State of Maritime Piracy 2016

State of Maritime Piracy 2016

This 2016 study represents the seventh year in the State of Maritime Piracy report series. Since the beginning of the series, the scope of research has expanded to include analysis of the economic and human costs of piracy in the Western Indian Ocean Region, West Africa, Asia, and — for the first time this year — Latin America and the Caribbean. This report is the 10th in a series of 11 annual reports on the cost of piracy and armed robbery spanning eight years, from 2010 to 2017.

Key Findings

  • Decreased vigilance and deterrence in high risk areas is providing pirate networks with the opportunity to attack vulnerable vessels, especially off the Horn of Africa.
  • Kidnap for ransom attacks in the Sulu and Celebes Seas in South East Asia have significantly increased in 2016.
  • West Africa, and particularly the waters off Nigeria, continues to be an area of concern as the number of piracy attacks almost doubled from 2015.
  • The first ever analysis of the human cost of piracy and armed robbery in Latin America is included in this year’s study.

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The State of Maritime Piracy 2016 was originally released as an interactive, web-based report.

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State of Maritime Piracy
Asia, Somalia, Southeast Asia, Southeast Asia, West Africa
Maisie Pigeon, Dirk Siebels, Emina Sadic, John Hoopes, Sean Duncan, Kelsey Soeth
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