Secure Fisheries: About Us

Secure Fisheries: About Us

The mission of Secure Fisheries is to ensure sustainable fisheries by providing science-based assessments of living marine resources, promoting best practices in fisheries management, and enhancing monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS) capabilities that reduce illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

The Secure Fisheries project at Oceans Beyond Piracy was established in Spring 2014 to support Somalia in the management of its fisheries resources. Secure Fisheries builds off OBP’s work on the Somali Maritime Resource and Security Strategy and supports the Fisheries Working Group in its implementation. Secure Fisheries will utilize OBP’s work and strong partnerships in the region to support the sustainable management of fisheries resources in Somalia and the greater Western Indian Ocean. Through this work, Secure Fisheries seeks to safeguard a crucial natural resource and potential driver of Somalia’s future economic stability.

Although committed to developing a sustainable maritime economy, Somalia faces many challenges in its mission to secure sustainable fisheries and reduce IUU fishing, including: the absence of a fisheries management plan, a lack of scientific data on fisheries resources, and an inability to monitor and protect their maritime domain. In support of Somalia’s efforts, Secure Fisheries has four key objectives:

  • Provide science-based reporting on fisheries resources;
  • Promote a policy framework for sustainable management of fisheries resources;
  • Develop a multi-stakeholder approach for monitoring, tracking and reducing IUU fishing; and,
  • Promote maritime security by reducing IUU fishing as a source of conflict.

Secure Fisheries will work to meet these objectives by creating international will to protect Somalia’s fisheries resources; working with a multi-stakeholder group to strengthen MCS efforts in Somalia and throughout the Western Indian Ocean region; and increasing government capacity for the management of Somalia’s fisheries resources. 

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