto Rico through visual arts and educating visitors on the history of Puerto Rican art.

While touring the museum, you will be able to view art dating back to the 16th century and continuing to modern times.

With a collection of over 1,300 works of art, visitors will be able to gain a better understanding of not only Puerto Rican culture but its history and artistic influence.

Puerto Rico Plural, the museum’s permanent exhibit, highlights the visibility of underrepresented groups through a collection of art that includes popular culture, ritual objects, and numerous pieces of artwork by female artists.

Also showcased in the exhibit are pieces that represent Afro-Caribbean histories and communities that settled from their original homelands.

In addition to the splendid exhibit halls, you will want to take the opportunity to visit the hands-on kid’s space, sculpture garden, theatre, conservation laboratory, and gift shop.

The Museum of Art of Puerto Rico is truly a unique opportunity for the whole family to engage in the culture of Puerto Rico.

16. Cueva Ventana

Photo Spirit | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.6★

Entry Ticket: $20.00

Address: PR 10 Km. 75, Arecibo, Puerto Rico 00612

  • Open daily, 10:30 am – 4:30 pm
  • Flashlight and helmet provided
  • Allow 3 hours for tour

Located in Arecibo, Cueva Ventana is a large cave that looks out onto the Rio Grande de Arecibo Valley.

The cave is a cultural landmark in Puerto Rico and attracts visitors from all over the world because of its awe-inspiring view, interior light, and adventurous exploration.

As you make your way through the cave, your guide will be sure to point out the petroglyphs, plant life, and wildlife unique to the area.

Adding to the experience, you will hear bats in the background while you traverse the first cave that is open at both ends, letting in an unusual amount of light.

As soon as you exit the first cave, the highlight of the tour, Cueva Ventana (Window Cave), will greet you.

Your knowledgeable guide will teach you about the formation of caves and the unusual plant life that flourishes there.

At the end of the cave, you will reach the light that tells you that you’ve found the view of a lifetime.

The valley below is a spectacular scene of lush green fields, a sparkling river, mountaintops, and vibrant trees. 

Adding to your visit are Golondrinas, or swallow birdski flitting in and out of the cave.

Cueva Ventana is a rare opportunity, with a view that can not be found anywhere else.

17. Calle del Cristo

Eric.D.FleuryFollow | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.5★

Entry Ticket: Free

Address: San Juan, Puerto Rico 

  • Allow 1 ½ to 2 hours
  • Family-friendly

Looking for an extraordinary shopping experience while in Puerto Rico?

Look no further than Calle del Cristo (Christ’s Street) in the historic district of Old San Juan.

Calle del Cristo is one of the top things to do in Puerto Rico, not only because of its cultural charm but the endless discoveries you will make there. 

Surrounded by the brightly colored architecture and cobblestoned streets, you will make your way to book shops, boutiques, galleries, and specialty shops.  

But don’t be fooled, there’s much more to this street than shopping.

In between buying gifts and souvenirs, you will be able to visit a historic chapel, a library of rare books, and a park where you can sit and recharge as you feed the many birds that gather there.

Immerse yourself in the lively and bright Calle de Cristo, where you and your family will find a variety of interests.

18. Luquillo Flyboard

Javier Vazquez | Flickr

Rating: 4.6★

Entry Ticket: Starting at $60.00

Address: Luquillo Beach, Puerto Rico 00773

  • Book in advance
  • Allow 1 hour for both instructions and tour

If you are ready to indulge your adventurous spirit, flyboarding in Puerto Rico is a fun opportunity to try something unique.

Luquillo Flyboard provides an amazing experience for visitors who are looking for a thrill, with knowledgeable instructors that will have you flying over the waters of Puerto Rico in no time.

All the equipment and instructions are provided, so all you will have to worry about is enjoying the spectacular views as you are taken through the air on the jet-propelled flyboard.

And don’t worry if you’re new to flyboarding, the instructors can teach you everything you need to know.

Luquillo Flyboard takes visitors on a 30-minute ride along the shoreline of Luquillo Beach, one of the most breathtaking areas on the coast of Puerto Rico.

For an exciting time, make sure you check out this fun activity while you’re in Puerto Rico.

19. Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay

John Morgali | Flickr

Rating: 4.4★

Entry Ticket: Starting at $45

Address: Vieques, Puerto Rico

  • Tour not required, but recommended
  • No swimming allowed
  • Open 24 hours
  • Family-friendly

Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay has become famous for a few reasons, the main one being the dazzling bioluminescence of the bay that makes visitors feel as if they have stepped into another world.

The enchanting bioluminescent effect is created by a type of phytoplankton that glows blue, creating a magical experience for visitors to the bay.

While visitors can tour the bay on their own, it’s a good idea to find a guided tour so that you can experience the unusual night waters up close.

Look down into the sparkling waters, and you will be mesmerized by the ethereal beauty.

Dip your hand in the water and watch as you leave a trail of turquoise and green.

Proclaimed as a national natural landmark, it’s no wonder the bay attracts flocks of tourists each year, with visitors vying to see the rare wonder.

A visit to Mosquito Bioluminescent Bay is one of the best things to do in Puerto Rico and a great way to make memories with your family.

20. Cayo Santiago (Monkey Island)

Milonk | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.1★

Entry Ticket: Starting at $61.32

Address: Humacao, Puerto Rico

  • Family-friendly
  • Island is maintained by the Caribbean Primate Research Center
  • Allow 2 hours

While you won’t be able to actually set foot on Cayo Santiago, you will nonetheless have the experience of a lifetime if you take a tour around the island.

Home to a research station and over 1,000 rhesus macaque monkeys, the island is a unique and memorable place to see.

Even though tourists are not allowed on the island, tours, either by boat or kayak, are allowed around the area of the island.

On your tour, you will be able to view the monkeys living in their natural habitat, an entertaining and exciting way to spend an afternoon in Puerto Rico.

Between the beautiful ocean waters and the lush green of the island, the visit is perfect, allowing visitors to relax and completely enjoy their monkey-watching experience.

If you also want to explore the water around the island more, some tours allow you to snorkel and explore the underwater world around Cayo Santiago, adding even more memories to your trip.

You can also choose to go on your own, renting a kayak and taking the 20-minute journey to the island.

Just make sure you stay far enough away from the shoreline and don’t disturb the island’s furry residents.

21. Charco Azul

Carlos Carlos | Flickr

Rating: 4.7★

Entry Ticket: Free

Address: Carite Forest, Patillas, Puerto Rico

  • Family-friendly
  • Some rocky terrain on trail

Located in the lush Carite Forest of Patillas is Charco Azul, a freshwater natural swimming area that is known for its beautiful setting.

The small lake is fed by a waterfall and surrounded by natural sitting areas and dense forest.

Charco Azul is at the end of a short hiking trail through the forest and, during the week, is typically a place of solitude and serenity, with most visitors coming to the lake on the weekend.

Swimming in Charco Azul is a great place to unwind and cool off, enjoying the sounds of the forest and the isolated feeling of the area.

Bring a picnic and sit on the edge of the lake, watching the variety of fish that call the lake home as you enjoy your food and drink.

Charco Azul is a wonderful place to reconnect with nature and relax during your visit to Puerto Rico.

22. Museo de las Americas (Museum of the Americas)

LVazquezSanlley | Flickr

Rating: 4.6★

Entry Ticket: Adults: $6.00, Children and Seniors: $4.00

 Address: C. Beneficencia, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00926

  • Open Wednesday through Friday, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm; weekends, 11:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Kid-friendly
  • Allow 2 hours

For visitors of Puerto Rico who want to learn more about the cultural heritage of the island, Museo de las Americas is one of the unique things to do in Puerto Rico.

While perusing the museum, you will see exhibits that highlight the cultural development of African and European influences in the Americas, along with many other cultures and communities.

One of the most unforgettable and meaningful exhibits is the re-creation of travel on a slave ship, allowing visitors to better understand the history and heritage of the African American community.

The museum’s exhibits display artifacts ranging from pottery to musical instruments, along with a range of relics made in various American countries.

You can also view figureheads of New England whaling ships and Puerto Rican statues that are hand-carved.

The museum also offers workshops every Saturday that will introduce visitors to the folk art of the Americas.

Museo de las Americas is not only a special learning experience but also a fantastic way to spend time with the family.

23. Flavors Food Tours

Pixel-Shot | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.8★

Entry Ticket: Starting at $39.99

Address: 206 C. de Tetuan, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901

  • Reservations required
  • Allow 3 hours for tour

Puerto Rico has some of the best food in the world, so why miss out?

Taking a food tour is a fun way to immerse yourself in not only great tastes but the culture of Puerto Rico.

Flavors Food Tours offers a unique experience, with several tour options available so you can choose exactly what type of excursion you want in Old San Juan.

No matter what you choose, though, you will be able to enjoy the tastes of Puerto Rico, along with learning about the island’s history and cultural heritage.

Throughout your food tour, you will be making connections with local restaurants, chefs, and neighborhood locals.

Enjoy authentic Puerto Rican food and drinks as you soak in the charming atmosphere of Old San Juan and its Colonial architecture.

Among the restaurants you will visit, you will taste the culinary influences of African, Spanish, and indigenous recipes.

Try everything from fried plantains to Puerto Rican rum, learning how these food and drinks came to be a part of the island’s culture.

24. Guajataca Tunnel

Tunel de Guajataca or Guajataca Tunnel, a historic former railroad tunnel. Marcelo Murillo | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.6★

Entry ticket: Free

Address: Noel Estrada, Isabela, Puerto Rico 00662

  • Open 24 hours
  • Family-friendly
  • Bring camera

Considered one of the best places for sightseeing on the coast of Puerto Rico, Guajataca Tunnel may not seem like much at first, but it will astound you after only a few minutes.

Upon entering the tunnel, you will be greeted by the breathtaking view of the full length of Guajataca Beach.

At the end of the tunnel, you will find the Atlantic Ocean and a rocky inlet, where you can sit and relax as the waves crash nearby.

You and your family can also take advantage of the easy hiking trail that leads to Guajataca Lake, a great swimming spot that is a deep mixture of blue and turquoise.

Another fun activity for kids and adults alike is heading down to one of two beaches (Guajataca and Pelicano), where you can relax and enjoy the view as the kids build sandcastles or wade at the shoreline.

For a great family outing in Puerto Rico, Guajataca Tunnel will be a fun-filled experience.

25. Parque Nacional de las Cavernas del Rio Camuy (Camuy River Cave Park)

Felix Lipov | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.5★

Entry ticket: Adults: $18.00, Children: $13.00, Seniors: $9.00

Address: Lares, Puerto Rico

  • Open Wednesday through Sunday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Allow 2 hours
  • Guided and self-guided tours

Inside Parque Nacional de las Cavernas del Rio Camuy, you will find the third largest underground cave system in the world. 

With the cavern reaching heights of 10-stories, the cave is something that cannot be missed during your visit to Puerto Rico.

While you can view the cave on your own, it is recommended that you take advantage of the knowledgeable guides who can not only teach you about the history and nature of the park but also point out easily missed points of interest.

As you enter the cave system, you will be greeted with breathtaking views, such as sun rays shining into the recesses of the cavern and enormous stalactites and stalagmites framing the cave’s walkways.

Formed 45 million years ago by the Camuy River, these rock formations are a natural wonder, with the largest stalagmite in Puerto Rico residing in the cave system.

As you stroll through the cave, you will be accompanied by the sound of water dripping down the cave walls, creating lovely background noise.

The highlight of the tour is Empalme Sinkhole, where the sun illuminates the area from an entrance 450 feet above.

Because of the rays of sunshine seeping in, the water cascading down the cavern walls sparkles, and the lush plants in the cave are illuminated to show off their vibrant greenery, making the area an enchanting experience.

You will also be led over a walkway suspended above an underground river, a unique experience that you won’t soon forget.

Rio Camuy Cave Park is a special spot to visit in Puerto Rico, with amazing sights and sounds that everyone will enjoy.

26. Cayo Icacos

SVongpra | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.5★

Entry Ticket: Starting at $50.00

Address: Fajardo, Puerto Rico

  • No shade available, so bring umbrella, hat and/or sunscreen
  • No amenities, so bring food and drinks

Cayo Icacos is an uninhabited island that is part of La Cordillera Reef Nature Reserve, popular for its crystal-clear waters and glittering sand.

Because of its gentle, clear waters, the island is the perfect spot for snorkeling and swimming, particularly with its plentiful marine life that can be viewed.

The island is only a fifteen-minute ride by water taxi from the coast of Fajardo and more than worth the cost of the trip.

Cayo Icacos is the perfect place to unwind and enjoy the sun and sand, with its unspoiled pristine beach and breathtaking views.

You’ll be charmed by the deserted island, with its sea grape bushes and rock formations framing the beach.

Explore the abundant reefs, brightly colored corals, and variety of fish as you swim and snorkel the underwater world surrounding Cayo Icacos.

The island is the perfect place to bring the family to rest and unwind, play in the water and enjoy the opportunity to enjoy a deserted island.

27. Las Cascadas Water Park

Funny Solution Studio | Shutterstock

Rating: 4★

Entry Ticket: Adults: $24.95, Children: $22.95

Address: 2 Puerto Rico, Aguadilla Pueblo, Puerto Rico 00603

  • Open Sunday through Thursday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm; Friday & Saturday, noon – 4:00 pm
  • Water shoes recommended
  • Kid-friendly

Las Cascadas Water Park is a fun excursion for the whole family and one of the top things to do in Puerto Rico with the kids.

The only facility of its kind in the Caribbean, the water park is the perfect way to cool off, with pools, lazy rivers, slides, and a kid’s area.

Fun for everyone, the park provides speed slides, tube slides, and a wave pool.

There is even an obstacle course pool that is entertaining for visitors, along with a faster tube ride called “Rio Loco.”

Las Cascadas Water Park provides any amenities you might need while visiting, including food and drink stands and picnic areas.

Your kids and family will thank you for a fun-filled day at this water park, so make sure to schedule it during your visit to Puerto Rico.

28. La Marquesa Forest Park

Somkiat.H | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.4

Entry Ticket: Adults: $6.00, Children: $3.00

Address Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

  • Open Friday through Wednesday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Allow 3 hours
  • Family-friendly

For visitors wanting to spend time in the nature of Puerto Rico, La Marquesa Forest Park is a great option.

With 600-hundred acres of land that is dense with trees, the park has several attractions and activities for the whole family.

One excellent option the park provides is a cable railway that climbs 1,300 feet, allowing you to enjoy the scenic view of the park and its surrounding area.

Another spectacular view can be found at the park’s 70-foot observation tower that the railway stops at for visitors.

The park also offers an aviary pavilion and small butterfly house that will delight the kids, along with a cafeteria and gift shop.

If you are looking for something more adventurous to do while at the park, there are a few exciting activities available.

Fly through the lush canopy of the park’s trees on the zipline and get a rare view of the vibrant greenery the forest has to offer.

If caves are something you want to explore, rappelling is available for an extra fee but is well worth the cost.

All in all, La Marquesa Forest Park is a wonderful destination to enjoy an entertaining day with the family while immersing yourself in the beauty of Puerto Rico’s lush tropical greenery.

29. Salsa Dance at Piso Viejo Bar & Restaurant

Marta Barco | Flickr

Rating: 4.5★

Entry Ticket: Free

Address: 1917 C. Loiza, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00911

  • Several dance lesson companies available in Puerto Rico
  • Free lessons offered at numerous bars and restaurants

To really immerse yourself in the Puerto Rican culture, salsa dancing is a great opportunity for visitors when they want to have some fun on the island.

While salsa lessons are readily available across Puerto Rico, you can make a visit to many clubs and bars to learn the dance for free.

One such place, Piso Viejo Bar & Restaurant in San Juan, offers free salsa lessons every Thursday night.

The lessons are followed by orchestral music so that you can show off what you learned and dance with your fellow patrons.

In fact, numerous venues in San Juan offer salsa nights, where beginners and experts are both welcome to dance the night away.

A wonderful date night idea, salsa dancing is the perfect way to get out and mingle with the locals, try some Puerto Rican drinks, and let yourself cut loose.

Wondering where to stay in San Juan? Why not check out some of the top San Juan luxury resorts!

30. Flamenco Beach

Tinapat B | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.9

Entry Ticket: $2.00

Address: Culebra, Puerto Rico

  • Open 24 hours 
  • Allow 3 hours

Flamenco Beach is a paradise, with turquoise waters, pristine white sand, and impeccable swimming, snorkeling, and diving areas.

Ranked as one of the top beaches in the world, Flamenco Beach has some of the most breathtaking views imaginable, along with all the amenities you could ask for, such as lifeguards, showers, camping sites, and kiosks that offer authentic Puerto Rican cuisine.

With rolling green hills and shady tropical plants, the island is a wonderful spot for couples, families, and groups of friends.

If you choose to snorkel while at Flamenco Beach, you won’t be disappointed.

Through the gentle waters, you will be able to explore coral reefs, view turtles and manta rays up close, and observe schools of brightly colored tropical fish.

For a bit of history about the island, you can visit the old Navy tank abandoned when the U.S. Military left the island after using it for a gunnery range.

The rusty tank is a unique photo opportunity, with local artwork covering the artifact.

To get away from it all and feel like you have truly arrived in paradise, Flamenco Beach is one of the fun things to do in Puerto Rico.

Delight in the Caribbean’s allure by taking one of the top cruises to Aruba from Florida.

31.  Visit San German

Israel Pabon | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.5★

Entry Ticket: Free

Address: San German, Puerto Rico

  • Most points of interest within walking distance
  • Family-friendly

For a quality experience that allows you and your family to immerse yourselves in the culture and history of Puerto Rico, San German is one of the best places to visit.

San German is the second-oldest town in Puerto Rico and as such, takes a great deal of pride in its well-maintained historic architecture.

The town was established in 1573 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

You will truly feel like you’ve stepped back in time when you visit San German, with its neoclassical architecture, historic plazas and buildings, and cobblestoned streets.

Among the buildings that have been meticulously preserved by the town are several impressive churches to visit, such as Iglesia San German de Auxerre and Porta Coeli.

You will also want to visit at least one of the numerous museums of San German, all of them showcasing the history and culture of Puerto Rico through art, architecture, and religious artifacts, just to name a few.

San German also hosts several festivals and fiestas each year, allowing visitors to partake in dancing, delicious Puerto Rican cuisine, and parades.

A memorable and fun experience, San German is a town with something for everyone.

32. The Taino Route Tour – Sojourn Puerto Rico

@Sojourn Puerto Rico

Rating: 5★

Entry Ticket: Starting at $175.00

Address: Avenida Ponce de Leon, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00911

  • Allow 8 hours for tour
  • Reservation Required
  • Lunch provided
  • Private tours available

The Taino Route Tour provided by Sojourn Puerto Rico is a day-long excursion that will give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

While the tour is a bit pricey, it is worth it, giving you and your family one of the most unforgettable and luxurious adventures on your trip to Puerto Rico.

As you sit back and relax during the drive provided by Sojourn Puerto Rico, you will be able to take in the spectacular views of the Taino Route.

After a drive down the beautiful coastline, you will arrive at Cueva del Indio, a famous cave spot surrounded by some of the most breathtaking views the Atlantic Ocean has to offer.

After a short hike to the nearby beach, you will want to get your camera ready.

Atop dramatic cliffs that jut against the ocean waters is the cave itself, which was used as a ceremonial spot by the indigenous people of the island.

Your archeological guide will educate you and your family about the petroglyphs found on the cave walls, along with the many cultural aspects of the native Taino people.

You will also be able to visit a ceremonial park, which houses a small museum that showcases the importance and discovery of the site.

Visitors will also be able to explore the park itself, with your guide pointing out the plazas that were once used for public ceremonies, along with a game called batu.

One of the best ways to experience and learn about Puerto Rico, the Taino Route Tour is a great opportunity for you and your family.

33. Toro Verde Adventure Park

MR.RAWIN TANPIN | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.8★

Entry Ticket: Starting at $42.50

Address: State Route 155, Orocovis, Puerto Rico 00720

  • Reservation required
  • Minimum weight of 100 lbs.

To indulge your adventurous side while in Puerto Rico, Toro Verde Adventure Park is a top-rated opportunity for thrills and excitement.

The park is host to some of the best ziplines in the world, with numerous options so that visitors can have just the right experience they are looking for.

An adrenaline-pumping activity, you will find yourself flying over the mountains at speeds up to 95 mph.

Toro Verde Adventure Park is located in some of the most breathtaking landscapes of Puerto Rico, with lush forest enveloping the mountains.

As you take advantage of the ziplines and suspension bridges provided by the park, you will get a view few have ever seen, gazing above the landscape at the green canopy of the mountains.

If ziplining just isn’t your thing, a great bike tour is offered, with the park boasting the world’s longest cable bike circuit.

You will be able to ride the bike provided for you over tree-shaped platforms that showcase the amazing views of the coast and central mountains.

Let your spirits soar as you experience the beauty of Puerto Rico in a whole new way.

34. Street Art Tour of Santurce

@Source | Hanta Ralay

Rating: 5★

Entry Ticket: Free

Address: Calle Cerra, San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Paid tours available
  • Family-friendly

The Santurce neighborhood of San Juan is considered one of the most vibrant areas of not only Puerto Rico but the Caribbean Islands.

A Street Art Tour of Santurce will enliven all of your senses as you make your way through the neighborhood, 

The street art of Santurce developed over time when local artists came together to beautify the run-down buildings in the neighborhood.

Because of the efforts of these local artists, the neighborhood is now a brightly filled, unique experience that has enriched the lives of its residents and attracts tourists from all over to view the awe-inspiring murals.

Stroll at your leisure as you take in the spectacular artwork, taking a break to enjoy the authentic delicacies offered by neighborhood restaurants.

A Street Art Tour of Santurce is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and lifestyle of Puerto Rico.

35. Isla de Cabras Recreational Park (Goat Island)

Richard Johnson | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.5★

Entry Ticket: $3.00

Address: Toa Baja, Puerto Rico

  • Open daily, 8:30 am – 6:00 pm
  • Family-friendly

Located near Old San Juan, Isla de Cabras Recreational Park is a great getaway for you and your family while visiting Puerto Rico. 

Enjoy everything from swimming to visiting Fort San Juan de la Cruz, listed as one of San Juan’s National Historic Sites.

The small island provides numerous activities, with something for everyone, be it taking photographs of the breathtaking ocean views or hiking around the island and enjoying the tropical breeze.

You and your kids will have a fun-filled time playing in the water and building sandcastles on the beach, or you can choose to kayak in the deep blue waters.

If you love to snorkel, Isla de Cabras Recreational Park has calm, clear water, perfect for your excursion.

For a combination of history and relaxation, this park has enough activities to make your time there fun and relaxing.

36. Deep Sea Fishing – Kon K’lma Fishing Charters

Whitney Salvati | Flickr

Rating: 5

Entry ticket: Starting at $600 (up to 6 people)

Address: Villa Pesquera SunBay, Fajardo, Puerto Rico 00740

  • Reservation required
  • Other types of fishing tours available
  • Family-friendly

If you’ve ever been deep sea fishing and want to go again, or if it is something you’d love to try, Puerto Rico is the perfect place to do just that.

Kon K’lma Fishing Charters offers exceptional deep sea fishing tours near and around Puerto Rico.

You will be provided with a large charter boat equipped with anything you might need for your adventure, along with a knowledgeable and friendly captain who will ensure all visitors have the perfect fishing experience.

During your excursion, you will have the chance to catch a variety of game fish, including Tuna, Yellowfin, Blue Marlin, and many more.

Combine thrilling adventure with relaxing ocean views by making a deep sea fishing trip with Kon K’lma Fishing Charters in Puerto Rico.

37. Museo del Nino de Carolina (Carolina Children’s Museum)

Nolichuckyjake | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.6★

Entry Ticket: $10.00

Address: Avenida Campo Rico Interseccion Fidalgo Diaz, Carolina, Puerto Rico 00982

  • Open Friday through Sunday, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Allow 3 ½ to 4 hours
  • Kid-friendly

Are you searching for something fun to do with the kids while in Puerto Rico?

Look no further than the Museo del Nino de Carolina.

This museum is the only one in Puerto Rico dedicated to educating children in an entertaining, hands-on environment.

With over 100 interactive exhibits, it’s no wonder this museum is one of the best things to do in Puerto Rico with kids.

The museum boasts a large outdoor area where kids can explore everything from a mini zoo to a small ferry that travels through the nearby Blasina Lake.

Inside, kids will find topics ranging from music and art to science and transportation, motivating them to delve into subjects in a more interactive way.

Dedicated to the betterment of children, the museum is not just an amusing activity but a way for kids to learn impulse control, cooperation, and empathy.

If you decide to take your kids on a trip to Museo del Nino de Carolina, you’ll be pleased not only with the exciting experience but the great benefit your child will receive from the visit.

38. Bosque Estatal de Carite (Carite State Forest)

@Source | Joshua O. Ortiz

Rating: 4.5★

Entry Ticket: Free

Address: Patillas, Puerto Rico

  • Open daily, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm; Sundays, 8:30 am – 6:30 pm
  • Family-friendly

Bosque Estatal de Carite covers 6,000 acres of amazing Puerto Rican rainforest, with lush plant life and beautiful waterfalls to explore.

For visitors of Puerto Rico who want to immerse themselves in the island’s nature and habitat, this forest is a wonderful place to explore.

This state forest has a lot to discover, with dozens of hiking trails through the dense trees to waterfalls, and swimming holes.

Not only does it contain the famous Charco Azul swimming area, but it also boasts Survivor Falls, another pool that is fed by a breathtaking waterfall.

Along with exploring the forest area, you can take advantage of the amenities, such as camping, picnicking, or showering after a long swim.

Along with all of the natural wilderness, Bosque Estatal de Carite has the added bonus of several lechoneras being situated near the forest’s northern entrance, allowing visitors to partake in authentic Puerto Rican cuisine after a long day of exploration.

A fulfilling adventure awaits you and your family in Bosque Estatal de Carite.

39. Casino Metro

@Sheraton Puerto Rico

Rating: 4.4★

Entry Ticket: Free

Address: 200 Convention Blvd, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907

  • Open 24 hours

Located in a 20,000-square-foot space, Casino Metro is the largest casino in Puerto Rico and has a variety of ways for visitors to try out their luck, from classic slot machines to electronic dice and game tables.

The casino boasts over 500 slot machines and 21 game tables, along with a beautiful lounge area that televises sporting events.

Along with gambling, this casino is a favorite for visitors because of its live concerts that include comedy shows and music.

With signature cocktails, private booths, and always something on hand to entertain you, Casino Metro is one of the top fun things to do in Puerto Rico at night.

So, let loose and enjoy a night of pure entertainment at this exceptional casino.

40. Caguana Ceremonial Indigenous Heritage Center

Christopher Garrick | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.5★

Entry Ticket: $3.00

Address: Utuado, Puerto Rico 00641

  • Open daily, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
  • Family-friendly

Considered one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the Caribbean, the Caguana Ceremonial Indigenous Heritage Center is a place you won’t soon forget.

The site allows visitors to immerse themselves in the culture of Taino, the indigenous people of Puerto Rico, before Spanish colonization.

The area contains ten stone monoliths and a large number of petroglyphs carved by the Tainos, all dating back to approximately the year 1270.

There are several ball courts and plazas you can view, many of which have been restored to their original state.

While you are at the center, you will discover the history of the site, which some archeologists believe was created to observe and predict astronomical events.

In fact, many of the petroglyphs show moons, stars, and planets.

The park also houses a small museum that visitors can peruse at their leisure.

41. Vieques National Wildlife Refuge

vieques national wildlife refuge, Puerto Rico. Us Fish | Flickr

Rating: 4.7★

Entry Ticket: Free

Address: Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

  • Open 24 hours
  • Family-friendly
  • Tours available

For an excursion that will delight both you and your family, head to Vieques National Wildlife Refuge.

The refuge covers over 17,000 acres of land and is home to numerous endangered species, such as the Antillean manatee and four species of sea turtles.

While at the refuge, you will discover habitats ranging from beaches to coastal lagoons, and mangrove wetlands.

During your visit, you will be able to hike, bike, or even horseback ride along the sandy beaches of the refuge, giving you a chance to view the serene beauty of the waving seagrass.

You can also snorkel in these waters, a wonderful chance to view the vibrant coral located around the refuge.

Other activities provided by the refuge are fishing, hunting, and photography classes.

With a feeling of solitude and connection to nature, Vieques National Wildlife Refuge is the perfect opportunity for a day-long excursion in Puerto Rico.

42. La Placita

Steam Pipe Trunk | Flickr

Rating: 4.7★

Entry Ticket: Free

Address: 205 Calle Jose M. Raffucci Morales, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00907

  • Open 24 hours
  • Markets open during the day

If you’re looking for some nightlife to enjoy in Puerto Rico, La Placita is the place to go for food, drinks, and dancing.

After 6:00 pm most nights, La Placita becomes a lively and festive area, with kiosks and restaurants offering authentic Puerto Rican cuisine, from fried empanadillas to more refined menu items.

As music plays around every corner, you will stroll through the streets, discovering people dancing the salsa as vendors sell traditional street food.

Bar hopping here is fun and easy, with a variety of great choices.

You’ll find a bar that will seat you on a terrace to overlook the busy streets, a tiki bar with tropical cocktails, and cigar lounges where you can sip Puerto Rican rum.

Along with bars and restaurants, La Placita is the perfect place to go dancing.

Several clubs, many playing live music, offer a variety of environments, whether you want to salsa the night away or dance while a live DJ plays hip hop music.

For a fun-filled trip, La Placita is one of the best things to do in Puerto Rico at night.

43. Museo Castillo Serralles

Alberto Loyo | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.7★

Entry Ticket: $10.00

Address: Sector El Vigia, Paseo De La Cruceta, Ponce, Puerto Rico 00730

  • Open Thursday through Monday, 10:00 am – 4:30 pm

Museo Castillo Serralles is a museum dedicated to showcasing the culture and heritage of Ponce, Puerto Rico, with an emphasis on the sugar cane and rum industry as it pertains to the area.

The museum is housed in the 1930s home of the Serralles family, famous for their DonQ rum.

A variety of exhibits are on hand, from a butterfly nursery to a Japanese garden that you can relax in as you take advantage of the benches provided.

As you make your way through the museum, you will be immersed in a one-of-a-kind experience as you are taken through the history of Puerto Rican rum.

You will even be able to create your own cocktail at a mixology workshop.

For a fun twist on the typical museum visit, take a tour of Museo Castillo Serralles.

44. Carabali Rainforest Park

Iren Key | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.7★

Entry Ticket: Starting at $8.00

Address: Puerto Rico 992, Luquillo, Puerto Rico 00773

  • Open daily, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

At Carabali Rainforest Park, you will have the time of your life, whether it be experiencing an ATV tour through the forest or having a blast with your kids on the go-karts.

The park has numerous activities available, including horseback riding tours and hayrides.

Once you’ve booked your tour (not necessary if you’re looking to just ride go-karts and look around the park), you will be paired with a guide and given everything you need to start your adventure.

You and your family will have a wonderful excursion, riding horses along the beach and enjoying the ocean views or driving through a 600-acre ranch in the foothills of El Yunque National Forest on an ATV or UTV.

Whatever your adventurous pleasure may be, Carabali Rainforest Park is dedicated to creating an exciting and fun visit for you and your family.

45. Sail Old San Juan

Solarisys | Shutterstock

Rating: 4.7★

Entry Ticket: Starting at $75.00

Address: 482 Avenue Manuel Fernandez Juncos, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901

  • Reservation required
  • Family-friendly
  • Private charters available

With sparkling turquoise waters that jut against cliffs and white sand beaches, a sailing tour near and around Puerto Rico is a great excursion while visiting the island.

Sail Old San Juan offers sailing charters for visitors who want to take advantage of the scenic views.

A number of options are available, from romantic, leisurely tours to fast-paced spinnaker sails.

All tours are accompanied by a Coast Guard licensed captain and knowledgeable staff, not only ensuring your safety but a relaxing and unique experience you can’t find anywhere else.

As you sail across San Juan Bay, you can sit back and enjoy the view of Old San Juan as you sip on cocktails and let your worries disappear.

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